Reminiscing the Memes

Memes have been around for quite some time even before any of us were born, let’s start out with the memes from middle school you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. The rage faces, that was the first ever meme for me I don’t know about you guys but that’s how my preteen years went by, creating bottom text memes with rage faces trying so hard to be funny those were real good times even the comic strips were pretty funny even to this day they’re pretty funny.
Moving on, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the word boss when talking about something “cool”, that word went on for a while it was pretty annoying but hey that’s how us kiddos were, always following the trends, we would always use that word either in making the meme or commenting about it and now our “intelligent vocabulary” expands from there to even more interesting words.
Next, we have the adorable “doge” memes honestly I don’t know how to explain that meme it was pretty funny and the word doge should be self-explanatory for all meme lovers I thought it was a corgi but turns out it’s a shuba inu which is a breed from japan, super adorable and very lovable.
Next, do you guys remember that alien guy, on every single picture of that alien guy it would say “ayyy lmao” I didn’t think it was that funny but it sure is fun to say to friends, family, teachers, or your dogs. I would count that as a meme since it was pretty popular for quite a while.
Everyone who has social media knows about “pepe” he was everywhere! literally his face changed to every single mood that is possible it was always easily relatable, he was pretty much an ugly version of Kermit but sadly RIP to pepe the meme died down kind of fast and we then moved on from there to greater memes.
Now we have come to the present, filled with many offensive and “triggering”, basically what started this whole “edgy” phase of memes was “harambe” I despised him greatly he was only funny for a week but then everyone on social media took it too far and I was completely tired of it, so sad. From then on there are a huge variety of offensive memes that many of us find humorous but sometimes people take it way too far, well keep on enjoying the memes and keep bringing laughter to the world.

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