Ask Addy- “What Your Friends Won’t Tell You”

Imagine walking down the halls of Corona High and turn the corner to BAMB, your wonderful best friends boyfriend is making out with some random girl, what do you do? I’m here to help break it down and give some honest truth with the help of other panther students on what to do next. To be honest no one wants to see couples making out in the hallways, its a common complaint, but now you’ve got to deal with this. Your first thoughts and next move are crucial to keep your best friends feelings from getting hurt as much as possible because this is going to be rough. Majority of students asked what they would do next said they would go straight to the friend getting cheated on to do some damage control before the caught cheater comes and spins a web of lies. Being a good friend and going straight there cuts out any middle man. Key note too, DONT tell any one else what you saw but the friend, getting cheated on hurts enough without everyone whispering as you walk down the hall. For warning this is going to be very hard knowing you will be delivering  hard news but I promise its so worth it. Here’s what other corona kids had to say: Junior Katie Garwood would go straight to the person and threaten if they don’t tell their best friend she would, her friend Maggie Stated after the comment, ” if you actually respect your friend you would tell them.” Seniors Anjalee Gonzalez, Rosanna Pasveer and Keyanna Kautz all agreeed that going to them as soon asw possible was the most logical thing to do in this situation. Another senior Sarina Patel felt she had to add, “He would die.” to express her intensity of concern towards the seriousness of her friends feelings. Wondering if guys would maybe be different and a little less confrontational towards the sensitive subject surprisingly had the same response. Brenden Beck and Toby Lawrence (seniors) both agreed to just telling their “bro” the news would be easiest. Its a hard move to make and can be difficult on both ends but your best friend is important remember sisters before misters ad bros before hoes. join me next week for the new topic of… What to do when your best friend is the cheater and you don’t agree?

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