On campus, one program is training a multitude of students to make this money in well-paying careers such as doctors and engineers, both of which have impressive salaries averaging out to the startling sum of $150,000. Fortunately, this ludicrous amount of money is within grasp of almost every student here at Corona High School. The Stem program is starting its second year at our school and is looking for students with a passion for medicine or engineering.

` With Stem comes a new level of freedom for students, which in today’s world is hard to come by. Many classes have turned to technology for classwork, and students can be found working on computers every day. And with the self-guided concept that is well built into stem, less and less student-teacher interaction occurs with every passing year. Now at first glance this may come as a wonderful concept, but as Kenny Tran says, “with less lecturing comes a whole new level of difficulty.” This is due to students not being able to rely on their teacher.. “Most of the time we have to work together, than just being able to ask the teacher,” argues Daniel Alvarez, a frustrated student. But even with the many flaws in this new process of teaching, many participants are still content and even entertained, “It is a lot of fun not being told what to do all the time.”

In addition to science and engineering the program is based on fundamental such as having more hands-on schoolwork and going at your own pace. Hands-on schoolwork is immediately evident to every student enrolled. With only a month of school having passed, students have been involved in numerous experiments and projects. Ranging from identifying cocaine from aspirin and splattering blood. And moving at your own pace is determined by the individual by either succeeding with hard work or by being lax and falling through the cracks.

This exciting new program is guaranteed to be tough and bring on a wave of new experiences for those involved. Stem is an opportunity for students to be exposed to jobs,  learn advanced concepts, and overall get ahead in life.“It is a place for those who really want to challenge themselves and try new things,” states one enthusiastic STEM student. “…labs and experiments you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” says Mrs. Holtz. To join talk to your counselor about enrolling in the Stem program.

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