May 15, 2017

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“V/H/S” is a 2012 anthology horror film directed by Adam Wingard and Ti West. Starring Calvin Reeder and Lane Hughes, the film is mainly about a band of crooks who are hired by their boss to steal a rare v/h/s tape from an old man’s home, but instead, they find a dead body surrounded by horrific tapes.

The film is a collection of five short films that one of the crooks watches with the dead body while the other crooks search the house for the rare v/h/s tape:

“Amateur Night”

Three friends buy a pair of video glasses to make an adult film. They bring back one girl to their hotel room with them, but it is soon revealed that the girl isn’t really “human”.

“Second Honeymoon”

A couple having their second honeymoon in the Grand Canyon are documenting their trip while being stalked by a mysterious killer.

“Tuesday the 17th” 

Four college friends are going to the woods with their new friend. All seems to be going well, then there’s a killer in the woods. Not your average killer. This one only appears as a tracking error on their camera so it can’t be filmed properly.

“The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger”

This short is filmed from an old Skype conversation. A woman is talking to her boyfriend who’s away on business, then she thinks her house is haunted. Soon after, she discovers a mysterious lump on her arm. Is she safe?


It’s Halloween 1998. Four friends dressed as a teddy bear (nanny cam), a Marine, a pirate, and the Unabomber, respectively, are on their way to a Halloween party. But they choose the wrong house. After exploring the empty house, they find some men and a woman in the attic performing an exorcism. Before the friends can try and escape, the house unleashes a deadly poltergeist on everyone.


The film was a good movie, not bad or great, just good. It did reveal some scary monsters that not very many get to see in movies. Some of the shorts were too boring and the movie itself was a little too long. The second short “Second Honeymoon” could’ve had some more action in it to make it more interesting and some more backstory between the couple and the killer. The third short “Tuesday the 17th” was full of cliches, but the only good thing about it was a killer itself. One thing that would’ve made the movie a big twist would be that at the end of the fifth short “10/31/98” the boys could survive and then they could be mentally traumatized and they become the crooks who broke into the house to watch the tapes.