Tales of the Peculiar Review

Tales of the Peculiar is a companion novel to the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs. Throughout the trilogy Riggs mentions in his story of the book The Tales of the Peculiar which provides the characters, mainly Millard, with useful information for their quest. As of September 2016 Riggs released the book, bringing the fictional novel to life for readers to enjoy. Within this book Riggs tells ten tales which all provide a moral lesson to be learned.


Author Ransom Riggs
Author Ransom Riggs

Ransom Riggs introduces his stories by giving the readers the illusion that they are interactive and a part of the peculiar universe through Millard, a character in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, advising non-peculiars to not read these tells. Millard also informs the audience that there are secrets weaved into these tales which the peculiars deem to be valuable information.

The Splendid Cannibals:

Within this story Riggs creates a moral underlining of gluttony. He illustrates how wanting to much, to the point of endless un-satisfaction, can only lead to harm. This tale is about peculiars in Swampmuck who, at the beginning, are satisfied by their rustic lifestyle until one day they are provided another option by the help of some splendid cannibals. All in this tale was one of Riggs best.

The Fork-tongued Princess:

In this tale Riggs, through a fantasy world, demonstrates the power and courage it takes for one to give forgiveness. The princess of Frankenbourg was born with peculiarities that set her a part from others, even her own father. She must take a journey that will lead her to her salvation. The tale read as a series of  small scenes however, it was intriguing.

The First Ymbryne:

We are first introduced to Ymbrynes in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children through the character of Miss Peregrine who provides a safe place for the peculiar children to live. In this short story we get the background of how the fist Ymbryne came to be and how they have evolved to be today. This tale provides a lot of insight for fans of The Tales of the Peculiar.

The Women Who Befriended Ghosts:

Hildy has the ability to talk to ghost and has only befriended ghost her whole life. But one day her ghost sister has to go away for years and she is faced with the problem of befriending living people. Riggs plays with the idea that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket, in this case Hildy learns that she can have a place in her heart for more than one person whether they are living or not. Had a sad and glumly tone to it but was interesting to say the least.


Zehn’s father, a renown sailor, disappears on a voyage and he made his son promise to look for him if he ever got lost. Zen is faced with the difficulty of self-acceptance as he searches for his father. Was one of my favorites within this book because Riggs wasn’t afraid to write about family and self acceptance.

The Pigeon’s Of Saint Paul’s:

These pigeons are introduced in Hollow City, the second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children trilogy. The readers get a background of how the building of Saint Paul’s came to be and how the pigeons got deemed the faithful caretakers. This along with The First Ymbryne has the purpose of being informative to the story of the peculiars.

The Girl Who can Tame Nightmares:

In all his other books Riggs has only illustrated the positive side of having abilities however, in this tale he sheds some light on the responsibility placed upon peculiars to not use their peculiarities. This was my least favorite story because it felt like it was all over the place.

The Locust:

We learn that love and vulnerability aren’t negative things through the tale of a father with a cold-heart who has a son with the biggest heart, filled with love, that a person can have. They undergo a long and heart-wrenching adventure that may lead to the thawing of a cold-heart. Had a great moral underlining however, it wasn’t very entertaining.

The Boy Who Can Hold Back The Sea:

Riggs incorporates the idea that no matter what there will always be someone for everyone. Fergus has the ability to control tides and due to that he never feels connected with others and he embarks on a journey to live a peaceful life. Had a great ending and was interesting.

The Tale Of Cuthbert:

Cuthbert’s tale is of his acts of kindness towards peculiar animals. He then is faced with some consequences in which he must confront. Was a great end to the book

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