V/H/S/2 Movie Review

“V/H/S/2” is a 2013 anthology horror film directed by Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett and is the sequel to 2012’s “V/H/S”.

The film  mainly stars Michael Lawrence Lavine and Kelsey Abbott as two private investigators who go searching for a missing college kid and find a collection of v/h/s tapes in his home instead.

The film contains four short films that  one of the investigators watches while the other searches the house for the college kid:

Phase 1 Clinical TrialsImage result for vhs 2 movie

A man was recently in a car accident and he gets an ocular implant with recording chip in it and he begins seeing spirits in his home. After seeing some weird activity in his home, a woman who can hear the activity but can not see it, gives him a message he may never forget.


A Ride In The ParkImage result for vhs 2 movie

A man biking through the fictional Gold Stone State Park mounts a GoPro camera on his helmet and gets turned into a zombie and we are given a first-person shot of what a zombie does. Contains: bloody images, gore, and violence that’s not for the faint of heart.




Safe Haven

Image result for vhs 2 movie

Four friends are in Indonesia making a documentary about an Indonesian cult isolated from society and during their interview, the cult unleashes its terrifying truth on everyone living there and the documentarians.



Slumber Party Alien AbductionImage result for vhs 2 movie

The title says it all! A group of young friends and teenagers are having a sleepover and they are suddenly abducted by aliens one at a time while a GoPro mounted on their dog records it all.


The film was a major improvement over its predecessor. The shorts were entertaining, have a lot of violence and gore and provide plenty of good scares. It provides the same plot line as its predecessor with it being a bunch of shorts being watched by someone. The plot also doesn’t make sense just like the first movie, but it’s not meant to make sense. The plot is a bunch of short films being played that have no real connection to each other. What could’ve been done to make it more interesting would be that the people who are investigating the home, one or more of the short films could have one of them in it and can reveal some backstory about them and how they got to where they are at the house now.



Alien-Goatdemon-Zombie-Ghost – A Review Of V/H/S/2


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