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Throughout American History there has been one sport that is a juggernaut in the sporting industry metaphorically and physically. That behemoth of a sport is Football. It has been apart of American culture for some time now and our school has been honoring that tradition with our own team. Our Corona High Panthers have been scoring touchdowns and making plays for the school since  1923, and this year they are ready to go at it again for another season.

I talked to receiver Wyatt Boyer about why he liked football. Most of it was how he liked the aggressive nature and that it is all about team play. Boyer liked the good attitude the players. There was one thing he said that stood out was when I asked what was the hardest thing about your position.

“Making sure you can breath.”

It was just good to see the fun side of the players when they are not on the field. A good question to ask is, “what should we look forward to this year?” Most replied with the same answer, which is what you expect from a team as a whole.

“I want to put Corona back on the map,” stated Tayson Rhodes, “and a good way to do that is to win the championship.”

Coach Hill has been working extra hard this year to make this possible. There has been many of challenges in the way, yet Hill seem to be optimistic in his efforts to lead the team to victory. After interviewing some of the team they all have the same buoyancy as their coach. This year our Panthers have the ability to make it far, and all we have to do is to cheer them on and to help push them to victory.

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Christmas decorations are being put up, the air is getting colder and the stress of trying to raise your semester grades is getting to you… it must be time for finals. Don’t fret, here are some ideas to help you study. *Rememdownloadber these are just ideas, so do whatever helps you.

  • Start! Just start . Don’t wait until you feel like starting or after just one more YouTube video.
  • Predict questions. Look over past test and reviews to get an idea of what the test will be on the test.
  • Make it Memorable. Create rhymes or acronyms, maybe even make up new lyrics to a song. Something catchy that will help you remember.
  • Study the right way. Remember listening to Hamilton isn’t studying for History and reading articles on Buzzfeed isn’t studying for Language Arts. Instead of just staring at notes try practice questions.download-1
  • Study in Intervals. Don’t go over an hour without giving yourself a break. Maybe reward yourself with five to ten minutes of T.V. or social media.
  • Study with friends. This may or may not help you. If you can have friends around without being distracted, then a friend or study group could help you get more done.
  • Don’t stay up too late. I know we all feel like we need to cram in as much studying as we can, but sleep is also important. If you feel like you need a little more time, study in the morning before school.
  • Switch it up. Switch up the subject your studying to not feel overwhelmed or bored.


imagesOf course there is a lot more you can do but these are just some simple images-1guidelines to follow.In the end, just try different techniques and pick what helps you. Don’t stress over it too much, it isn’t the end of the world. Just by trying your best, the work will pay off in the end.

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Outdoor Garden

While many students tend to gravitate towards modern technological activities, some students still prefer to be involved with nature. Those include students in the Greenhouse club and the Go Green club.

Greenhouse club: Basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and sunflowers are only a few of the things Greenhouse clubs grows. This club has been doing this for over five years. At the end of each year they sell all of the produce grown.

The purpose of the club is to learn how to grow organic edible produce; or as adviser and biology teacher Kathleen Sainato more simply stated, “to grow plants”. Apart from the indoor greenhouse, located in S105, where most herbs are grown, the club introduced an outdoor garden. This space is located behind the C building and is primarily used for sunflowers and peppers.

Indoor Greenhouse in S105

Go Green Club:

“We try to teach students how to change their daily habits in order to reduce their carbon footprint” says Senior Johanna Aleman, president of the club. Some of the things they promote are using less energy, recycling and vegetarianism as well as veganism.

This club has very big plans to impact our school this year. Over winter break there will be refillable water stations installed and more recycling bins are going to be placed around campus. They will also be reminding all staff to power down their computers over the break. Members meet twice a month on Wednesdays.

If you are interested in joining either of these environmentally positive clubs listen for the announcements or check around campus for posters. Both clubs meet in S105.

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“You have not lived a day until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

A puppy cannot pay you money. A kitten cannot buy you lunch. An old rabbit cannot write a thank-you note. For members of Corona High’s Homeless Pets Club, knowing that they’ve saved the life of an animal or brought joy to a pet without an owner, is payment enough, and John Bunyan would agree – they’ve lived.

For those unfamiliar with Homeless Pets Club, the purpose is to do what the name implies; to help homeless pets. Countless numbers of pets including dogs and cats end up in shelters either because of their owners or because they were born on the street. Homeless Pets club is determined to help these animals until they’re adopted.  Jasmin Contreras, the treasurer, sums up the main goal of the club for the 2016-2017 school year, “to spread awareness about homeless animals and ways to help”.

Anyone can join Homeless Pets club, whether you want to work with animals as an adult or just think they’re cute. Ferah Williams, the Vice President, explained what would happen at an average meeting for those interested in joining, “We would just talk about homeless pets awareness, and upcoming events.” Currently, all officer positions are filled but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved as a regular member. Ferah continued to outline the average responsibilities of someone in the club, “Just to show up at the events to show some support.”  

The club is currently contacting shelters to coordinate volunteer opportunities for students. If the club-life isn’t for you, simply show up to these events; the Homeless Pets club welcomes all the involvement it can get. Volunteers will get to do fun and hands-on tasks such as walking dogs and cleaning up which helps out these shelters a lot. These hours also look good on college applications when it comes time to apply.

Events aren’t the only thing this club does. Emily Heaston, the president, explains another main job within the club, “We’re going to get the word out about different pets that are almost being euthanized.” Members of the club will contact a local shelter and inquire about older animals or ones that have been at the shelter for a long time. Information about these animals will then be spread around school via social media, posters, etc. so that these animals can have the chance to be adopted before they’re put down.

So whether you love dogs or cats, own a parakeet or a snake; Homeless Pets Club welcomes you to join them as they help animals find wonderful permanent homes. You’ll need new friends, both furry and human. Meetings will be one to two times a month after school in K-1, with exact dates announced over the PA. If you have any questions about the club, Mrs. Grabow is available during first lunch or after school to answer any questions.


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About fifty or so years ago, the future was envisioned as flying cars, robots, and amazing technological advancements.  It’s the time and place, so where exactly are we?

Elon Musk, a very intelligent and efficient businessman with a vision that those people fifty years ago had.  He is making it a reality, albeit limited because of the skeptics of the 21st Century.  Musk is easily recognized as the chairman of Tesla Motors and the founder of SpaceX.  With both of these businesses under his belt, he is able to make all of those visions, those dreams, and those hopes a reality for the future.

Particularly with SpaceX, Musk has gained public attention by announcing his plans for a human expedition and colonization of our neighboring Planet Mars.

SpaceX began as a privately funded company and ever since it’s beginning in 2002, has become one of the more prestigious aeronautical companies with historical achievements.

According to Yaabot, SpaceX’s achievements are as follows:

Image courtesy of SpaceX's Twitter page.
Image courtesy of SpaceX’s Twitter page.
  • The first privately funded, liquid-fueled rocket, called Falcon 1, was able to reach orbit (28 September 2008)
  • The first privately funded company to successfully launch which was Falcon 1 once again (28 September 2008)
  • Orbit and recover a spacecraft called Dragon (9 December 2010)
  • The first private company to send Dragon to the International Space Station (25 May 2012)
  • The first private company to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit

When will it become as simple as flying to another state as compared to a flight to Mars?  An even bigger question arises: when will be able to go to the next planet over?

Musk has narrowed down the many questions he has had for his expedition, but only one truly remains a mystery: when?

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Up until last year, there was not anywhere or anyone for you to turn for help with your Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Today, there might be a place for you to seek help.

AP Ambassadors Club exists to help AP students with their admittedly rigorous coursework. For students who are concerned about failing a test that costs around $90 full price, Ms. Garcia and her students can attempt to tutor you.

Unfortunately, for students who are the select few classes designed specifically for seniors, finding tutors becomes challenging; when seniors graduate, the vast majority of students never come back to be tutors. Classes such as AP Government are senior only classes, and the students who may be qualified to tutor have already graduated. The president of the club Connor Wagnet realizes this is a problem — he is personally a tutor for AP Literature, one of the senior-centric classes.

To qualify to be an ambassador for a senior only class, you should have passed the AP test for the previous year with a three or above, and have a good GPA for the previous year’s class. “The issue still remains,” says Wagner, “that the students tutoring might not fully understand the course work themselves.”

However, for those in the student body who are not seniors, this might be the perfect resource. Those who are tutors for classes AP Courses like European History, Environmental Science, and United States History have all taken and passed both the class and the test with at least a three.

Wagner wants every student to know, “I wish I would have had this resource before. It’s a great resource and it should be fully taken advantage of.”

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Tales of the Peculiar is a companion novel to the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs. Throughout the trilogy Riggs mentions in his story of the book The Tales of the Peculiar which provides the characters, mainly Millard, with useful information for their quest. As of September 2016 Riggs released the book, bringing the fictional novel to life for readers to enjoy. Within this book Riggs tells ten tales which all provide a moral lesson to be learned.


Author Ransom Riggs
Author Ransom Riggs

Ransom Riggs introduces his stories by giving the readers the illusion that they are interactive and a part of the peculiar universe through Millard, a character in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, advising non-peculiars to not read these tells. Millard also informs the audience that there are secrets weaved into these tales which the peculiars deem to be valuable information.

The Splendid Cannibals:

Within this story Riggs creates a moral underlining of gluttony. He illustrates how wanting to much, to the point of endless un-satisfaction, can only lead to harm. This tale is about peculiars in Swampmuck who, at the beginning, are satisfied by their rustic lifestyle until one day they are provided another option by the help of some splendid cannibals. All in this tale was one of Riggs best.

The Fork-tongued Princess:

In this tale Riggs, through a fantasy world, demonstrates the power and courage it takes for one to give forgiveness. The princess of Frankenbourg was born with peculiarities that set her a part from others, even her own father. She must take a journey that will lead her to her salvation. The tale read as a series of  small scenes however, it was intriguing.

The First Ymbryne:

We are first introduced to Ymbrynes in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children through the character of Miss Peregrine who provides a safe place for the peculiar children to live. In this short story we get the background of how the fist Ymbryne came to be and how they have evolved to be today. This tale provides a lot of insight for fans of The Tales of the Peculiar.

The Women Who Befriended Ghosts:

Hildy has the ability to talk to ghost and has only befriended ghost her whole life. But one day her ghost sister has to go away for years and she is faced with the problem of befriending living people. Riggs plays with the idea that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket, in this case Hildy learns that she can have a place in her heart for more than one person whether they are living or not. Had a sad and glumly tone to it but was interesting to say the least.


Zehn’s father, a renown sailor, disappears on a voyage and he made his son promise to look for him if he ever got lost. Zen is faced with the difficulty of self-acceptance as he searches for his father. Was one of my favorites within this book because Riggs wasn’t afraid to write about family and self acceptance.

The Pigeon’s Of Saint Paul’s:

These pigeons are introduced in Hollow City, the second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children trilogy. The readers get a background of how the building of Saint Paul’s came to be and how the pigeons got deemed the faithful caretakers. This along with The First Ymbryne has the purpose of being informative to the story of the peculiars.

The Girl Who can Tame Nightmares:

In all his other books Riggs has only illustrated the positive side of having abilities however, in this tale he sheds some light on the responsibility placed upon peculiars to not use their peculiarities. This was my least favorite story because it felt like it was all over the place.

The Locust:

We learn that love and vulnerability aren’t negative things through the tale of a father with a cold-heart who has a son with the biggest heart, filled with love, that a person can have. They undergo a long and heart-wrenching adventure that may lead to the thawing of a cold-heart. Had a great moral underlining however, it wasn’t very entertaining.

The Boy Who Can Hold Back The Sea:

Riggs incorporates the idea that no matter what there will always be someone for everyone. Fergus has the ability to control tides and due to that he never feels connected with others and he embarks on a journey to live a peaceful life. Had a great ending and was interesting.

The Tale Of Cuthbert:

Cuthbert’s tale is of his acts of kindness towards peculiar animals. He then is faced with some consequences in which he must confront. Was a great end to the book

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“Honor, courage, and commitment.” -NJROTC

NJROTC - Roll Call

The Corona High NJROTC Program follows this motto with vigor and motivation throughout the school year.  The Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps holds many sports, academic, and honorable events each semester.  Among the program, cadets make up a majority of the class while the staff, which are usually juniors or seniors, help the instructors organize each cadet.

One of the most important events of every year of NJROTC is Mini-Bootcamp which prepares new cadets for their future in the program.  This allows for students to experience a taste of actual training of our nation’s naval military branch.


NJROTC - Karen Pancanins“The Mini-Bootcamp was a great first time experience for me, freshman year.  The second time around, it was fun to see the incoming cadets’ beginning,” says Karen Pacanins, Senior (left).

Some staff members such as Sara Johnson, Senior (right), is “going as a pusher for all the cadets.”

When  it comes to cadets, many of the Seniors part of staff speak their opinion about the motivated newcomers.  For many people entering NJROTC, it can be a life-changing experience or a dreadful drag throughout high school.

“The cadets are waiting to shine and grow, it’s refreshing to meet them from time to time.  They can only improve from here; it’s like the beginning of a new person,” Melissa Zavala (left), Senior.

“It’s the one event I always want to go to every year; I never want to miss one.” Angelica Brena, Junior.


One event has risen up in prominence in the past few years known as the Neptune Olympics is held by NJROTC at the Coronado Navy Base every year.  Several of the events include as follows: a surfboard race against other school’s JROTC programs, a Zodiac raft boat race, and a sandcastle tournament.

Throughout the year, NJROTC is populated with sports days where cadets can practice physical training and drill meets to rehearse their marches.  However, one event remains the aspiration for all JROTC.

The Annual Military Inspection is the most sought after and prestigious event that happens every year.  This allows the NJROTC program to be inspected for their efforts and performance of the year.

“AMI was one of my first staff meetings; the entire program is evaluated and the best of us are rewarded.” Kanwar Latif (right), Senior.

One of the final events of the school year for NJROTC is the Military Ball.  This formal event allows for each cadet and staff to enjoy the company of a guest speaker while awaiting the promotion of a new Commanding Officer.

For honor, courage, and commitment, the students of our school shine as the cadets of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps through the many events happening this year.img_2094

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Think of the greatest President there ever was. The first one that comes to mind might be Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington – any of those on Mount Rushmore, or printed the currency you handover so frequently. Those great statesmen live on in green.

How about President Jackson? Did he come to mind? If you’re a true American — with American meaning the generic blissful American, Jackson is not even on your top ten list.


Go look at the Wikipedia page for Andrew Jackson, specifically the fifth paragraph, and it will tell you all you need to know about the man by 2016 standards. In case you didn’t go look it up, I’ll give you bullet points:

  • He was proud of representing the “common man” and not big bankers
  • He revolutionized the meaning of the Presidential Veto by simply using it without reason
  • He gave cabinet level positions to his friends
  • Forcibly removed Indians from the land which they were living, relocating them to Oklahoma

This is a striking parallel to a few of the things that Donald Drumpf would like to see happen.

If you’re saying to yourself, “you can’t compare Indians who were already here, to immigrants!” then why are you so flustered when Donald Drumpf wants to remove illegal immigrants from this country and build a wall to ensure that no further illegal immigration occurs?

  • He wants to bring back jobs to the United States, from China and Mexico
  • He would like to use veto power excessively
  • He has a lot of friends who are itching to run the government

Oh, the illegal immigrants…

For the longest time, people some saying that it doesn’t even matter if we have a President Drumpf; congress has the ultimate say, and if all else fails the Supreme Court can step in and stop anything they don’t like. The problem: Andrew Jackson wasn’t stopped by the court. In the case Worcester v. Georgia, the court did in fact rule that the act prohibiting Indians on Non-Indian land was unconstitutional.

It is widely believed, though, that Andrew Jackson said the following:

“[The Chief Justice,] John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.”

If that doesn’t sound like something Donald Drumpf would say, then you better start paying attention.

There’s still also The Congress of the United States, which usually reflects public opinion. The last time a President was impeached Bill Clinton, and now his wife is running for office. But that’s a different story for a different day.

It’s entirely possible that the entire government is built on nothing but a house of cards, as featured in the Netflix original series House of Cards; Kevin Spacey has already made the connection himself to his character in the show Francis Underwood, saying “he’d kill him.”

In all seriousness, the Supreme Court gave themselves the power of judicial review… Congress likes to pass laws that can be considered unconstitutional, and the President can really do anything they want and use executive privilege as an avenue to do illegal, and shady things.

I say, it doesn’t really matter. Elect Donald Drumpf. What’s the worst that can happen?