February 2015

February 4, 2015 was the National Signig Day. This particular day is a day where athletes all across the country sign to a college for a sport they have been given scholarships too. At Corona High School three students signed to different colleges. The following students that signed on the National Signing Day are….

Tristan Beck

Tristan Beck

Baseball team captain who signed with Stanford and chose this school since his mom and older sister attended there, which means he looks up to women in his life. He made his final decision in November of 2013 after the football game against Centennial. This is a very athletic, bright student who has played multiple sports and while excelling at baseball as a pitcher. He made his final decision because it will fund his education. Beck was considering multiple schools such as UCLA, Cal State Fullerton and Nebraska. This young handsome student athlete will be majoring in engineering. He began playing this sport at age 5, which he calls “The good ol’ T-ball days” and put in 20 hours a week to become great. He has taken AP classes and he states, “AP classes helped me become college prepared.” Tristan Beck is a great athlete and a very successful student. You will soon be hearing about him on TV and reading about him in the newspapers. Tristan Beck, who can pitch over 90 mph, will become a Corona representative and a successful young man.

Megan Bowley

FullSizeRender (1)

Megan Bowley has chosen to bring her softball talents to Chico State. Bowley says that the area the school is located in and what they offered her influenced her final decision. She made this decision in October of 2014. Bowley was offered a full ride scholarship, which was also a big reason why she decided to go to Chico State. When Bowley attends Chico in the fall, she will be majoring in psychology. Bowley was considering other schools, including Charleston Southern and Monterey Bay. Softball has been in her life since 3rd grade, which is when Bowley started playing softball. Training for softball has been a lot of work; Bowley says she trained 20 hours a week. She has taken AP classes during her high school career and she says that they did in fact help. Megan Bowley is a great athlete and successfully excels in the class room, who has a bright future ahead of her, and will also be a Corona High School representative.

Desarae Felix

Desirae Felix

Desarae Felix will be attending Cal Baptist University on a full ride soccer scholarship. Felix says she chose CBU because when she visited the campus it was everything she wanted, she felt very comfortable there and she loved the area. Felix decided on Cal Baptist in December of 2013, her junior year of high school. She will be studying History while at CBU. Not only did she get an offer from Cal Baptist, she was also considering UCR. She first started playing soccer when she was in the 5th grade. Felix says she works and trains about 10 hours a week. When asked about AP classes, she says that she did in fact take them during high school and they did help her in the long run. Desarae Felix is a god given talent athlete who is very bright, and is known as one of, if not the, fastest girl at Corona High School, and you will soon hear about her on a national team. 

I want to get out of this position.
I’m steering my life in the wrong direction.
I fear it’s going to end with a fatal collision.
I need to make this a better situation.
I don’t know how to fix this.
The only question I can answer is…
Do you wanna hit this?
In my life, I’ve had so many chances.
But when I look back.
It seems like I threw them down a drain.
I’m doing this now to update my status.
This is the only way I could drown my pain.
I have so much anger it could hardly be contained.
I’m done being doubted and having the wrong claim.
I gotta become correctly routed cuz I’m not the same.
I don’t want to be the guy to blame.
But right now my heart is jumping around and it can’t be contained.
I question myself if I’m even sane.
But I can’t complain.
I brought this to my life.
I suck at paying attention.
But I feel I need to mention.
I’m a dope.
Not the good kind, the bad kind.
The one that ends up doing the crime.
And doing the time.
But I don’t want to do that.
And that’s a fact.
So this is how I’m gunna come back.
I’m tired of these rats coming up on my cheese.
Back up I ain’t no sleaze.
Don’t always expect me to say bless you every time you sneeze.
I’m the new thing so call me the bee’s knees.
Don’t get mad, I don’t care about you.
Better pray I don’t hurt you, so go take a seat on a pew.
I’m not good with religion.
I make too many sins.
I know i don’t make sense.
But remember this.
My name is RomeoGentz.
And that’s where I end this.

The cast of "Mirror, Mirror": Trashawn Lux, Hannah Sullivan, Dillan Brown, Samantha Davis, Frank Carlin, Hector Hernandez, Jaime Flores, Sara Sanchez, Hannah Enriquez and Tim Malaspino
The cast of Mirror, Mirror (from left to right): Jaime Flores, Hector Hernandez, Samantha Davis, Hannah Sullivan, Trashawn Lux, Joel Martinez, Frank Carlin, Dillan Brown, Hannah Enriquez, Tim Malaspino, and Sara Sanchez. Picture credit to Emily Berger.

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away…lived a woman who was vain, self-centered, ego-centric…”

So begins the story of Mirror, Mirror, the play chosen by Corona High School’s theatre department for the 2015 student production to be performed and directed entirely by the students.

“It’s literally like nothing we’ve done before, it’s risqué in some ways, and it’s very our generation comedy,” stated director Maia Bonales when asked to describe the chosen production. Fellow director Jose Alanis expressed similar sentiments, saying that it “went more towards teenage humor”.

The play is a twist on several of the famous Grimm’s fairy tales, featuring several memorable characters such as the incredibly vain and incredibly recusant Stepmother (senior Trashawn Lux), the hot and shallow Sleeping Beauty (senior Hannah Sullivan), and the iconic and sassy Mirror (sophomore Frank Carlin). Despite it’s seemingly familiar storyline, the production gives the age-old stories a new, fresh look using a combination of dry wit and a hint of modernism.

Student production directors Jose Alanis and Maia Bonales
Student production directors Jose Alanis and Maia Bonales

As Bonales, a junior and a member of the Advanced Theatre class explained about Mirror, Mirror,  “Jose and I, we both really loved the Grimm Brothers. And it’s kind of mocking Grimm Brothers. It’s written by Bruce Kane, unknown writer of course, but it’s just very funny and it’s got characters out of character but they’re in character, and it’s just a really fun production.”

The cast members spent several weeks in after-school rehearsals, perfecting their scenes for opening night on Thursday, February 12. When asked why they had decided to audition, their answers differed.

Trashawn Lux as the Stepmother along with Frank Carlin as the Mirror.
Trashawn Lux as the Stepmother along with Frank Carlin as the Mirror.

“I’ve always wanted to act, I just never had the opportunity to and this is my first production,” Trashawn Lux, whose sassy performance as the Stepmother had audiences laughing throughout the show, admitted. “I loved the rehearsals, but bringing it altogether was great too. And then Frank [Carlin] was there too to help me the whole way, like he’s such a great person. I was so nervous at first, and he calmed my fears. We worked together onstage and offstage.”

Carlin stated that he auditioned simply “because I didn’t want to do the musical”, but remarked also that he enjoyed the rehearsals along with fellow cast-member and sophomore Joel Martinez, who played the strong-voiced and wise-cracking Narrator.

Frank Carlin (who wished to have it noted that he spent the entire performance sans pants) and Joel Hernandez as the Mirror and Narrator, respectively
Frank Carlin (who wished to have it noted that he spent the entire performance sans pants) and Joel Hernandez as the Mirror and Narrator, respectively

Despite their different motives for auditioning and their characters’ tension onstage, the cast members appeared to get along well backstage, and revealed their favorite moments of the show

“[My favorite part was] the rehearsals, definitely.” Martinez stated. “There were dance-offs…”

“That time Dillan [Brown] put the hammer on his head…” Carlin cryptically added.

“When a certain blonde comes out with her new friend, that is my favorite part of the entire play,” related junior Samantha Davis, who played Prince Charming’s daughter, refusing to elaborate for fear of giving away more of the show’s plot.

“My favorite part would have to be at the end, our beautiful Narrator comes out smothered in makeup and his shirt torn, and if you come see it you’ll understand why.” Director Bonales stated, also hesitant to give away too many details.

Joel Hernandez as the Narrator, in what he described as his favorite scene: "The ending, where I’m like, half-naked onstage...I looked fire.”
Joel Martinez as the Narrator, in what he described as his favorite scene: “The ending, where I’m like, half-naked onstage…I looked fire.”

Opening night saw a relatively full audience, and the comedy was well-received. When asked his opinion on how he felt the production went, director Alanis, a senior and also a member of Advanced Theatre, said, “I think it went really well, there were a lot of moments when people laughed a lot, so I was really excited for that.”

“[My favorite moment] was just when the cast was just all a mess and then they pulled together and made the show really funny with their ideas,” he added. “I thought that I would bring a new twist and see what the student productions were.”

Not to be forgotten are the light, sound, and stage crew without whom these productions would not possible. Featured here: Jocelyn Hernandez, Stephanie Martinez, Darline Reynoso, and Michael Acosta
Not to be forgotten are the light, sound, and stage crew without whom these productions would not possible. Featured here: Jocelyn Hernandez, Stephanie Martinez, Darline Reynoso, and Michael Acosta

Overall, the production was another success by the theatre department, combining modern humor with familiar stories supplemented by the talented actors chosen by their dedicated directors.

When asked about her favorite part about being in theatre, director Bonales stated that it is “the memories, and the friends you make…and it’s just everything I’ve ever dreamed of in one little room.”

Corona High School eagerly awaits the theatre department’s next production, the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.


Watch the full performance of Mirror, Mirror here.







Detective Deadlock – Chapter 2: Little Missed

The detective witnessed dozens upon dozens of surrounding gunmen all aimed toward killing the woman he had just met.  She was unmoved by the numbers of guns pointed at her and showed no sign of backing down.

Detective Deadlock was crouched behind the rim of the fountain watching as the woman pulled the heavy chain gun to the top of the rim and revved it up.

“Light her up!” the man making the previous threats shouted.

Multiple bullets soared past both the detective and the woman.  Completely abandoning his calm behavior, the detective ducked down, putting his hands over his fedora and covering his head.  He managed to raise his head a little bit and saw the the woman hold down on a trigger handle and unleash a barrage of bullets against the attackers.

“This is the weirdest way to meet someone!  Freaking shooting up bad guys with bullets flying over me!” the detective said aloud to himself.

He noticed the gunmen from the opposite side of the woman were closing in.  If they were so adamant about killing the woman, what would stop them from killing him?  Realizing this, he stood up, just barely dodging incoming bullets and shot at each of the incoming gunmen.  The bullets from his magnum were more than enough to penetrate through their shoulders and legs to the point where the pain had caused a few of them into to go into shock.  He looked back and noticed that the woman was killing each of the men one by one with the behemoth of a gun.

 “Hey!  Don’t kill any of them!” Deadlock grabbed her shoulder.

She turned and looked at him.  His brown eyes locked onto hers.  She abruptly pushed him aside and shot up some more gunmen that were sneaking up behind him.  The woman made gestures to shoo away the detective.  In his panicked state, he had no other option but to run and call for backup.

He ran out of Central Park as fast as he could, just barely slipping through the water soaked sidewalks.  The detective spotted his car near the fast food place and rushed to open the door.

“I need multiple ambulances at Central Park!  We have multiple shootings and dozens of casualties!  Krishna!  Send backup!” Deadlock shouted into his car’s radio.

“Deadlock, calm down, I’ve dispatched several units to Central Park.  You have to get back here right away!” Officer Krishna exclaimed on the other end of the radio.

“I can’t right now when there’s someone shooting up Central!  I’ll try to subdue the suspect,” Deadlock hung up the radio and rushed back to the park.

His jaw dropped as he saw all of the dead gunmen surrounding the park’s fountain.  He looked around for the woman with the gun but found nothing.  Multiple sirens were heard off in the distance.  That brought relief to Deadlock, but it did not soothe the curiosity he had about the woman who went on with the massacre.

After the officers called for multiple ambulances, Deadlock headed back to the police station.  His stomach turned and gave him a sort of sick feeling, not due to the fast food or the sight of multiple corpses, but because of something else.  Deadlock was not one to ignore the obvious or give up on a case, he just had a major tendency to refuse to lose.  After going through the entrance, he briefly headed through the squad room and into his office.

He sat at his desk and took off his soaking wet coat.  After setting his fedora on top of the coat rack he rubbed his hands through his hair.  He returned to his intellectual and calm state, piecing every bit of evidence he had together.  His photographic memory spewed out information through sketches and exact descriptions of the woman he saw in the park.  He posted all of his information on a mobile white board and included all the entry and exit points of Central Park.

“Age, roughly in her 20s, white of some Germanic descent,” he began reading his information aloud, “Braided mohawk, maybe something from a gang?  No, no mohawks recorded… black roots, blue dyed tips, hair stylists in the area…” Deadlock accessed his computer and searched for each hair salon in the area.  There was only several in the entire city.

Deadlock smiled as it narrowed down the search.  The smile quickly went away as none of the customers matched the information he had gathered.  He tried remembering the box she had with the chain gun inside.  It was unmarked; even the gun had the company’s insignia and name shaven off.  He thought very clearly, recreating the scene and moment; did he recognize her from somewhere else?  No.  Did she know or show any sign of recognition toward him?  No.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his office door closing.  He looked up and saw a young woman who was around her mid-twenties.  The rookie.

She had dark-blonde hair and was very slender in appearance.  She carried a dark grey coat in her arms and wore a white striped blouse with suit pants matching her coat.

“H-Hi, I’m Officer Annika Charles, I-I’m the new recruit for the ‘Deadlock’ Department,” she introduced herself.

“Hello there.  I’m Detective J. Deadlock, I’m guessing Officer Winston sent you here?” Deadlock inquired.

“Y-Yes.  Is it alright if I may take a seat?” She gestured to the two chairs in front of Deadlock’s desk.

“Of course.”

“T-Thank you.  Did I-I interrupt something?” she looked concerned as she stared at white board.

“Tell me, Charles, are you nervous?” The detective asked.

“Very, sir.”

“Good, you have every right.  Because in this department, we handle murders, killers, and how to stop them.  We’re not some fairy tale from before the Pre-Apocalypse, we stop at nothing to get justice to this city and its people.  Disregard your own line of work, because in a place like this, your life depends on everything that needs to be done.  In this building are sixty officers willing to give up their lives for their work.  The officer you replaced, Officer Sarah Parkers, she was only second behind me and the chief.  She was close to becoming a professional detective such as myself.  Her life was cut short because she let her guard down, not when she died, when she picked who assigned her, which was a poor mistake.  If this is too overwhelming for you, if you are not cut out to keep your head on while also keeping track of what the hell is going on everyday in this office, then I suggest you join Highway Patrol or Wall Guard,” Deadlock held a very serious look on his rant.

“I-I am cut out, sir!” Annika stood from the chair and stood up straight in a militaristic style.

“Good.  I guess I have to put this case on hold and show you around.  Because every police officer is that ignorant and abusive to their job,” the detective said with a sarcastic smile.

Deadlock opened up his office’s door and revealed the squad room.  Four separate desks aligned each other in the center while multiple occupied office rooms made up the ring around them.

“Chair number one,” Deadlock pointed to Officer Winston, “Our senior officer Tommy Winston.  He has been here since back when the department was still called Anarchy Control.  He was the star cop of the day, catching bad guys was his passion.”  Annika was shown an old picture of Winston, bulked up in muscle, carrying tattoos on each of his arms and pecs.  She looked up from the picture and saw Winston now, a fat police officer who was struggling to get his tie unstuck after stapling it to his desk.

“Um, what happened?” Annika asked trying not sound rude.

“He lost a case and now he’s a fat, miserable guy.  But hey, he keeps up the department’s attitude, don’t think down upon him, he’s just an old dog who can still do new tricks,” Deadlock forced out another sarcastic smile.

“Chair number two, Officer Kevin Krishna.  He’s back here helping us out whenever he’s not at his COMs desk telling all the dispatched officers where to go.  Smart guy.  Smarts, yes.  Wits, no.  He doesn’t usually do field work, but he can be a tad bit too descriptive instead of cutting to the point.  He’s your eyes and ears to the city, listen to him, and listen to him carefully,” Deadlock pointed toward an Indian man with a headset on answering dispatch calls and giving directions to active officers.

“Chair number three, do you need me to slow down?” Deadlock looked back at Annika.  She shook her head and continued observing.

“This is good ol’ Archie.  Arch Tech as the department calls him.  Real name’s Archibald Severin.  He’s considered the x-ray of the department.  He knows every building we go into like the back of his hand, he knows every escape route a criminal is willing to take and where he might end up.  He’s, ahem, also my best friend,” Deadlock said his last comment quickly.

“How does he know about the building and such?” Annika asked.

“Retired architect or something.  Decided to join the force when his own building was ransacked and robbed.  Weird way he decides things.”

The detective and Annika looked toward Arch Tech who was a man in his late 20s with bright brown hair and dark brown eyes.  He wore a vest shirt with black suit pants and had rounded dark sunglasses with a brown lower cap.

“Chair number four, she won’t be here for a while, so in the meantime, this is your desk,” Deadlock pulled out the office chair politely for Annika.

“T-Thank you, first day on the job and already a desk?  I can’t wait to start!” she said happily.

“I hope you keep that motivation, you’re going to need it,” Deadlock smiled.

The detective stooped back into his own office.  He continued with his investigation with the woman at the park.  Something troubled him.  Suddenly, his arm reached out swiftly through the air.  He rubbed his shoulder and flinched as his arm straightened out.  Deadlock sat behind his desk and opened up one of his cabinets.

“Damn mechanics, if their product is defective, what’s so good about having my arm back?”

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“Robots, something one would believe would be the future; the future with human race on top of the world. Doesn’t it sound very promising? The truth is, future is not a goal, and it’s a mere result; the result of our contributions and accomplishments.  The more we accomplish, the clearer future gets.”

These are the words of the founder of Robotics club, Mr. Johnson.  With a degree in mathematics and a desire to improve education, Mr. Johnson founded the Vex Robotics club in 2013. The Vex Robotics Competition is organized by Vex for High School students to provide their own solution to a problem faced to them by building a hands-free robot.  Last year, the goal was to carry plastic balls from a tray and stack it on a high elevation. Their solution was a 4-bar lift that could carry multiple props at the same time and also drive fast with the limited amount of parts. The school won the state’s championships and ended up winning 3rd spot. This goal showed him, as he states, “the bright light that all students need to see.”

With his experience, Mr. Johnson strove to provide all of the students at Corona High a hands-on experience to set forward goals and actually get to design, build ,and program simultaneously.  Therefore, he decided to dedicate one more year of staying at school until 6 o’clock and encouraging students to become confident with their goals. Currently, he runs a Programming Club, where the primary goal is to teach students how to program, and the Robotics Club, where the primary goal is to design and construct different machines.

Raheem Latif, the leader of the club, describes that the club has taught him the “realistic way”, the way he claims that he could have never imagined, “the place outside of theories and design; a place with gravity, fiction, probability, central balance, elevation, and much more. A realistic place where time is one of the factors and calculating every one of the factors is next to impossible and trial-and-error is the only solution there is.” He believes that, “all students should join the club to think outside the box and interpret ideas in their own way and make originality.”

He continued, “When I first joined, the first thing I had tried was making a claw and as soon as it failed working, I had given up all hopes on it. However, as time passed by with experience filling up, my mind accepts failure as just another stop to success. Although that may have sounded a part of the most classic inspiration speech,  there are no other words to put one of the most magical, yet realistic club.”

Robotic’s club meets on Tuesdays, in room J7 at 3:00 pm.

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Match.com owns several dating sites, including the popular Tinder, and makes close to a billion dollars… in one business quarter.
Millions use Match.com (and the company’s child companies) to find the love of their lives.
`I’m here to officially announce that there’s a new, unofficial dating site to find the love of your life: KIK.
I found my new best-friend by posting a selfie one lonely night, in the cold months of January-February, and ever since then I’ve had someone to love (thank you, Justin Bieber, for your inspiration).
Upon telling people that I have a girlfriend that lives more towards the east coast than the central U.S., people always want to repeat the obvious: Online relationships don’t work; they would be correct: they don’t. However, there’s one fatal flaw that everyone misses.
We are not in an online relationship. We never have been.
We live, day by day, in each other’s lives. We likely talk more than couples who are never apart from each other.
We don’t know the definition of ‘hurt,’ and therefore it doesn’t define us. We’re not in pain from the distance, because we think it makes us strong.
In Febuarary, it will be our twelfth month, and this will only make our rebellion against the failure of “online relationships” stronger .
To accomplish such a feat of time, we’ve set up rules (she needs to be reminded of them the most). Consider the following promises to her, and to each other.

Rule 1: Never, ever, under any circumstances, say “nevermind” (or any flavor of it); if you do, the receiving person can only think the worst.
Rule 2: I am going to call you exactly what you are to me, nothing more or less.
Rule 3: I am going to call you beautiful (see rule two).
Rule 4: I will always do what you ask me to with minimal questioning; I expect the same as well.
Rule 5: Let me ask whatever I want, because you can always say no.
Rule 6: You must have listened to John Legand’s “All of me,” thinking of it through my voice.
Rule 7: On the day where you don’t believe in us, should that day come, you will tell me because it is my right to know.
Rule 8: I will try not to be jealous. I understand that this is our relationship, and the people around us are not threats but just people. You have chosen me, and based on rule seven, I trust you.
Rule 9: Never, ever, try to cut me off and say we won’t work. I honestly believe I care for her more than any other guy would.

The dark side of Valentine’s Day is just how many people think they’re in love but are really abused… There are millions who don’t know how to tell their “significant other” how they really feel. Maybe they never would have got into the mess in the first place if they knew that there was an infinite pool of people who will care about you more than someone would when they actually have you in their arms.
I was lucky to find one of those girls. I have the honor of telling her everything will be all right in the situations she’s in, just because she lives where she does. I have promised her everything I can give her, and I’ve earned her trust.
This Valentines day, can you say the same about your sweetheart?
My girl might be on the other side of the country, but I’d rather be madly in love with her than lie to a girl who’s in my arms just to make sure she never hates me.

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Detective Deadlock – Chapter 1: Detected Deadlock

The rain pounded at the window of the police department office building.  Such weather was so common in Province 78, it had earned its name as ‘Cohld City’ and kept up the reputation.  A reputation of crimes on a scale of dozens a day, even for a sanctuary of the apocalypse.  The city was made out of a surrounding circle of towering concrete walls that kept out the even greater horrors of the outside world.  The officers of the CCPD did not concern themselves with what happened outside of the walls of the city, some refuse to do so out of principle; some refused out of fear.  In the walls were multiple forms of corruption and chaos, but each of them were monitored and controlled by the specialist squad of the CCPD called Deadlock.  Named after their lead detective, they strive to keep Cohld City peaceful and without anarchy.  Each of them specialized in their own rank.

There came a time when one officer had fallen.  To the lead detective, Detective Deadlock, that meant a new rookie was bound to show up.  Since it was only a matter of time before they arrived, Deadlock waited in his office patiently, spinning around in a leather swivel chair, phased out and looked toward the ceiling.

The door to his office creaked open.  “You know, for a brilliant detective such as yourself, you sure tend to daydream way too much,” Officer Winston commented.

“What do you want now, Tommy?” Detective Deadlock spoke.

“The new rookie.  Name’s Officer Charles, Annika Charles.  Since you’re our lead detective here, I suggest you train her for field work, got it?”

“Why can’t you train her?  I’m busy with other stuff.  Having a rookie is like walking a blind dog,” Deadlock remarked.

“Chief specifically picked you out, and come on, show some gratitude or something and stop being such a Smart Alec.  I’m going to send her in in a few minutes…” Officer Winston closed the door behind him.

Detective Deadlock let out a long sigh. “Rookies…then again, some people have to start somewhere.  I just hope the academy taught her something good.  Ugh.”

A slight beeping noise came from his desk.  The intercom from the COM-link station.

Deadlock pressed down on the answer key, “What is it now, Krishna?”

“Pursuit at Twelfth Street.  Possible gang member,” a man’s voice responded through the intercom.

“I thought that was Yuriko’s department?  Why are you calling me?” Deadlock asked.

“Gang member has ‘supernatural’ abilities.  Don’t really know.  Cut me some slack man and get down there.”

“Tommy just told me there’s a rookie coming in, what do I do about her?”

“I’ll tell her to wait for you, just go.  Yuriko’s department is having trouble subduing this guy.”

“Freaking Yuriko…I’m on my way…” he said as he put on a dark brown fedora.

The sound of police sirens echoed off into the distance of the province.  The sound of clawing of bricks and windows came closer, bringing in several more police vehicles with their sirens on.  Long nails reached through the cracks of the bricks and launched itself forward.  A mutated man clawed his way along the walls of the building just barely avoiding the bullets of incoming police officers.

“How fast is this guy?” an officer exclaimed as he tried shooting at a maniacal man climbing along the walls of the block.

Another officer focused on driving and avoided colliding with pedestrians and other vehicles.

“He’s running out of block!  He’ll hit the main wall soon!” the driver shouted.

As the driver predicted, the man came to an immediate stop as soon as he saw the towering concrete wall that surrounded Cohld City.  He growled at the sight and turned toward the officers that pursued him.  Half a dozen CCPD officers had loaded guns aimed directly at the man.

The man was hunched down with his hands nearly touching the floor.  His face was mutated, covered in gorges and cuts.  His forehead was full of enormous bumps and his back covered in disorderly spiky hair.

“Put your hands in the air!” one of the officers ordered.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” the man’s tongue slivered from his mouth.

“If you do not comply we will shoot!” another officer exclaimed.

Instead, the man ran forward and lunged at two of the officers.  He grabbed their dark blue uniforms and pushed them to the floor, snarling and growling at them.  The other officers began opening fire.  One of the bullets hit some of the oversized acne on his forehead.  It exploded into an enormous amount of puss and yellow liquid.  The man let out a screech and jumped at the other officers.  He grabbed one of their faces and repeatedly bashed it against the police car.

The other three officers kept firing and unloaded several dozen bullets into the mutant.  He was unaffected by the weaponry and instead leaped toward the other officers and punched each of their faces.  The mutant grabbed one of the officers by his uniform’s collar and snarled at his face.

Suddenly, the mutated hand of the man exploded into bone and flesh.  The officer he was holding fell to the floor as the mutant grasped his hand in extreme pain.  Another bump on his head exploded, spewing puss all over the officer and police vehicles.

The officer looked around and spotted Detective Deadlock reloading his signature magnum handgun.  Deadlock had arrived in his own personal vehicle with a temporary siren on the roof.  His car was based on an ancient model from long ago.  Its matte black paint job shined in the rain and made it almost invisible at night.

“Detective?” the officer asked quietly.

“Yuriko sent you guys after this thing?  Such a waste of officers,” Deadlock said as he holstered his handgun.

“We were suppose to handle it.  Who sent you?” the officer inquired.

“Don’t let the suspect die, unless you want the explanation of how the hell he ended up like that to remain a mystery.  Cuff him and head back.  I’m going back to my office…” Detective Deadlock said as he yawned with a bored expression.

“What about the injured?  We can’t leave them here!”

“I called an ambulance already.  Arrest the man, officer.  Before he gets up again…”

Detective Deadlock drove away, leaving the dumbfounded officer to force the mutated man into the back of the police cruiser.

The detective made a quick stop at a local fast food place.  He ordered a small burger and left straight away.  The way Detective Deadlock thought was nothing shy of unorthodox.  It took him nearly half a decade to achieve such a calm and relaxed attitude to the point where even reporting back right away was too much effort according to him.  He never denied enjoying his job and spending time with his coworkers, but at the same time reflected a behavior opposite to it.

He bit into the burger before unlocking his car.  Something caught his attention past all the rain drops.  A voice.  He heard a subtle voice in the background of the pounding rain.  Figuring his department could rely on him coming back in one piece, he went off to investigate the voice.

Finishing up his burger, he came closer and closer to the distinct voice.  It became clear it was a woman’s, none that he recognized on the radio.  Only more reason to keep him intrigued.

He approached the central park of the city.  Following the pathway toward the center fountain, he spotted a woman singing to the rainy sky.  She stood on the rim of the fountain staring up the cloudy night.  Her attire was that of dark blue jeans and a red checker shirt.  She held both of her hands together against her chest, singing a tune that not even Deadlock heard before.  Her hair was braided up and toppled over in the form of some sort of mohawk with the darkest of color.

“Um, excuse me, miss?” Deadlock spoke up, his calm attitude slowly fading away, “Is it alright for me to ask what you’re doing out here singing in the rain?”

The woman ignored him and kept singing toward the stars.  Her voice slightly lightening up then simmering down to a quiet whistle, repeating the tune over and over.

Detective Deadlock saw no harm in this woman singing, seeing that there weren’t any local residents complaining at all and nothing was really being disrupted.  He sat on the rim of the fountain and dug into the fast food bag in search of any remaining fries.  A boom of thunder shook the entire park.  After it settled, the woman had stopped singing.  Deadlock heard footsteps, rushing ones from all entrances of the park.  He ducked down next to the fountain while still eating his fries.

Multiple suited men carrying heavy assault rifles and machine guns surrounded the woman.  They wore black suits with bright red ties and dark leather gloves.

“Missy!  This is your last warning!  Surrender all of your syndicate and we might spare your life!” one of the men shouted.

Instead, the woman raised her hand toward the man and lifted up just her middle finger at him.  Grunting at her, the man lifted his hand up and waved it down, signaling all the men around him to disable their guns’ safeties.

“These guys are serious?” Deadlock pulled out his holstered magnum.

The woman hopped down and headed around the fountain.  Detective Deadlock spotted her pulling a large wooden box.  She pried it open with her bare hands and revealed an enormous chain gun.  The detective’s eyes grew wide as he saw her lunge the weapon out and rev up each of its six barrels.

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“Project Lead the Way” is a 4 year program that pushes incoming freshmen to commit to the future and make innovative decisions and encourages students to advance in technology and free-thinking. About 75% of all projects are cooperative, and the majority is computer based leaving the design challenges to be 3 dimensional (such as working on a fling machine where students are given random materials such as a deflated balloon, rubber bands, paper, and a straw so as to fling an object the furthest when an arm is let go).
Stand-by computers allow students to render out and cerate 3D designs on projects like CAD and CAM. There is a 3-week safety course that focuses on technology and how to teach them problem-solving skills.

This program takes their design with tool paths in Mastercam and to machine the part on a router and mill. Students have created door lock knobs, gearshift knobs, and racing petals with the machines provided. The finished products from the students often look professional and give a “fresh off the shelf” feeling such as one student who made a 34” long-board that was shaped and accented to look like a fish skeleton. Such projects have been designed in AutoCAD and brought into Mastercam where it can be looked at with combined 2D and 3D operations.

The first year of the program for freshmen is “Introduction to Engineering” where they are introduced to what engineering is and what fields are available in careers. It also is a way for them to learn the basic math, physics, and chemistry of manufacturing as well as instant design challenges coupled with research and principles of engineering.

The sophomores of the program get to enroll in a program called the “Principles of Engineering” in where they learn more about physically building contraptions for a purpose (ex. Marble solder, stoplights and trigger). This class will also teach them an introduction to robotics and electronics.

Juniors get to enroll into “Computer Integrated Manufacturing” where they take their newfound skills and learn how to design and manufacture products using CNC, Lathes, Routers, and 3D printers as well as Laser Engravers.

The seniors then get to enter “Engineering Design and Development.” The senior project given is of a real-world problem to solve and create a working physical model of the product that is then judged by a panel of engineers from an industry.

Already over 200 patents have come from the “Project Lead the Way” program.

Next year, corona High will be among several schools in CA to receive an i3 (Investing in Innovation Fund) grant to provide more companies and machinery needed to create an expanded engineering program. Students in the class(es) can explore a career in manufacturing quickly even in Norco Community College. On that note, Mr. Lee’s Design Manufacturing Technology Course can give up to 3 college credits.

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In Southern California,
The weather can always be classified under one of two categories:
And not as hot.
And yet, there’s this girl,
Who always wears long sleeves.

Whether it be a sweater, jacket, or hoodie,
She always wears long sleeves.

She wears these sleeves so that no one can see
What’s hidden underneath.
Because, y’see, some teens may decorate their bodies
With piercings or tattoos
Or even Sharpie drawings.
But this girl instead decorates hers with scars of her own design,
Scars, which she had tried to hide/

She says she did it because of the pressures from society
And because of her depression.
And I understand, I really do
But cutting is no solution.
We all stumble and struggle, no one’s excluded.
But it should never have to go that far,
Her beauty should be free of scars.

She and I both dealt with our problems in the same way:
We took to writing,
But we used different tools.

Instead of a paper, she used her bare flesh,
Instead of a pen, she used a blade.
Instead of ink, she used her blood, which would run all over her page.

Each cut was a poem, a story, a tale of woe.
Each slash was an attack at the world.

As she wrote
She would say, under breath: “This is for you.”
As the blade would violate her skin and penetrate her flesh
She’d say: “This is for you.”
As the blade would draw out her blood,
And as that blood would flood onto her page,
She’d say: “This is for you.”
And as she withdrew her blade,
And prepared it for a new poem,
She’d whisper, with tears in her eyes, “This is for you.”

And after she finished writing,
She’d pull down her sleeves
And hope no one would see
Past her disguise
And discover the sadness hidden in her eyes
But her facade was flawed,
And we all saw what was underneath her sleeves.
But only after it had gone on for so long.

Everything is clear in hindsight,
We had seen the signs
But never connected the dots.
We could have been able to stop this
Before it had ever begun.

But the damage has been done,
The blades had won.

But the fears and pressures of society
Won’t affect her any longer,
Because I know that she is stronger
Than any cut of blade.
And I just want to say to her:

“You should stop thinking of others:
“Fuck what society expects,
“Fuck people’s respect,
“Fuck all those mean little kiddies who think they know shit.
“Their opinions don’t define you,
“And if in some way they do,
“Then you’re not being true to yourself.
“Don’t use their criticisms
“As standards for how you should be living/
“You need not continue to live this lie,
“Once you realize how many people you have behind you,
“All the people who love you,
“Who care about you,
“Who miss you,
“Who cry for you,
“Who fight for you,
“Who would die for you.
“And believe me, they will die for you.
“When you’re back’s against the wall,
“When you’re about to fall,
“We will be there for you.
“To shield you.
“To catch you,
“To bring you on your feet,
“And walk hand in hand with you.
“And we won’t hesitate.
“We will break your constraints
“Without batting an eye.
“We will lay down on the ground and die
“Without any doubt.”

“Don’t underestimate our love.
“We will do anything that will help you rise above

“So again,
“Don’t believe your false friends.
“Don’t let their devilish whispers
“Drown out the thunder of our cries.
“Because even if you hurt us,
“Even if our vision is blurred by our tears
“And our steps are faltered by our broken hearts,
“We will scream for you.
“We will scream until we thaw the ice
“That has frozen your heart.
“We will scream for you
“To stop the hurt,
“To put down the pills,
“To set aside the drink,
“To step away from the blade,
“And to roll up your sleeves.
“Because we know you.
“I know you.”

“And this,
“This person you believe yourself to be,
“Isn’t you,
“I know you,
“I’ve seen you.”

“I’ve seen you
“When you’re happy,
“When you’re angry,
“When you’re hopeless.
“I’ve seen you,
“When you smile,
“When you laugh,
“When you cry.
“I’ve seen you when you’ve felt alone.
“I was there.
“And I always will be.
“And if you don’t believe that,
“Believe this:”

“I did this for you.
“This care,
“This emotion,
“This writing,
This LOVE,”

“This is for you.”

You cradled death
In your arms
Where there should have been life

You heard silence
In the room
Where there should have been cries.

You saw stillness
In the body
Where there should have been kicking.

You tasted fear
In your mouth
Where there should have been giggling.

You smelled pity
In the hearts
Where there should have been joy.

Yes, you cradled death
In your arms
And you yourself are but a boy.

I wonder of the purpose
Of all your hurt and pain
I can’t imagine how your loss
Could be outweighed by a gain.

They say that only men of great
Get tested to their core
The more respect He has for you
The more He’ll make you sore.

But words of rank are not enough
When I look you in the eye
When all I want for you, dear brother,
Is to hear your baby’s cry

I can’t change the moment
When death was born that awful day
But if I can change myself
I know I can bring a better day

A day when good and life will shine
And all things will be better
And in your arms
You will cradle life

And her life will shine forever