November 16, 2016

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About fifty or so years ago, the future was envisioned as flying cars, robots, and amazing technological advancements.  It’s the time and place, so where exactly are we?

Elon Musk, a very intelligent and efficient businessman with a vision that those people fifty years ago had.  He is making it a reality, albeit limited because of the skeptics of the 21st Century.  Musk is easily recognized as the chairman of Tesla Motors and the founder of SpaceX.  With both of these businesses under his belt, he is able to make all of those visions, those dreams, and those hopes a reality for the future.

Particularly with SpaceX, Musk has gained public attention by announcing his plans for a human expedition and colonization of our neighboring Planet Mars.

SpaceX began as a privately funded company and ever since it’s beginning in 2002, has become one of the more prestigious aeronautical companies with historical achievements.

According to Yaabot, SpaceX’s achievements are as follows:

Image courtesy of SpaceX's Twitter page.
Image courtesy of SpaceX’s Twitter page.
  • The first privately funded, liquid-fueled rocket, called Falcon 1, was able to reach orbit (28 September 2008)
  • The first privately funded company to successfully launch which was Falcon 1 once again (28 September 2008)
  • Orbit and recover a spacecraft called Dragon (9 December 2010)
  • The first private company to send Dragon to the International Space Station (25 May 2012)
  • The first private company to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit

When will it become as simple as flying to another state as compared to a flight to Mars?  An even bigger question arises: when will be able to go to the next planet over?

Musk has narrowed down the many questions he has had for his expedition, but only one truly remains a mystery: when?

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Up until last year, there was not anywhere or anyone for you to turn for help with your Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Today, there might be a place for you to seek help.

AP Ambassadors Club exists to help AP students with their admittedly rigorous coursework. For students who are concerned about failing a test that costs around $90 full price, Ms. Garcia and her students can attempt to tutor you.

Unfortunately, for students who are the select few classes designed specifically for seniors, finding tutors becomes challenging; when seniors graduate, the vast majority of students never come back to be tutors. Classes such as AP Government are senior only classes, and the students who may be qualified to tutor have already graduated. The president of the club Connor Wagnet realizes this is a problem — he is personally a tutor for AP Literature, one of the senior-centric classes.

To qualify to be an ambassador for a senior only class, you should have passed the AP test for the previous year with a three or above, and have a good GPA for the previous year’s class. “The issue still remains,” says Wagner, “that the students tutoring might not fully understand the course work themselves.”

However, for those in the student body who are not seniors, this might be the perfect resource. Those who are tutors for classes AP Courses like European History, Environmental Science, and United States History have all taken and passed both the class and the test with at least a three.

Wagner wants every student to know, “I wish I would have had this resource before. It’s a great resource and it should be fully taken advantage of.”