Behind the Costumes of The Crucible

Corona High’s theatre department traveled back to 1692 in their production of The Crucible. Faced with the challenge of channeling the intensity and emotion centered around the Salem Witch Trials, Ms. Horn’s advanced class worked continuously during rehearsals to bring our school an amazing show.

An integral part of a production are it’s costumes. The theatre department was challenged to recreate the fashion from the beginnings of America. The costumes had to be both historically accurate and fitting to the character’s personality.

Be prepared to be impressed: every costume was handmade. The department’s costume team made the decision to make every outfit to give the show the colonial feel it needed.

Meet the face behind the costumes:

Edwin Equite:

With the help of Corona alumni, Sara Sanchez, Edwin handmade all of the costumes used in the production. It was a tiring process of Saturday work days, lunchtime sewing sessions, and repairs during rehearsals, but the show definitely wouldn’t have been the same without them. “Designing costumes is great,” he says, “but seeing them come to life, words can’t even explain.”

The Crucible costumes are completely accurate to the time period. The classic Puritan collar and bonnet were worn by all the female cast members, while the guys supported breeches and buckles on their shoes.

The attire added to the eerie and intense feel to the show with it’s coordinated color scheme and style. The cast and crew definitely didn’t disappoint. We can’t wait to see what the theatre and costume department hold in store for us next!

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