Ghostbusters (2016) Review

If there’s something strange
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

     Hearing that old Ray Parker song would normally invoke an image of Bill Murray in the 80s fighting off a huge marshmallow while wearing a jumpsuit; now, that image has changed. Today we picture four modern day women fighting off ghosts that are scarier than ever thanks to more advanced animation.
     This new Ghostbusters is not a continuation of the classic either, but a complete remake. However, the film does pay homage to the original in a few ways. Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and Dan Aykroyd and a few other Ghostbuster veterans play minor roles, although they
don’t play the same characters they once did. You can’t have a Ghostbuster’s movie without the classic theme song, and while it did make an appearance in the very beginning, the song was recreated to fit this modern film.
     As scores and soundtracks for films go, this one was excellent. Fall Out Boy, a popular pop punk band, and Missy Elliot, a hip hop artist, got together to make the new theme song and gave it a fresh modern beat with some new lyrics to boot. As a fan of the band I waited eagerly in the movie theatre just itching to hear the new song, and I was not disappointed. The score itself was very fitting and appropriate.
     It’s hard to make a film violent yet humorous, just ask the Sharknado series. Ghostbusters does just that. Going in, I was expecting to be pelted with raunchy humor from
Melissa McCarthy specifically, since it’s usually the role she plays in other movies. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the jokes were innocently funny, and could appeal to all ages.
     It’s always interesting to see popular actors play in roles they aren’t usually in, which is just the case with Chris Hemsworth. I’m used to seeing him as Thor, the demigod from Asgard in the Marvel franchise. He branches out to play a dumb-yet attractive-secretary for our four
leading ladies. Practically every scene with him is a funny one.
     Fighting ghosts requires some heavy duty equipment. This film provides an ample amount of new homemade weapons, and it feels like the engineer of the group, Jillian
Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon, is constantly making more. Cool weapons always make heroes about ten times cooler, too, and that’s exactly what these ones do.
     One critique I have for this movie is more of a general pet peeve than an issue with the actual film. The original Ghostbuster films were excellent. I understand and love all the changes made for this remake, and it has earned high praise. However, the idea of a remake causes me to feel like there are no more good ideas for movies out there, as if the movie industry must rely on old ideas just to make a profit. If millions of dollars are going to be spent on the production of a movie, it seems better to have it be something new and fresh rather than something old with a
new twist. When one simply considers this film as a single entity, there are no major critiques to be made.
     I would definitely recommend this movie for a PG-13 audience, as per intended. It was funny, graphic, and had excellent actors with a fitting soundtrack. Definitely watch the first original Ghostbusters if you want to catch any Easter Eggs hidden in the remake. Happy watching!

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