The Truth Behind Coffee

A one-of-a-kind drink, coffee has been with every type of business, every type of family, and usually affects almost everyone in the world.  However, the time has finally come to ask: is coffee really beneficial for you and your health?  Coffee has had rumors and studies circle around it for decades, some stating that certain types of coffee are healthy and others state that all types of coffee are bad.  So what is the real truth behind coffee and its effects?

According to Mayo Clinic Preventive Medicine Specialist, Donald Hensrud states, “coffee has more health benefits than risks.”

Contrary to its rumor, coffee will not increase the risk of heart or lung cancer but in fact protects against several fatal effects.  Coffee will prevent Parkinson’s Disease from occurring, oppose Type 2 diabetes, and halt Lung Cancer from happening.  The reason being is the high amount of antioxidants that support most parts of the body.

However, the antioxidants may be countered or stopped by what we put into the coffee.  Cream and sugar will add more weight to your body rather than the antioxidants supporting it.  Coffee can only be beneficial without being altered by adding in more unnecessary ingredients.  Other alternatives to coffee include milk and juice that provides nutrients that coffee cannot.

Coffee affects different people in different ways.  For some people, it may boost metabolism and decrease your weight.  In others, it may add additional weight.  What can mostly affect you are the interactions with the morning cup.  Adding creamer will counter the antioxidants or drinking it bare may give you the full results and possibly even more.   Despite many accusations, most studies point to the beneficial gifts from coffee rather than the false criticism.

A study from the U.S. News declares some grounds for certain people.

Writer January W. Payne says, “Coffee should be avoided, not by all people, but specific groups such as pregnant women.”  Every detail of coffee is still being understood as we speak, whether it may help some people or ruin others.  One major concept is that coffee will either be your medicine that the doctor ordered, or your poison.

Most types of coffee beans have different effects.  Black coffee beans contain fewer calories and add to the benefit of working out and exercise.  Green coffee beans are best suited for adults that are trying to lose weight by burning their metabolism to the max.  Brown coffee beans contain stronger antioxidants than the others.  Any type of coffee bean will have a little of the same benefit as the other and may carry on another valuable attribute.

At the end of the day, coffee will not tragically affect you.  It may mess up sleep patterns and cause the black rings around your eyes at most.  It’d be better than being stuck in bed sick and sad about what went wrong when you just drank your cup of caffeine for the day.

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