CHS Football

Throughout American History there has been one sport that is a juggernaut in the sporting industry metaphorically and physically. That behemoth of a sport is Football. It has been apart of American culture for some time now and our school has been honoring that tradition with our own team. Our Corona High Panthers have been scoring touchdowns and making plays for the school since  1923, and this year they are ready to go at it again for another season.

I talked to receiver Wyatt Boyer about why he liked football. Most of it was how he liked the aggressive nature and that it is all about team play. Boyer liked the good attitude the players. There was one thing he said that stood out was when I asked what was the hardest thing about your position.

“Making sure you can breath.”

It was just good to see the fun side of the players when they are not on the field. A good question to ask is, “what should we look forward to this year?” Most replied with the same answer, which is what you expect from a team as a whole.

“I want to put Corona back on the map,” stated Tayson Rhodes, “and a good way to do that is to win the championship.”

Coach Hill has been working extra hard this year to make this possible. There has been many of challenges in the way, yet Hill seem to be optimistic in his efforts to lead the team to victory. After interviewing some of the team they all have the same buoyancy as their coach. This year our Panthers have the ability to make it far, and all we have to do is to cheer them on and to help push them to victory.

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