The Dangers of Waterproof Makeup

Every girl has their special technique that they use to make their makeup look incredible; they want to look flawless. Girls use several different makeup products to change their looks. One of continuously stay on your eyes and never come off. Waterproof mascara is used to make one’s eye lashes “pop” and “plump”. This product is meant to never run down your cheeks.  Although, waterproof mascara sounds like a good product, it sticks itself on your eyelashes and is practically impossible to get off. Why is such a product designed to make us look like a million dollars, but yet causes so much hassle? Waterproof mascara is not just a hassle it is a problem. This type of mascara removes some of your eyelashes by rubbing your eyes just to get it off. In certain cases, is waterproof marcara worth wearing, knowing it may remove some of your eyelashes and even make them brittle?
Most websites claim and give information about waterproof mascara about how they can cause harm. Do potential buyers read this? Do they even wonder about the potential harm that mascara does? Do they even care?
In an article, by they pronounce how waterproof mascara is potentially running your look, while so creating so much depth in the process.
Not just the websites, but some students also state how waterproof mascara is not really worth what it claims to be.
Sophomore kaitlynn Hartson believes, “not on a daily basis should one wear waterproof mascara, but for certain events yes.”
Senior Ashley Anderson also states, “No I would not wear it, unless one plans on getting wet, or watching a sad movie; I say stick to normal mascara”.
Many girls are so infatuated with makeup they do not care about the pain or even potential risks and even hard work that comes along just to look stunning.
Anderson also utters, “society has made people to think that they need makeup to stay beautiful and because it stays on linger it makes the mission easier”.
Waterproof mascara is great for a night on the town, but on the other hand the pros outweigh the con’s that are not even worth it. Next time you are going to use waterproof mascara really think about if it is worth the hassle and your eyelashes being removed. If you are one who decides to continue this extraneous process of waterproof mascara do not be surprised if you wake up one morning having no eyelashes.

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