Jason Bourne Review

Amazing chase scenes, incredible awe-inspiring  storyline this summers Jason Bourne blew us away with ts amazing depth and sheer excitement. The movie casts Matt Damon again in a role he hasn’t played in almost a decade, yet he manages to fit right into character. Once again the CIA is after him with deadly intent and an agent who has a thirst for vengeance after being supposedly betrayed by Bourne. In this chapter of the series Bourne finds out more about his past that drives him to go after the CIA later in the film.

The movie takes place in four main locations, Central Greece, Berlin, London, and Las Vegas in that order. All of these locations filmed excellently in such a way that we can feel where they are without context. The characters all have depth, however I do feel that the agent after Bourne is a somewhat cliche character. The chase scene that ensued in the Las Vegas strip was fast paced, destructive but very familiar and similar to the previous movies. However exciting it did lack originality even as part of a series.

Overall I rate this movie an 8/10 with a great soundtrack, excellent action, an ending to die for, and an overly similar dialogue and chase scene to the previous movies. This movies main fault is that it isn’t original enough. I didnt feel as if it brought anything particularly new to the table. However, the movie itself was very enjoyable.

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