Battle of the Brands: PS4 v.s. XBOX One

PS4 - Newspaper (Pictures and Captions)Greatness awaits, now let’s see what a powerful next-gen console can do.  Sony has brought us yet another PlayStation addition to the world.  The PlayStation 4 comes out the 14th of November at midnight (12:00a.m.). The PlayStation 4, or PS4 for short, has been described as one of the next-gen consoles.  On par with the Xbox One, the PS4 offers dozens upon dozens of amazing new features.

PS4 vs Xbox One - Newspaper (Pictures and Captions   Looking back on PlayStation’s history, it may be just a shroud of darkness.  The original PlayStation was on its own in 1994, no competitors, nothing to stop it from rising.  It was at its best for its time until newer consoles arrived.  Still alone in the market of consoles, the PlayStation 2 had arrived at the beginning of the millennium; it was considered the greatest console ever.  It had even beaten out its future competitor: the original Xbox.  For quite a while, PlayStation 2 dominated with many game titles backing it up.

    Sony is now introducing the PlayStation 4, an amazing console with brand-new features.  It gave shock and awe to the audience at its reveal in February 2013.  It was slimmer, required no online to play, and even introduced interactive on-the-go experiences, which is not included on the Xbox One.  It will allow tablet and smartphone connectivity to further increase gaming experience, something that is far away than its rivals.  It will also include a social share-button feature on the brand-new PS4 touch-integrated controller which will allow you to compete with friends and show your best experiences to the world without requiring a recording device.

Kevin Kenson from TLD Today states, “The PS4 respects indie game titles without always relying on their console gaming exclusives, pushing toward multi-platform titles rather than just their own.”

In comparison to the Xbox One, the PS4 dominates in terms of gaming and sharing with social media.  Though, the Xbox One does include better Sports Features, the PS4 is able to play it’s older brother’s games from the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 via downloads from the PlayStation Store.  It is also noted that it is one hundred dollars less than its competitors; the PS4 will be sold for a total of $399, while the Xbox One will be sold for a total of $499.  However, all these features come at somewhat of a cost.

Garret Soden, 9th Grade, says, “I’m really excited for the HD games that the PS4 will be able to have with the HDMI ability!”

The PlayStation 4 will require online pay.  Most PlayStation Gamers will hate that they will finally have to give up their free service and start paying.  However, there are some very good intentions for online pay: you will still be given access to single-player games, usage of Netflix, access to social media, and will be given more.  When you pay for online play for PS4, it will carry on throughout two other PlayStation family members.  PlayStation Plus is what the required pay is for, although, you will only need to make one payment to a number of PlayStation consoles.  The PS3 is known for its free online play, PlayStation Plus will boost any gamers’ experience by adding free games monthly, a 75% discount off of everything bought in the PlayStation Store, and given early access to newer titles.  But that is not the end of it; PlayStation Plus will also benefit the handheld PlayStation Vita with the same features.

Mauricio Castillo, 11th Grade, states, “I am looking forward for a more social system and I am looking for some new hit-releases for the PS4.”

This year, the PlayStation 4 has put all of its bargains on the table, what really matters is what will gamers expect from it. Will they throw their attention again to another Xbox?  Or will they try something different and look toward the PS4?

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