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Hologram Concerts

Out of curiosity I wanted to know if my peers knew what a hologram concert was, and if they did would they go see one? In case you don’t know what it is let me explain. It’s a concert but with a computer showing the image of the person dancing and singing instead of the actual artist being there in their physical form. There are some cases though that the person does not exist because the character was created as a cartoon that sings, an example of this is Miku Hatsune. If you want to see a video of her I will add a description at the end of this article.

I asked some people if they knew what it was and if they would ever pay to go to one.

People who knew what it was : 19
Who didn’t know: 10
Who would pay to go to one: 12
Who would not pay: 7
Depending on artist or didn’t know: 6
Total people: 32

To sum it up most of the people I asked did know what it was. The people who did know mostly said that they would go because it would be a fun experience, or they would go because it looks cool. The people who said they wouldn’t go told me, because they would rather see the person in real life not as a computer, so when they gave me that answer I asked them one more question which was to see if they would stick to their answer. I asked them what if the artist was dead like Selena. They said that in that case they would go because it would be nice to see them again. However, there were still some people who did not want to go at all, some thought it was just not worth it to pay for a computer and not the actual artist.

Overall though this was a fun little experiment out of curiosity and in my opinion, I would go because it seems like it’ll be fun and besides there are some artist I wish I could’ve seen in concert before they died.

Miku Hatsune video can be found with https://youtu.be/HI0mv7P_sRk

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