Another Star Born in the Television Universe

   Lee Daniels, the producer of the drama-based hit Empire, has teamed up with veteran crime television producer Tom Donaghy to create another TV show known as Star. Star is based on Daniels’ life when he was striving for fame. It is an American musical drama series about three teenage girls that go through obstacles in order to become the singer that they have always wanted to be.

Within a month and a half of airing, the show has been rated 6 out of 10. One critique has said that “Star is a throw away show and the acting is rough but the foundation is there” while another commented “Star is a dour melodrama that predominates”. No matter what others say and no matter what the  ratings are, this article is here to say Star is one of the many attractions 2017 has to offer.

It is personally believed that this show is an attraction because of the drama and the music that Star brings. As a person that loves music and television drama, people would definitely love the thought of  these two combined into one. The television series keeps you on the edge of your seat during every episode from beginning to end and keeps you wanting more all through the week. Benjamin Bratton – who happens to play Jahil Riverab in the show – described Star perfectly when he said “it is the movies Dream Girls and Precious rolled into one. It’s a TV series that some people can relate to when it comes to the family drama and the ambition all of the characters have.

Despite the rating now after only 4 showings Star will definitely become a hit that most people are already dying to see according to the 6.71 million views Star is receiving already.

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