KIK Me Some Sugar: How I Found Love With A Selfie owns several dating sites, including the popular Tinder, and makes close to a billion dollars… in one business quarter.
Millions use (and the company’s child companies) to find the love of their lives.
`I’m here to officially announce that there’s a new, unofficial dating site to find the love of your life: KIK.
I found my new best-friend by posting a selfie one lonely night, in the cold months of January-February, and ever since then I’ve had someone to love (thank you, Justin Bieber, for your inspiration).
Upon telling people that I have a girlfriend that lives more towards the east coast than the central U.S., people always want to repeat the obvious: Online relationships don’t work; they would be correct: they don’t. However, there’s one fatal flaw that everyone misses.
We are not in an online relationship. We never have been.
We live, day by day, in each other’s lives. We likely talk more than couples who are never apart from each other.
We don’t know the definition of ‘hurt,’ and therefore it doesn’t define us. We’re not in pain from the distance, because we think it makes us strong.
In Febuarary, it will be our twelfth month, and this will only make our rebellion against the failure of “online relationships” stronger .
To accomplish such a feat of time, we’ve set up rules (she needs to be reminded of them the most). Consider the following promises to her, and to each other.

Rule 1: Never, ever, under any circumstances, say “nevermind” (or any flavor of it); if you do, the receiving person can only think the worst.
Rule 2: I am going to call you exactly what you are to me, nothing more or less.
Rule 3: I am going to call you beautiful (see rule two).
Rule 4: I will always do what you ask me to with minimal questioning; I expect the same as well.
Rule 5: Let me ask whatever I want, because you can always say no.
Rule 6: You must have listened to John Legand’s “All of me,” thinking of it through my voice.
Rule 7: On the day where you don’t believe in us, should that day come, you will tell me because it is my right to know.
Rule 8: I will try not to be jealous. I understand that this is our relationship, and the people around us are not threats but just people. You have chosen me, and based on rule seven, I trust you.
Rule 9: Never, ever, try to cut me off and say we won’t work. I honestly believe I care for her more than any other guy would.

The dark side of Valentine’s Day is just how many people think they’re in love but are really abused… There are millions who don’t know how to tell their “significant other” how they really feel. Maybe they never would have got into the mess in the first place if they knew that there was an infinite pool of people who will care about you more than someone would when they actually have you in their arms.
I was lucky to find one of those girls. I have the honor of telling her everything will be all right in the situations she’s in, just because she lives where she does. I have promised her everything I can give her, and I’ve earned her trust.
This Valentines day, can you say the same about your sweetheart?
My girl might be on the other side of the country, but I’d rather be madly in love with her than lie to a girl who’s in my arms just to make sure she never hates me.

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