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“The movie that some dare to watch.”  The Interview was a movie that shocked us all. A movie that made fun of Kim Jon-Un, the most dangerous man at the time, and even plot the movie about having to kill him. I had my theories on the movie, but never watched it. When it made the fastest appearance on Netflix I knew I had to go see it. It starts off with James Franco as David Skylark and Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapoport.

While watching the movie it was clear that they were going for a not so subtle comedy.  In my opinion, some jokes should have never made the script. That got me thinking that the way Kim was portrayed in the movie was funny but a bit racist. The movie  calls Kim a liar, and acts like a god for his people. The movie was funny and had a nice pace. To be honest it is hard to find a lot of bad things other than how they make fun of North Korea. From a personal stance I loved it. When I ask all around it gets is good reviews and made me think that no one should fear the movie.  I don’t think we will get bombed or anything. The movie showed good points on the economy there, and I see this as a way where America can see that this is a real problem and to take it seriously, but then again it is a comedy so it will be hard.

This movie is for the people who can get a good laugh out of real things. If I could rate it, I would give it a four out of five for the good aspects but not a five because of some unnecessary content. Some is just bad. I feel like they don’t even try at some points. For example, paying Eminem to say a line that would cost millions. Some of the jokes and content were just blankly thrown out there. It really makes you wonder if they really tried some times. Having a knowledge in acting, they where good when it came to the acting. Casting was perfect. The team of James Franco and Seth Rogen, having a past of creating amazing movies together, did come out to pull out a good movie. I think they can top this, but we may never know..

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