iOS 10 Review: The Good and The Bad

iOS 10 is something you can’t not hear about. It’s scandalous replacement of the pistol with a water gun has proved to be a reason for many not to upgrade.


And that’s petty. It’s a good update.


I’ve been using the iOS 10 beta since late August, and I installed iOS 10 on my phone. When you think about it, there’s lots of small tweaks here and there that I really love – and some that I don’t.


The Good

The very first thing you’ll notice when your phone updates for the first time, is the lock screen; gone is the old way of unlocking your phone, and living is the “press home to open.” I’ve had a 6s Plus since they day it was released, and the TouchID is stupid fast. Before iOS 10, I had to press the home button in an awkward way so I can still see my notifications and reply to them.  Now, when I raise my phone, it wakes up. I can see my notifications and even rest my finger on the fingerprint sensor, and still interact with them.


Speaking of interaction, it’s now much easier to interact with your notifications. Touch hard on them with the 6s or newer, and you’ll jump right into your messages, and sometimes even get context. This is amazingly useful, too, if you just need to pull out your phone really quickly to reply to multiple messages to someone. Between iOS 9 & 10, they’ve really taken the time to get notifications right.


So you’ve unlocked your phone, what’s new? Again, if you have a 6s or newer, you can 3D Touch, with the new ability to share the app and see the widget if it offers one. This is a super quick way to send your friend that game you really want them to play. This works really well with my favorite weather app, “Dark Sky,” which gives minute by minute predictions of if it’s going to rain.


From app to app, you won’t notice much a difference until the apps you love the most decide to update.


As far as the messages app goes, you have to try it to know if you’ll like it. Quite a few of the people you know have probably been sending you messages with lazer effects. I personally like the invisible ink filter, which will force you to wipe away frost from the message; because after a few seconds it reverts back to the frost, it prevents nosy people from looking at your conversations.

The bad

Notifications are sometimes buggy on my iPhone, requiring you to 3D touch on the notification to open it. This, combined with more, just contribues to sadness, as there are still far too many applications that don’t take to using 3D touch. It’s been over a year; all the apps should have updated by now.

Apple released an update to the mobile operating system, but as to the fixes, we still have yet to see much.

As with any update, Apple can’t gauge how well it performs on all devices without the update being installed on millions of devices. Expect a fix, but if you’re concerned about battery life, hold off a little bit.


iOS 10 is a great update, with plenty of new features. If you’re concerned about small bugs, don’t install. Otherwise, It’s a solid A from me.

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