September 28, 2016

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Amazing chase scenes, incredible awe-inspiring  storyline this summers Jason Bourne blew us away with ts amazing depth and sheer excitement. The movie casts Matt Damon again in a role he hasn’t played in almost a decade, yet he manages to fit right into character. Once again the CIA is after him with deadly intent and an agent who has a thirst for vengeance after being supposedly betrayed by Bourne. In this chapter of the series Bourne finds out more about his past that drives him to go after the CIA later in the film.

The movie takes place in four main locations, Central Greece, Berlin, London, and Las Vegas in that order. All of these locations filmed excellently in such a way that we can feel where they are without context. The characters all have depth, however I do feel that the agent after Bourne is a somewhat cliche character. The chase scene that ensued in the Las Vegas strip was fast paced, destructive but very familiar and similar to the previous movies. However exciting it did lack originality even as part of a series.

Overall I rate this movie an 8/10 with a great soundtrack, excellent action, an ending to die for, and an overly similar dialogue and chase scene to the previous movies. This movies main fault is that it isn’t original enough. I didnt feel as if it brought anything particularly new to the table. However, the movie itself was very enjoyable.

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All our lives we dream and make wishes so that we can get through the rough times. Our wishes provide us with a sense of security when we fail to find it anywhere else. Many people have a lifetime to strive towards their dreams, however, there are people who don’t have the luxury of time. We often don’t appreciate the effects a dream can have towards a person and their emotions. Regarding our wishes as something that can be put off because we believe that we will always have the gift of time is a false concept. We aren’t given the reassurance of tomorrow so it is our job to grant our wishes today. The MAKE-A-WISH foundation has devoted their time and effort to make the wishes for people who have terminal illnesses come true.


“We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy”                      -MAKE-A-WISH


For instance, Avery, a 5 year-old girl who has a Wilms tumor, was given the opportunity of a lifetime when her caseworker suggested she contact MAKE-A-WISH. Avery and her family’s goal was to lift her spirits during her rough medical treatments. Through this foundation Avery was able to fulfill her dream of seeing snow and building a snowman. In another case, Noah, an 8 year-old boy with a complex genetic disorder, wished to go to Los Angeles for a rescue adventure. His wish was inspired by ,the TV show, Emergency! where he decided he wanted to become a paramedic. Volunteers of the MAKE-A-WISH foundation made it possible for Noah to have a rescue experience with the police and fire department. He has had to undergo 24 surgeries so far and granting him his wish can be a beacon of light that he can hold on to when times get rough.

There are still many cases yet unfulfilled, that’s where you can step in and help tribute. Corona high school has a MAKE-A-WISH club where their goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of the school year in order to grant a child’s wish. Noah, president of the MAKE-A-WISH club, stated,” Once I saw the joy it brought to the children and families, I knew that I had to be a part of this club.” The club has a major impact for the children who are seeking to achieve their dreams. Anyone can sympathize with wanting to help grant wishes but be the person who will do something about it. Join the MAKE-A-WISH club today.


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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

     Students who join the Corona High Community Service Club are able to answer Martin Luther King Jr.’s question with confidence. As of right now, Community Service club needs YOU to make a difference.

     The president, Breelyn Betts, shares her main goal for the club in the 2016-2017 school year, “We want to get more involvement this year in our events that we do so we can make the most impact.”

     It’s not too late for you to get involved, either! Be sure to listen to the announcements to get info on when the next meeting will take place. Meetings will take place in J1 during first lunch and J8 during second lunch. 

     There are so many benefits in store for someone who wants to join Community Service. You can meet new friends and help the community while you’re at it. Officer Lauren Butler, a Junior, explains one of the main reasons she joined the club “A lot of my friends were doing it so I knew that we could all do the community service events together.”

     A variety of events are scheduled for this year from picking up trash to visiting assisted living centers. Vice President Melanie Hoang shares how impactful the club can be on the community, “…We always go to this place called Peppermint Ridge to help disabled people and then the senior centers so yeah, I think we make a difference.”

     There are also academic benefits that come when one joins Corona High’s Community
Service Club. Colleges and jobs are always looking to accept and hire the best people they can. One way students are able to stand out when compared to others is by how many volunteer hours they have completed. Gabby Enriquez, a Senior, concedes that “it looks good on college applications.”

     So whether you want to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, help your college applications, or just help people in need… Community service club is eager for you to join. If you’re still not sure that this club is right for you, stop by Mrs. Brown’s class in J8 for more information. Happy volunteering!

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Imagine walking down the halls of Corona High and turn the corner to BAMB, your wonderful best friends boyfriend is making out with some random girl, what do you do? I’m here to help break it down and give some honest truth with the help of other panther students on what to do next. To be honest no one wants to see couples making out in the hallways, its a common complaint, but now you’ve got to deal with this. Your first thoughts and next move are crucial to keep your best friends feelings from getting hurt as much as possible because this is going to be rough. Majority of students asked what they would do next said they would go straight to the friend getting cheated on to do some damage control before the caught cheater comes and spins a web of lies. Being a good friend and going straight there cuts out any middle man. Key note too, DONT tell any one else what you saw but the friend, getting cheated on hurts enough without everyone whispering as you walk down the hall. For warning this is going to be very hard knowing you will be delivering  hard news but I promise its so worth it. Here’s what other corona kids had to say: Junior Katie Garwood would go straight to the person and threaten if they don’t tell their best friend she would, her friend Maggie Stated after the comment, ” if you actually respect your friend you would tell them.” Seniors Anjalee Gonzalez, Rosanna Pasveer and Keyanna Kautz all agreeed that going to them as soon asw possible was the most logical thing to do in this situation. Another senior Sarina Patel felt she had to add, “He would die.” to express her intensity of concern towards the seriousness of her friends feelings. Wondering if guys would maybe be different and a little less confrontational towards the sensitive subject surprisingly had the same response. Brenden Beck and Toby Lawrence (seniors) both agreed to just telling their “bro” the news would be easiest. Its a hard move to make and can be difficult on both ends but your best friend is important remember sisters before misters ad bros before hoes. join me next week for the new topic of… What to do when your best friend is the cheater and you don’t agree?

If there’s something strange
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

     Hearing that old Ray Parker song would normally invoke an image of Bill Murray in the 80s fighting off a huge marshmallow while wearing a jumpsuit; now, that image has changed. Today we picture four modern day women fighting off ghosts that are scarier than ever thanks to more advanced animation.
     This new Ghostbusters is not a continuation of the classic either, but a complete remake. However, the film does pay homage to the original in a few ways. Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and Dan Aykroyd and a few other Ghostbuster veterans play minor roles, although they
don’t play the same characters they once did. You can’t have a Ghostbuster’s movie without the classic theme song, and while it did make an appearance in the very beginning, the song was recreated to fit this modern film.
     As scores and soundtracks for films go, this one was excellent. Fall Out Boy, a popular pop punk band, and Missy Elliot, a hip hop artist, got together to make the new theme song and gave it a fresh modern beat with some new lyrics to boot. As a fan of the band I waited eagerly in the movie theatre just itching to hear the new song, and I was not disappointed. The score itself was very fitting and appropriate.
     It’s hard to make a film violent yet humorous, just ask the Sharknado series. Ghostbusters does just that. Going in, I was expecting to be pelted with raunchy humor from
Melissa McCarthy specifically, since it’s usually the role she plays in other movies. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the jokes were innocently funny, and could appeal to all ages.
     It’s always interesting to see popular actors play in roles they aren’t usually in, which is just the case with Chris Hemsworth. I’m used to seeing him as Thor, the demigod from Asgard in the Marvel franchise. He branches out to play a dumb-yet attractive-secretary for our four
leading ladies. Practically every scene with him is a funny one.
     Fighting ghosts requires some heavy duty equipment. This film provides an ample amount of new homemade weapons, and it feels like the engineer of the group, Jillian
Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon, is constantly making more. Cool weapons always make heroes about ten times cooler, too, and that’s exactly what these ones do.
     One critique I have for this movie is more of a general pet peeve than an issue with the actual film. The original Ghostbuster films were excellent. I understand and love all the changes made for this remake, and it has earned high praise. However, the idea of a remake causes me to feel like there are no more good ideas for movies out there, as if the movie industry must rely on old ideas just to make a profit. If millions of dollars are going to be spent on the production of a movie, it seems better to have it be something new and fresh rather than something old with a
new twist. When one simply considers this film as a single entity, there are no major critiques to be made.
     I would definitely recommend this movie for a PG-13 audience, as per intended. It was funny, graphic, and had excellent actors with a fitting soundtrack. Definitely watch the first original Ghostbusters if you want to catch any Easter Eggs hidden in the remake. Happy watching!

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On campus, one program is training a multitude of students to make this money in well-paying careers such as doctors and engineers, both of which have impressive salaries averaging out to the startling sum of $150,000. Fortunately, this ludicrous amount of money is within grasp of almost every student here at Corona High School. The Stem program is starting its second year at our school and is looking for students with a passion for medicine or engineering.

` With Stem comes a new level of freedom for students, which in today’s world is hard to come by. Many classes have turned to technology for classwork, and students can be found working on computers every day. And with the self-guided concept that is well built into stem, less and less student-teacher interaction occurs with every passing year. Now at first glance this may come as a wonderful concept, but as Kenny Tran says, “with less lecturing comes a whole new level of difficulty.” This is due to students not being able to rely on their teacher.. “Most of the time we have to work together, than just being able to ask the teacher,” argues Daniel Alvarez, a frustrated student. But even with the many flaws in this new process of teaching, many participants are still content and even entertained, “It is a lot of fun not being told what to do all the time.”

In addition to science and engineering the program is based on fundamental such as having more hands-on schoolwork and going at your own pace. Hands-on schoolwork is immediately evident to every student enrolled. With only a month of school having passed, students have been involved in numerous experiments and projects. Ranging from identifying cocaine from aspirin and splattering blood. And moving at your own pace is determined by the individual by either succeeding with hard work or by being lax and falling through the cracks.

This exciting new program is guaranteed to be tough and bring on a wave of new experiences for those involved. Stem is an opportunity for students to be exposed to jobs,  learn advanced concepts, and overall get ahead in life.“It is a place for those who really want to challenge themselves and try new things,” states one enthusiastic STEM student. “…labs and experiments you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” says Mrs. Holtz. To join talk to your counselor about enrolling in the Stem program.

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iOS 10 is something you can’t not hear about. It’s scandalous replacement of the pistol with a water gun has proved to be a reason for many not to upgrade.


And that’s petty. It’s a good update.


I’ve been using the iOS 10 beta since late August, and I installed iOS 10 on my phone. When you think about it, there’s lots of small tweaks here and there that I really love – and some that I don’t.


The Good

The very first thing you’ll notice when your phone updates for the first time, is the lock screen; gone is the old way of unlocking your phone, and living is the “press home to open.” I’ve had a 6s Plus since they day it was released, and the TouchID is stupid fast. Before iOS 10, I had to press the home button in an awkward way so I can still see my notifications and reply to them.  Now, when I raise my phone, it wakes up. I can see my notifications and even rest my finger on the fingerprint sensor, and still interact with them.


Speaking of interaction, it’s now much easier to interact with your notifications. Touch hard on them with the 6s or newer, and you’ll jump right into your messages, and sometimes even get context. This is amazingly useful, too, if you just need to pull out your phone really quickly to reply to multiple messages to someone. Between iOS 9 & 10, they’ve really taken the time to get notifications right.


So you’ve unlocked your phone, what’s new? Again, if you have a 6s or newer, you can 3D Touch, with the new ability to share the app and see the widget if it offers one. This is a super quick way to send your friend that game you really want them to play. This works really well with my favorite weather app, “Dark Sky,” which gives minute by minute predictions of if it’s going to rain.


From app to app, you won’t notice much a difference until the apps you love the most decide to update.


As far as the messages app goes, you have to try it to know if you’ll like it. Quite a few of the people you know have probably been sending you messages with lazer effects. I personally like the invisible ink filter, which will force you to wipe away frost from the message; because after a few seconds it reverts back to the frost, it prevents nosy people from looking at your conversations.

The bad

Notifications are sometimes buggy on my iPhone, requiring you to 3D touch on the notification to open it. This, combined with more, just contribues to sadness, as there are still far too many applications that don’t take to using 3D touch. It’s been over a year; all the apps should have updated by now.

Apple released an update to the mobile operating system, but as to the fixes, we still have yet to see much.

As with any update, Apple can’t gauge how well it performs on all devices without the update being installed on millions of devices. Expect a fix, but if you’re concerned about battery life, hold off a little bit.


iOS 10 is a great update, with plenty of new features. If you’re concerned about small bugs, don’t install. Otherwise, It’s a solid A from me.