February 2014

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The gaming console seen here is seen as one of the best but is it really true?
The gaming console seen here is seen as one of the best but is it really true?

With the advent of the next generation consoles finally upon us, it seems like a good time to compare console gaming to another popular gaming platform. No, not mobile games or handhelds, this article is going to be talking about consoles versus PCs.

First, what exactly is a console and what is a PC? The former is a machine dedicated to the purpose of playing video games, which connects to a television or similar device. The latter is, as the name implies, a personal computer (in most cases, a computer which is running Windows) which can be used to play games.

Console Gaming

Console gaming is likely the well known gaming platform, and for good reason, it’s been around since the 70’s.  The NES (released as the Famicom in Japan) was arguably the beginning of console gaming as a successful industry and the oldest well known console, despite being predated by older systems released ten years earlier.

Fast forward a few decades. Not long ago, we saw the release of the Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, thus starting the eighth generation of consoles. Before that, we had their direct predecessors, the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 making up the seventh generation.

Traditionally, consoles are machines built with pre-determined and static hardware, meaning that the capabilities of the individual console will not change as time progresses.

What this basically means is that consoles won’t have their parts updated to keep up with advances in technology. While new models can be released, these are almost entirely updates to the exterior cases, making new versions less bulky or more aesthetically pleasing to the masses rather than actual upgrades.

So, a fancy new shooter might look flashier or fit more objects on screen at once, but it will be because the developers learned how to make better use of the console hardware or updated the engine that the game is running on. This can be restricting, as it means that games are inherently confined to certain limitations.

On the flipside, consoles that don’t change their capabilities means that consumers won’t have to repeatedly put money into upgrades to ensure that they can continue to play the latest releases. It also means that no research has to be done on which new parts are superior to previous ones or which ones are compatible with a given machine.

In other words, “it just works”. Plug it in, insert the disc, and play.

Something else to take in account is obviously cost. In general, a current generation gaming console will cost at least $200 and no more than $400, not including the cost of peripherals like extra controllers.

On the other hand, the price of most retail games will be around $60, which should clearly be taken into account as well. Assuming someone purchases more than one game a year, spending over a hundred dollars on games annually is not only common, but to be expected. Factor in the average lifespan of a console generation (seven to eight years), and this means that the average gamer will likely spend at least $840 to $960 on games for a single console.

Even being conservative and cutting the number of games purchased per year to only one, this is still $420 to $480. Putting aside possible sales or price cuts,  this means that the money spent on a gaming collection will almost always exceed the money spent on the initial console itself. In some cases, it’ll even be twice as much.

Pricey, is it not?

PC Gaming

PC games first appeared in the early 50’s and 60’s, but it wasn’t until the early 80’s that they acquired widespread popularity.

junior Kristian Vargas reveals, “While consoles cost a fraction of what a high powered computer might, the digital sales featured on online distributors vastly trumps the GameStops and EB Games of the console world.”

while both systems can be quite pricey, you are still getting a great value for each system. the controversy still stands whether pc or console gaming is the best, it is truly up to the players who can really decide its fate.

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20140219-214208While most Panthers sleep in and arrive at school no later than 7:30 a.m. (or at least, they should), a small group of students gather at B9 at 6:45 in the morning. These Panthers are no ordinary Panthers, they were specially chosen by Lynette Menter-Hartman, an AP/History teacher who doubles as the Acadec advisor, in order to be a part of Corona High’s Academic Decathlon; which was, for the first time ever, offered as a zero period. Also for the first time ever, Corona High was to enter two teams into the competition: the Red Team, Corona’s main team, and the Gold Team, Corona’s secondary team.


All during first semester, these decathletes spent every morning studying seven different subjects about the Academic Decathlon topic for this year: World War One. The decathletes studied the history, literature, art, music, mathematics, science, and even the economics of that era. Not only that, the decathletes also had to prepare to deliver two speeches, write an essay, and be interviewed by a panel of judges. Needless to say, the decathletes put in a lot of time and effort for their cause.


January 25th, 2014 was the first day of the competition and the day the decathletes delivered their speeches, wrote their essays, and sat through their interviews. Afterwards, each and every Panther felt as though they had performed excellently; each of them felt as though they had made a great impact on their judges and had exceeded their expectations.


The following week, the decathletes crammed like crazy in preparation for the upcoming Saturday; the second day of competing which would truly determine the results of the Riverside County Academic Decathlon Competition.


On Saturday, February 1st the subject testing began at around 8:00 a.m. and ended at around noon. Decathletes from all over the county took all seven of tests, fifty questions each (except the math test; that had only 35 questions) back-to-back. The tests were strenuous; the decathletes themselves were exhausted, but they still retained their optimism.  And that optimism got them through the Super Quiz that took place after the subject tests.


This “Super Quiz” tested each division of each team (Varsity, Scholastic, and Honors) on 12 questions about any and all of the seven subjects, but giving the decathletes only 7 seconds to answer each one. While the Corona High teams did not do the best, they did do considerably well. Once the testing was finally over, the decathletes took pictures, shared some laughs, and celebrated a job well-done. Then, at around 4:30 p.m., the awards ceremony began.


At the awards assembly, the students who performed achieved the highest individual scores were given individual medals and the teams who achieved the highest score overall were rewarded with trophies. The ceremony started out well for the Panthers; two decathletes from Corona received the first medals of the night for their success in the Math portion of the testing and that made it seem as though Panthers would be receiving medals here and there throughout the evening.


However, it was not to be.  Aside from the medals, given to the top scorer of each division of each team, only one more Panther received a medal that night; Vicky Le received a bronze medal for her essay. The majority of the medals were given out to students from Elsinore High School, West Valley High School, and, the big winner of the night, Hemet High School.


While the students of those three schools no doubt earned each medal they received, the Panthers felt as though they earned more than three medals and half a dozen consolation prizes. In the end, Corona’s top team, the Red Team, placed 7th whereas Corona’s second team, the Gold Team, placed 15th; in total there were 18 teams. Walking out of the theatre room where the ceremony took place, the Panthers were disappointed.


However, despite these less-than-satisfactory results, there was a silver lining. The Panthers may not have won this year, but that defeat only motivated them to work harder next year. They have realized their faults and recognized their opponents’ strengths.


Many of this year’s decathletes were brand new to the whole experience and had never experienced the bitter taste of defeat. Now that they have however, they know they must dedicate more time, effort, and passion than ever before if they hope to come out on top next year.


Junior Vicky Le, who is the current president of Corona High’s Academic Decathlon and has been a decathlete since her freshman year, had this to say about the results:


“AcaDec has definitely been a growing experience. The results of the competition were not exactly what we expected but we improved from last year! It has given us momentum to strive for the best next year. I am so proud to be a part of this nerd family, and a part of the rebirth of Academic Decathlon at Corona High!”


While they may accept this defeat, Vicky and her fellow decathletes will never forget. The results this year have only intensified the decathletes’ goal of bringing home Corona High’s first Academic Decathlon trophy.


In the end, can this defeat really be considered a loss? Or can it be seen as a wake-up call which will prompt the Panthers to work harder? Perhaps the writer Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “If you learn from defeat, you have not really lost.”


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Mess night, or dinning out, is one of the very events that are not a drill meet or the Annual Military Inspection that has every cadet in a stir. Males rush home to shine their shoes, put together their dress blues, and assemble their combo covers while females rush home to put on the night’s gown and do all the activities that they would do as if getting ready for homecoming. All cadets attending prepare to face what is coming on the night’s events: the parade of staff, the presentation of the colors, the charging of the grog bowl, dinner coupled with charges, toasts, a change of command, a speech by a guest speaker, and finally for the most anticipated part of the night, dancing.

This event took place at the Eagle Glen Golf Course where cadets attending were expected to arrive before the dinner bells rang at six o’clock. Before the start of the event, cadets were to greet fellow cadets and all guests of the mess, or face the later consequences. Once the dinner bells ring, everyone is to find their seats and remain standing for the Parade of staff, where staff members, instructors, school officials and their escorts line up to strut under a line of swords.The president of the mess, or the Commanding Officer of the NJROTC unit, orders Madam Vice, or the Executive Officer of the unit, to March on the Colors. Then, with a tap of the President’s mallet, all members of the mess may take their seats.

Cadets (from left to right) Jimi Franz, Anthony Bates, and Alan Arevalo arrive at Eagle Glen before the dinner bells.
Cadets (from left to right) Jimi Franz, Anthony Bates, and Alan Arevalo arrive at Eagle Glen before the dinner bells.

The First order of business: Parade the colors and charge the grog bowl. During the week prior to mess night, every platoon and the staff create a mixture of drinks to be poured into a large bowl centered on the dance floor. The mixture of drinks from every platoon creates the Grog. Usually the look and taste is revolting and this year was no different. The purpose of the grog is to become one of the consequences for breaking the rules of the mess. Usually even a small sip is dreadful!

Next is the parade of the beef, where cadets get to enjoy a small comedic moment, dinner, and fining. During the dinner, cadets get to “tell” on each other when they break the rules of the mess. Some rules include, but are not limited to: cursing, inappropriate conduct, uniform mess-ups, and every little thing that has happened through out the year. The penalty for being fined may result in a drink from the grog or a simple apology. This is one of the high lights of the night as it provides a great sum of entertainment and comedy. Freshman Tyler Fregeau states,

“My favorite part of mess night was the charging of other people. It was really funny to see people have to drink the gross grog and to see their faces after they drank it.”

Not just Fregeau feels this way. Sophomore Gloria Benitez thought, “I thought the charging was funny because when they had to drink the grog they would make a funny face. The grog tasted gross like vomit.”

Once the floor is closed for charging, the president opens the floor for toasts where cadets can give a toast. Like usual there were toasts to the different branches of the military, the instructors, the parents, the guests of the mess, and to the ladies and men of the mess.

Then comes the part where a few cadets were waiting for, the change of command and listening to the guest speaker. During this time the current Commanding Officer is relieved of her position and passes on the responsibility to the incoming Commanding Officer, usually the Executive officer. Just as practiced, Cadet Commander Jessica Quintero passed on her command to Cadet Lieutenant Commander Erin Brandt. Upon the reading of orders, Cadet Brandt was to assume position of Commanding officer that following Monday while Cadet Quintero assumed the position of Instructor’s Assistant/ Company Adviser. This year the night was honored by Marine and Devil Pups Instructor, Sergeant Salzlein. Her speech reached out to the cadets and encouraged them to keep going and work hard.

Finally, with the thankful words from the new president of the mess and the last prayer of the night, it was time for the cadets to get down with their bad selves! Here the cadets finish off the night by dancing the night away.

It's approximately nine o'clock and it's time for the cadets to gather on the dance floor to get down with their bad selves!
It’s approximately nine o’clock and it’s time for the cadets to gather on the dance floor to get down with their bad selves!

The popular opinion of the night was a good night. Sophomore Saiid Sanchez states, “It’s a fun event where someone could go and hang out with [their] friends or date, charge them for the funniest or stupidest reasons, and get to dance like crazy in front of them.” Senior Alan Arevalo says,

“Overall I have to say I’m proud of all the cadets who participated. This was one of the best mess nights in my for years in ROTC.”

By the end of the night, all the cadets had a great time, laughed together, teased each other, and danced together. Overall, Mess Night was a huge success.

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Everyone's favorite, Olaf; a hilarious snowman who just want to see what summer is like.
Everyone’s favorite, Olaf; a hilarious snowman who just want to see what summer is like.

On November 27th, 2013, Disney released a new movie that people keep talking about. This movie goes by the name of Frozen. Frozen has been seen by children, teenagers, and adults all over. It is definitely a movie that nobody will forget. IMDb says this movie is about how, “Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest- like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s  sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.” Freshman Leslie Escobedo says,”The reason I saw this movie is because the trailer got me wondering what will will happen next.” When people saw the trailer, they really started wondering and becoming anxious to see this movie.  This movie is perfect for anyone who is interested in movies that provides comedy, action, and more. Frozen is one of kind, it is even the first Disney princess movie where the Queen (Elsa), played by Idina Menzel, is not evil. Escobedo states, “I would recommend that if you haven’t seen this movie, you should go watch it because it is a really shocking movie.” Frozen has been nominated for two academy awards. It was nominated for best animated feature film and original song, which is Let It Go, by Idina Menzel. In fact, Idina Menzel will be performing Let It Go at the Oscars which will be broadcast live on March 2nd 7 o’clock pm Eastern time and 4 o’clock pm Pacific time. Escobedo says, “On a scale from one to ten, at ten being the best, I would give this movie a ten because it gives inspiration to people that you should not care what people think about you.” Frozen really is an inspiring movie to others, and it is definitely a movie that you should see if you have not seen it yet. After all the nice comments and good reviews it has been given, it definitely deserves a two thumbs up.

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CaptureIt is a scary thought to imagine someone sticking a needle in your arm and taking your blood out of you. However, it is worth it if it means you can save three lives?

The American Red Cross visited Corona High once again to allow teenagers sixteen and older to donate their blood, with the help of our A.S.B. (Associated Student Body) to keep things running. The day started slow and steady, but as the day went on, more and more students and teachers donated blood. A majority of people who entered donated a pint of regular whole blood and another group participated in the ALYX, which safely removes twice the amount of red blood cells, the rest of the components are returned to the donor, and the donor is provided with a small amount of sterile saline to make up for the loss of body fluids.

“This time it hurt a little more, but that is because the needle was too far in and hit the muscle,” states sophomore ~Dylan Graham

A majority of the student body has donated blood before. Senior Kristen Stencil, also a member of ASB, donated blood for a second time. Junior Destiny Oliden donated regular whole blood before but donated for the ALYX donation for the first time, reporting that “it is still the same, it just requires more equipment. 

“I feel like this time it was worse, I did not have enough pressure so she had to put it in again,” ~Stencil

Everyone has heard about things gone wrong, students having bruises on their arms, a missed vein, or someone fainting. There are going to be moments when something goes unexpected, but there is nothing to worry about. Every procedure the staff goes through is to ensure the safety of the donor.

To donate, one first has to sign in, where they are given a packet of basic information about requirements and eligibility, and are given a number. They then are taken to small, confined area where they are interviewed about basic information, such as height, weight, and age, as well as provide a small blood sample. If they meet requirements, they are then taken to a cot and are ready to donate. The whole process, from signing up to the actual donation, can take up to forty-five minutes. Once they are done, they can rest, grab some refreshments and are given a t-shirt for their contribution. They are also advised to not participate in physical activity for 24 hours. 

“I like helping and this is an opportunity to help people without putting too much effort in it,” ~Graham

step_1Despite the dizziness and feeling light-headed, the fact that saving three lives with just a pint of blood. Donors are treated respectfully, the staff were really polite, and there was always someone to make sure donors where feeling alright. Music was played the whole time to keep everyone calm and donors were able to be on their phone to keep them occupied. Not everyone has to donate blood at their high school, there are also clinics that allow people to donate blood, as long as they are healthy and meet requirements. Whether it is because someone they love needs a blood transfusion or they feel good about being able to save three lives, donating blood is a selfless cause that is used to cure patients. According to the Blood Center of the Pacific, more than 4.5 million patients need a blood transfusion annually in the U.S. and Canada, about 1 in 7 people that enter a hospital need blood, and someone is in need of blood every two seconds.  Save three lives today and go to the nearest location to donate blood and contribute to this astounding cause.

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The colorgaurd team posing for a picture during practice before the local corona high football game. Included in this picture their is Seniors: Vanessa Lyle,  kimmy Zambrano, Netanya Rodriguez, Shannon Wilcox, junior Meagan Magimel and freshmen's Hiloni Kadakia, and Alondra Perez.
The color guard team posing for a picture during practice before the local corona high football game. Included in this picture are seniors: Vanessa Lyle, Kimmy Zambrano, Netanya Rodriguez, Shannon Wilcox, junior Meagan Magimel and freshmen Hiloni Kadakia, and Alondra Perez.

You are at a football game, the score board is counting down to the end But wait; the clock  stops, and it is half-time. Along comes the band with their musical tools. Behind them comes the one the only color Guard team. The field is flooded with colors of red, yellow, and black. The color guard team makes their way to the field spinning, throwing and waving their flags to help create the picture to the magical creation, not just through an art, performance but a sport.

Color Guard has been a school sport ever since Corona was built. Wait, you may be asking yourself, is color guard is a sport? Yes just like any other sport, you have to train, prepare, and especially get your game face on. The Color Guard team has their weekly practices just like any other sport to help them be the best, and make the crowd cheerful at the football games and, more recently, fall pride assembly, pep rallies, and competitions.

Band instructor Chris Peterson emphasizes “color guard is a unique activity quite unlike anything else. Color guard combines dance, performance, with equipment such as: flags, sabers, swords, and anything else.”

While Chris Peterson is the band instructor, all the preparations before the performance’s, are really up to the color guard instructor, Brittany Kaplanek.

Kaplanek details,  “Color Guard is both a sport and an art. It mixes dance with different pieces of equipment and props. The color guard performs with the band on the football field for the first half of the year, and then transitions into ‘Winter Guard’, where the guard performs on their own in gymnasiums to canned music. I am willing to teach anyone that shows up with a great attitude and the right mind set.” Kaplanek also complies, “Color guard is truly unlike any other activity. You will form strong friendships with your teammates that only you will understand. You get to perform at competitions, football games, pep rallies, Disneyland parades, as well as other exciting events. You have the opportunity to make the most out of your high school career and all while earning both P.E. and fine arts credits.”

With all the exciting preparations and use of equipment , there also are procedures that must be followed, especially when it comes to preforming.  The Color Guard team practices their created routine everyday as a family, working together. They often will have Wednesday practices from 3pm-6pm and group performances on Thursdays.

Freshman Alondra Perez explains, “The procedures for the football games are quite simple. The color guard girls put on their uniforms and their makeup, practice beforehand a few times and touch up any mistakes before the performance.”

Whether you want to  play a sport, perform a dance, or create art, the color guard will always have a fun-filled, open position for you. Perez agrees by stating: “it is more fun than you think; it is a great experience, and you kept to meet new people. Who knows, you might even meet your best friend here!”

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PS4 - Newspaper (Pictures and Captions)Greatness awaits, now let’s see what a powerful next-gen console can do.  Sony has brought us yet another PlayStation addition to the world.  The PlayStation 4 comes out the 14th of November at midnight (12:00a.m.). The PlayStation 4, or PS4 for short, has been described as one of the next-gen consoles.  On par with the Xbox One, the PS4 offers dozens upon dozens of amazing new features.

PS4 vs Xbox One - Newspaper (Pictures and Captions   Looking back on PlayStation’s history, it may be just a shroud of darkness.  The original PlayStation was on its own in 1994, no competitors, nothing to stop it from rising.  It was at its best for its time until newer consoles arrived.  Still alone in the market of consoles, the PlayStation 2 had arrived at the beginning of the millennium; it was considered the greatest console ever.  It had even beaten out its future competitor: the original Xbox.  For quite a while, PlayStation 2 dominated with many game titles backing it up.

    Sony is now introducing the PlayStation 4, an amazing console with brand-new features.  It gave shock and awe to the audience at its reveal in February 2013.  It was slimmer, required no online to play, and even introduced interactive on-the-go experiences, which is not included on the Xbox One.  It will allow tablet and smartphone connectivity to further increase gaming experience, something that is far away than its rivals.  It will also include a social share-button feature on the brand-new PS4 touch-integrated controller which will allow you to compete with friends and show your best experiences to the world without requiring a recording device.

Kevin Kenson from TLD Today states, “The PS4 respects indie game titles without always relying on their console gaming exclusives, pushing toward multi-platform titles rather than just their own.”

In comparison to the Xbox One, the PS4 dominates in terms of gaming and sharing with social media.  Though, the Xbox One does include better Sports Features, the PS4 is able to play it’s older brother’s games from the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 via downloads from the PlayStation Store.  It is also noted that it is one hundred dollars less than its competitors; the PS4 will be sold for a total of $399, while the Xbox One will be sold for a total of $499.  However, all these features come at somewhat of a cost.

Garret Soden, 9th Grade, says, “I’m really excited for the HD games that the PS4 will be able to have with the HDMI ability!”

The PlayStation 4 will require online pay.  Most PlayStation Gamers will hate that they will finally have to give up their free service and start paying.  However, there are some very good intentions for online pay: you will still be given access to single-player games, usage of Netflix, access to social media, and will be given more.  When you pay for online play for PS4, it will carry on throughout two other PlayStation family members.  PlayStation Plus is what the required pay is for, although, you will only need to make one payment to a number of PlayStation consoles.  The PS3 is known for its free online play, PlayStation Plus will boost any gamers’ experience by adding free games monthly, a 75% discount off of everything bought in the PlayStation Store, and given early access to newer titles.  But that is not the end of it; PlayStation Plus will also benefit the handheld PlayStation Vita with the same features.

Mauricio Castillo, 11th Grade, states, “I am looking forward for a more social system and I am looking for some new hit-releases for the PS4.”

This year, the PlayStation 4 has put all of its bargains on the table, what really matters is what will gamers expect from it. Will they throw their attention again to another Xbox?  Or will they try something different and look toward the PS4?

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A cluster of Google Products
A cluster of Google Products

There are over seven billion people in the world, and yet only two billion of those have access to the internet. Google wants to change that.

If you ask people what Google is, most would probably say a search engine, or a way of searching for things on the internet.

Melissa Corona, Freshman, agrees with that by simply saying, “Google is a way to search for things.”

That was their mission, when in 1997 a guy named Lary Page decided of the name, “Google”, as a play on words for “googol”, a number with a bunch of zeros after it. Formerly, it was known as “BackRub”, which uses bots and scripts to get everything notable and everything not notable on the web and organize it. In 1998, a check was written for a company that did not even exist yet, and in September they actually file to be a company. This trend continued for a while, including the conception of Google Ad words, which is why you see a bunch of ads on YouTube (really annoying for some).

However, in November 2007 something interesting happens.

The first Android smartphone
The first Android smartphone

The search engine dedicated to crawling the web for anything and everything like books, movies and maps decided to buy a little operating system known as “Android”. T-Mobile was the first company to offer an Android powered smartphone, the G-1.

Why should we not overlook this? Think about it. The search engine that is, most likely, already your homepage wants to be on your phone. They want into your life.

Ever notice that sometimes when you go on a site like Amazon, search for something, then leave, you start to see ads specifically for that product? That is Google. In March 2008, Google acquired a company called DoubleClick, who serves ads relevant to you.

Again, do not overlook this. There is only one way that they know what you are looking for.

The technology is called Cookies, and it is easy to imagine; every time you visit a site like Amazon, they put a ‘chocolate chip’ in your browser, and Google goes and observes the chocolate chip for what it holds. It could be milk chocolate, dark, white, whatever. It is unique to you. They use it to pair you with an Ad. Microsoft realized this, and started a campaign about being ‘Scroogled’.

Again, the company wants to know you. We are all too busy looking at the NSA to realize that Google is where they might be getting their information from.

In April 2012, Google decided to tell what else they have been working on: Project ‘Glass’.

Google Glass is shown above
Google Glass is shown above

For those who do not know, Google glass is really just smart-enabled glasses. It has a screen on the front so you can use the device, while it is out of the way when you do not want it.

In the concept video, you can see that they clearly seem to be having a good time with Glass. Why? How would this enhance my life? In the same way that your phone did, they know you will use it all the time. Actually, the point here is that you do not have to use your phone all the time. You will phone will be the hub for the glasses instead of the hub for you. This is just one more step towards a world of wearable tech. It could also take video. You can video chat. Again, cheat on tests. Plus, you do not need headphones, yet you still hear the sound. In a brilliant move, while Apple just released the ‘Ear Pods’, Google has been working on a way to play sound through a bone near your ear.

But they are not done yet.

Google recently tried to patent a tattoo. This tattoo could do phone calls, and it could also function as a lie detector. While this may be the only things that the new patent reveals, the possibilities are endless. Much like Google Glass or the smartphone, only science fiction could come up with an idea like this.

First reaction: well that is creepy…

Why not though? This is the search engine where you go to search for your deepest desires, whether it is a cat video or a tutorial on how to save someone’s life. Perhaps this tattoo could save lives by you asking it to play for you how to do CPR, like the video below:

The tattoo can use the signals in your skin to know if you are lying or not, and other signals that can communicate with gaming devices, smartphones, and other devices.

But even freakier, it might know what you are thinking.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to ask Google: “what is that song I cannot get out of my head?” The day is coming fast where Google could tell us if he or she is right for us. Sooner rather than later, we can cheat on a test and no one would know it, because only we can hear the sound coming from our glasses (this technology exists today, and the sound travels through a bone by your ear).

We need to start a conversation, and fast, about how invasive we can let technology become. We have to predict when it will be enough to just have a phone.

Google will become the place for your secrets, and the world will know all of them.

Invasive? Mr. Lee, engineering teacher on campus, thinks so by telling: “Google knows a lot about us, but we do not have a choice. Compared to a search engine like Bing, Google is the only option if you want to find anything,” Lee states, and tells how Google is unstoppable “unless society anchors down and says enough is enough.”

Warning: this is a long shot. Any technology listed below here is in the complete future.

However, the technology is starting to be developed now. Research and development is starting to take place right now at the headquarters of Amazon.com, the world’s platform for buying products, in order to find a better way to get products from the warehouse to you faster.

Their solution: drones.

In a recent interview with Jeff Bozos, the C.E.O. of Amazon, by 60 Minutes, Bozos claims that the drones can carry products of up to five pounds in distance of a couple of miles.

Now make a connection.

A chip that knows your thoughts.

A drone that can carry you products.

Given the technology that may be available in the future, all you have to do is think about the want for something and within minutes it is right in front of you. It is brilliant, invasive, shocking, yet cool. It is also an idea that has only been presented in Science fiction, but like most ideas presented in Fiction, companies are bringing this to life.

Sure, it may know what you want, which is very invasive.

This kind of scary could save lives. Think about this scenario: you are running on a trail, dehydrated. You faint, and then collapse. Because you have your smart phone and the tattoo, it knows all your blood chemistry. It automatically sends an alert to 911, but it also dispatches a drone to fly to the rescue, with plans to give you medication and/or assess the situation.

All of the sudden, scary turns cool, and that is what Google wants. We need to start a conversation weighing the pros and cons.

Towards the cooler side, imagine a situation where you’re sitting at home one day and want a bar of chocolate. You think in your mind: “Google:” and you hear a sound. You then say, “Tell Amazon to send me a bar of chocolate.” You are then left, doing what you were, until about three minutes passes. You have your bar of chocolate, generously dropped out of the sky and onto your front porch.

See, if you have been paying attention lately, you would know that science and technology is starting to move more and more central to us. The brain and your DNA more specifically, and sense that game came out where by focusing on something, you can make the ball go up, I personally have been in wonder and thought about how technology can change the way that we interact with technology.

The game is changing and changing fast.

We need to become more aware of what is happening. We need limits and laws.

But most of all, we need to think of the impact we have on the next generation.

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Some may or may not know, but this is the last year that you will ever see freshman born in the 90’s

Freshman Megan Mileski states, “I think that it is kind of cool that I get to be one of the last ones to be born in the 90’s”

Other than saying goodbye to meeting new freshman born in the 90’s, you are also saying goodbye to the joy in having conversations with freshman about what you experienced. There are so many things that are leaving this high school. Next year when you introduce yourself to a new freshman, you will not be able to have a conversation with them about getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Do you remember writing mash notes or making cootie catchers? Remember when you watched Rugrats, Power Rangers, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Do you remember owning a portable tape player or when everything was “da bomb”? A true 90’s baby would collect Beanie Babies. Real 90’s babies would remember The Magic School Bus or Wishbone.

Mileski expresses, “I don’t think that is such a big deal that everyone born in the 90’s are leaving, but it will be kind of weird  talking to someone about something from the 90s if they have no idea what you are talking about.”

Some who were born earlier in the 90’s, may have a different attitude because of what they grew up with. They may not be as selfish due to not having things that kids nowadays have.

Mileski states, “Those born in the early 2000’s may have the same attitude, but those born within the last few years, probably will act differently.”

Now some might say that some of the students here are not real 90s kids just because they were born in the last few years of the 90s. However, they were still born in the 90s whereas the freshmen next year were not.

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From the Wendigo to the Woman in White to the Hook Man, urban legends have been around for ages and still go around.

The Wendigo stories begin in Northern Minnesota and the North Central Regions of Canada. Native Americans claim that Wendigos had once been human but they began to resort to cannibalism and use black magic. According to the legend, over time they became incredibly thin and stand over fifteen feet tall. They developed yellow skin, glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and very long tongues. Native Americans say, “They are hundreds of years old. Each one was once a man. Sometimes an Indian, other times a frontiersman or mines or hunter”. Wendigos also go by the names; Witigo. Wokio, wee-tee-go, which mean “the evil spirit that devours mankind.”  This decribes exactly what they have become, have become perfect hunters, knowing every last bit of inch in its territory, searching for their food.

The Woman in White takes place long ago when a beautiful Indian Princess, Don Luisa de Loveros fell in love with a Nobleman named Don Nuna de Montesclaros. The princess loved the nobleman deeply and had two children with him. However Montesclaros refused to marry her. One day he finally just completely left her and married another woman. When The princess came to find out she turned mad with rage and stabbed both of her children. The authorities found her wandering the streets in a white dress stained from the blood. Now it is to be said that she wanders the country crying out for her murdered children. If she sees any children out at night while she is wandering she will take them with her thinking she has found her own.

The Hook Man began in the late 1950’s. The story begins when a teenage boy and his date go to Lover’s Lane and park under a tree. While they are making out they hear a noise coming from the outside of the car. The boy insists on checking where the noise is coming from and tells her to stay in the car. As the girl waits for him to get back she begins to hear scraping sounds on the roof of the car. In some versions of the legend the girl stays in the car, however, in others she exits the car to go check what the noise is. In the American version of this urban legend the girl witnesses her boyfriend dead, murdered, hung upside down from the tree hovering the car. In the European version the girl witnesses the murderer holding her boyfriend’s decapitated head while tapping on the roof of the car either with his fist or a bloody axe. The earliest documented Hook Man urban legend was in 1964 from the University of Kansas.

Now some may choose to believe in these legends and others may not, however, people have claimed to have seen them with their very own eyes.