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Up until last year, there was not anywhere or anyone for you to turn for help with your Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Today, there might be a place for you to seek help.

AP Ambassadors Club exists to help AP students with their admittedly rigorous coursework. For students who are concerned about failing a test that costs around $90 full price, Ms. Garcia and her students can attempt to tutor you.

Unfortunately, for students who are the select few classes designed specifically for seniors, finding tutors becomes challenging; when seniors graduate, the vast majority of students never come back to be tutors. Classes such as AP Government are senior only classes, and the students who may be qualified to tutor have already graduated. The president of the club Connor Wagnet realizes this is a problem — he is personally a tutor for AP Literature, one of the senior-centric classes.

To qualify to be an ambassador for a senior only class, you should have passed the AP test for the previous year with a three or above, and have a good GPA for the previous year’s class. “The issue still remains,” says Wagner, “that the students tutoring might not fully understand the course work themselves.”

However, for those in the student body who are not seniors, this might be the perfect resource. Those who are tutors for classes AP Courses like European History, Environmental Science, and United States History have all taken and passed both the class and the test with at least a three.

Wagner wants every student to know, “I wish I would have had this resource before. It’s a great resource and it should be fully taken advantage of.”

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Think of the greatest President there ever was. The first one that comes to mind might be Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington – any of those on Mount Rushmore, or printed the currency you handover so frequently. Those great statesmen live on in green.

How about President Jackson? Did he come to mind? If you’re a true American — with American meaning the generic blissful American, Jackson is not even on your top ten list.


Go look at the Wikipedia page for Andrew Jackson, specifically the fifth paragraph, and it will tell you all you need to know about the man by 2016 standards. In case you didn’t go look it up, I’ll give you bullet points:

  • He was proud of representing the “common man” and not big bankers
  • He revolutionized the meaning of the Presidential Veto by simply using it without reason
  • He gave cabinet level positions to his friends
  • Forcibly removed Indians from the land which they were living, relocating them to Oklahoma

This is a striking parallel to a few of the things that Donald Drumpf would like to see happen.

If you’re saying to yourself, “you can’t compare Indians who were already here, to immigrants!” then why are you so flustered when Donald Drumpf wants to remove illegal immigrants from this country and build a wall to ensure that no further illegal immigration occurs?

  • He wants to bring back jobs to the United States, from China and Mexico
  • He would like to use veto power excessively
  • He has a lot of friends who are itching to run the government

Oh, the illegal immigrants…

For the longest time, people some saying that it doesn’t even matter if we have a President Drumpf; congress has the ultimate say, and if all else fails the Supreme Court can step in and stop anything they don’t like. The problem: Andrew Jackson wasn’t stopped by the court. In the case Worcester v. Georgia, the court did in fact rule that the act prohibiting Indians on Non-Indian land was unconstitutional.

It is widely believed, though, that Andrew Jackson said the following:

“[The Chief Justice,] John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.”

If that doesn’t sound like something Donald Drumpf would say, then you better start paying attention.

There’s still also The Congress of the United States, which usually reflects public opinion. The last time a President was impeached Bill Clinton, and now his wife is running for office. But that’s a different story for a different day.

It’s entirely possible that the entire government is built on nothing but a house of cards, as featured in the Netflix original series House of Cards; Kevin Spacey has already made the connection himself to his character in the show Francis Underwood, saying “he’d kill him.”

In all seriousness, the Supreme Court gave themselves the power of judicial review… Congress likes to pass laws that can be considered unconstitutional, and the President can really do anything they want and use executive privilege as an avenue to do illegal, and shady things.

I say, it doesn’t really matter. Elect Donald Drumpf. What’s the worst that can happen?

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iOS 10 is something you can’t not hear about. It’s scandalous replacement of the pistol with a water gun has proved to be a reason for many not to upgrade.


And that’s petty. It’s a good update.


I’ve been using the iOS 10 beta since late August, and I installed iOS 10 on my phone. When you think about it, there’s lots of small tweaks here and there that I really love – and some that I don’t.


The Good

The very first thing you’ll notice when your phone updates for the first time, is the lock screen; gone is the old way of unlocking your phone, and living is the “press home to open.” I’ve had a 6s Plus since they day it was released, and the TouchID is stupid fast. Before iOS 10, I had to press the home button in an awkward way so I can still see my notifications and reply to them.  Now, when I raise my phone, it wakes up. I can see my notifications and even rest my finger on the fingerprint sensor, and still interact with them.


Speaking of interaction, it’s now much easier to interact with your notifications. Touch hard on them with the 6s or newer, and you’ll jump right into your messages, and sometimes even get context. This is amazingly useful, too, if you just need to pull out your phone really quickly to reply to multiple messages to someone. Between iOS 9 & 10, they’ve really taken the time to get notifications right.


So you’ve unlocked your phone, what’s new? Again, if you have a 6s or newer, you can 3D Touch, with the new ability to share the app and see the widget if it offers one. This is a super quick way to send your friend that game you really want them to play. This works really well with my favorite weather app, “Dark Sky,” which gives minute by minute predictions of if it’s going to rain.


From app to app, you won’t notice much a difference until the apps you love the most decide to update.


As far as the messages app goes, you have to try it to know if you’ll like it. Quite a few of the people you know have probably been sending you messages with lazer effects. I personally like the invisible ink filter, which will force you to wipe away frost from the message; because after a few seconds it reverts back to the frost, it prevents nosy people from looking at your conversations.

The bad

Notifications are sometimes buggy on my iPhone, requiring you to 3D touch on the notification to open it. This, combined with more, just contribues to sadness, as there are still far too many applications that don’t take to using 3D touch. It’s been over a year; all the apps should have updated by now.

Apple released an update to the mobile operating system, but as to the fixes, we still have yet to see much.

As with any update, Apple can’t gauge how well it performs on all devices without the update being installed on millions of devices. Expect a fix, but if you’re concerned about battery life, hold off a little bit.


iOS 10 is a great update, with plenty of new features. If you’re concerned about small bugs, don’t install. Otherwise, It’s a solid A from me.

Post thumbnail owns several dating sites, including the popular Tinder, and makes close to a billion dollars… in one business quarter.
Millions use (and the company’s child companies) to find the love of their lives.
`I’m here to officially announce that there’s a new, unofficial dating site to find the love of your life: KIK.
I found my new best-friend by posting a selfie one lonely night, in the cold months of January-February, and ever since then I’ve had someone to love (thank you, Justin Bieber, for your inspiration).
Upon telling people that I have a girlfriend that lives more towards the east coast than the central U.S., people always want to repeat the obvious: Online relationships don’t work; they would be correct: they don’t. However, there’s one fatal flaw that everyone misses.
We are not in an online relationship. We never have been.
We live, day by day, in each other’s lives. We likely talk more than couples who are never apart from each other.
We don’t know the definition of ‘hurt,’ and therefore it doesn’t define us. We’re not in pain from the distance, because we think it makes us strong.
In Febuarary, it will be our twelfth month, and this will only make our rebellion against the failure of “online relationships” stronger .
To accomplish such a feat of time, we’ve set up rules (she needs to be reminded of them the most). Consider the following promises to her, and to each other.

Rule 1: Never, ever, under any circumstances, say “nevermind” (or any flavor of it); if you do, the receiving person can only think the worst.
Rule 2: I am going to call you exactly what you are to me, nothing more or less.
Rule 3: I am going to call you beautiful (see rule two).
Rule 4: I will always do what you ask me to with minimal questioning; I expect the same as well.
Rule 5: Let me ask whatever I want, because you can always say no.
Rule 6: You must have listened to John Legand’s “All of me,” thinking of it through my voice.
Rule 7: On the day where you don’t believe in us, should that day come, you will tell me because it is my right to know.
Rule 8: I will try not to be jealous. I understand that this is our relationship, and the people around us are not threats but just people. You have chosen me, and based on rule seven, I trust you.
Rule 9: Never, ever, try to cut me off and say we won’t work. I honestly believe I care for her more than any other guy would.

The dark side of Valentine’s Day is just how many people think they’re in love but are really abused… There are millions who don’t know how to tell their “significant other” how they really feel. Maybe they never would have got into the mess in the first place if they knew that there was an infinite pool of people who will care about you more than someone would when they actually have you in their arms.
I was lucky to find one of those girls. I have the honor of telling her everything will be all right in the situations she’s in, just because she lives where she does. I have promised her everything I can give her, and I’ve earned her trust.
This Valentines day, can you say the same about your sweetheart?
My girl might be on the other side of the country, but I’d rather be madly in love with her than lie to a girl who’s in my arms just to make sure she never hates me.

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A cluster of Google Products
A cluster of Google Products

There are over seven billion people in the world, and yet only two billion of those have access to the internet. Google wants to change that.

If you ask people what Google is, most would probably say a search engine, or a way of searching for things on the internet.

Melissa Corona, Freshman, agrees with that by simply saying, “Google is a way to search for things.”

That was their mission, when in 1997 a guy named Lary Page decided of the name, “Google”, as a play on words for “googol”, a number with a bunch of zeros after it. Formerly, it was known as “BackRub”, which uses bots and scripts to get everything notable and everything not notable on the web and organize it. In 1998, a check was written for a company that did not even exist yet, and in September they actually file to be a company. This trend continued for a while, including the conception of Google Ad words, which is why you see a bunch of ads on YouTube (really annoying for some).

However, in November 2007 something interesting happens.

The first Android smartphone
The first Android smartphone

The search engine dedicated to crawling the web for anything and everything like books, movies and maps decided to buy a little operating system known as “Android”. T-Mobile was the first company to offer an Android powered smartphone, the G-1.

Why should we not overlook this? Think about it. The search engine that is, most likely, already your homepage wants to be on your phone. They want into your life.

Ever notice that sometimes when you go on a site like Amazon, search for something, then leave, you start to see ads specifically for that product? That is Google. In March 2008, Google acquired a company called DoubleClick, who serves ads relevant to you.

Again, do not overlook this. There is only one way that they know what you are looking for.

The technology is called Cookies, and it is easy to imagine; every time you visit a site like Amazon, they put a ‘chocolate chip’ in your browser, and Google goes and observes the chocolate chip for what it holds. It could be milk chocolate, dark, white, whatever. It is unique to you. They use it to pair you with an Ad. Microsoft realized this, and started a campaign about being ‘Scroogled’.

Again, the company wants to know you. We are all too busy looking at the NSA to realize that Google is where they might be getting their information from.

In April 2012, Google decided to tell what else they have been working on: Project ‘Glass’.

Google Glass is shown above
Google Glass is shown above

For those who do not know, Google glass is really just smart-enabled glasses. It has a screen on the front so you can use the device, while it is out of the way when you do not want it.

In the concept video, you can see that they clearly seem to be having a good time with Glass. Why? How would this enhance my life? In the same way that your phone did, they know you will use it all the time. Actually, the point here is that you do not have to use your phone all the time. You will phone will be the hub for the glasses instead of the hub for you. This is just one more step towards a world of wearable tech. It could also take video. You can video chat. Again, cheat on tests. Plus, you do not need headphones, yet you still hear the sound. In a brilliant move, while Apple just released the ‘Ear Pods’, Google has been working on a way to play sound through a bone near your ear.

But they are not done yet.

Google recently tried to patent a tattoo. This tattoo could do phone calls, and it could also function as a lie detector. While this may be the only things that the new patent reveals, the possibilities are endless. Much like Google Glass or the smartphone, only science fiction could come up with an idea like this.

First reaction: well that is creepy…

Why not though? This is the search engine where you go to search for your deepest desires, whether it is a cat video or a tutorial on how to save someone’s life. Perhaps this tattoo could save lives by you asking it to play for you how to do CPR, like the video below:

The tattoo can use the signals in your skin to know if you are lying or not, and other signals that can communicate with gaming devices, smartphones, and other devices.

But even freakier, it might know what you are thinking.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to ask Google: “what is that song I cannot get out of my head?” The day is coming fast where Google could tell us if he or she is right for us. Sooner rather than later, we can cheat on a test and no one would know it, because only we can hear the sound coming from our glasses (this technology exists today, and the sound travels through a bone by your ear).

We need to start a conversation, and fast, about how invasive we can let technology become. We have to predict when it will be enough to just have a phone.

Google will become the place for your secrets, and the world will know all of them.

Invasive? Mr. Lee, engineering teacher on campus, thinks so by telling: “Google knows a lot about us, but we do not have a choice. Compared to a search engine like Bing, Google is the only option if you want to find anything,” Lee states, and tells how Google is unstoppable “unless society anchors down and says enough is enough.”

Warning: this is a long shot. Any technology listed below here is in the complete future.

However, the technology is starting to be developed now. Research and development is starting to take place right now at the headquarters of, the world’s platform for buying products, in order to find a better way to get products from the warehouse to you faster.

Their solution: drones.

In a recent interview with Jeff Bozos, the C.E.O. of Amazon, by 60 Minutes, Bozos claims that the drones can carry products of up to five pounds in distance of a couple of miles.

Now make a connection.

A chip that knows your thoughts.

A drone that can carry you products.

Given the technology that may be available in the future, all you have to do is think about the want for something and within minutes it is right in front of you. It is brilliant, invasive, shocking, yet cool. It is also an idea that has only been presented in Science fiction, but like most ideas presented in Fiction, companies are bringing this to life.

Sure, it may know what you want, which is very invasive.

This kind of scary could save lives. Think about this scenario: you are running on a trail, dehydrated. You faint, and then collapse. Because you have your smart phone and the tattoo, it knows all your blood chemistry. It automatically sends an alert to 911, but it also dispatches a drone to fly to the rescue, with plans to give you medication and/or assess the situation.

All of the sudden, scary turns cool, and that is what Google wants. We need to start a conversation weighing the pros and cons.

Towards the cooler side, imagine a situation where you’re sitting at home one day and want a bar of chocolate. You think in your mind: “Google:” and you hear a sound. You then say, “Tell Amazon to send me a bar of chocolate.” You are then left, doing what you were, until about three minutes passes. You have your bar of chocolate, generously dropped out of the sky and onto your front porch.

See, if you have been paying attention lately, you would know that science and technology is starting to move more and more central to us. The brain and your DNA more specifically, and sense that game came out where by focusing on something, you can make the ball go up, I personally have been in wonder and thought about how technology can change the way that we interact with technology.

The game is changing and changing fast.

We need to become more aware of what is happening. We need limits and laws.

But most of all, we need to think of the impact we have on the next generation.

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Some may or may not know, but this is the last year that you will ever see freshman born in the 90’s

Freshman Megan Mileski states, “I think that it is kind of cool that I get to be one of the last ones to be born in the 90’s”

Other than saying goodbye to meeting new freshman born in the 90’s, you are also saying goodbye to the joy in having conversations with freshman about what you experienced. There are so many things that are leaving this high school. Next year when you introduce yourself to a new freshman, you will not be able to have a conversation with them about getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Do you remember writing mash notes or making cootie catchers? Remember when you watched Rugrats, Power Rangers, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Do you remember owning a portable tape player or when everything was “da bomb”? A true 90’s baby would collect Beanie Babies. Real 90’s babies would remember The Magic School Bus or Wishbone.

Mileski expresses, “I don’t think that is such a big deal that everyone born in the 90’s are leaving, but it will be kind of weird  talking to someone about something from the 90s if they have no idea what you are talking about.”

Some who were born earlier in the 90’s, may have a different attitude because of what they grew up with. They may not be as selfish due to not having things that kids nowadays have.

Mileski states, “Those born in the early 2000’s may have the same attitude, but those born within the last few years, probably will act differently.”

Now some might say that some of the students here are not real 90s kids just because they were born in the last few years of the 90s. However, they were still born in the 90s whereas the freshmen next year were not.

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From the Wendigo to the Woman in White to the Hook Man, urban legends have been around for ages and still go around.

The Wendigo stories begin in Northern Minnesota and the North Central Regions of Canada. Native Americans claim that Wendigos had once been human but they began to resort to cannibalism and use black magic. According to the legend, over time they became incredibly thin and stand over fifteen feet tall. They developed yellow skin, glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and very long tongues. Native Americans say, “They are hundreds of years old. Each one was once a man. Sometimes an Indian, other times a frontiersman or mines or hunter”. Wendigos also go by the names; Witigo. Wokio, wee-tee-go, which mean “the evil spirit that devours mankind.”  This decribes exactly what they have become, have become perfect hunters, knowing every last bit of inch in its territory, searching for their food.

The Woman in White takes place long ago when a beautiful Indian Princess, Don Luisa de Loveros fell in love with a Nobleman named Don Nuna de Montesclaros. The princess loved the nobleman deeply and had two children with him. However Montesclaros refused to marry her. One day he finally just completely left her and married another woman. When The princess came to find out she turned mad with rage and stabbed both of her children. The authorities found her wandering the streets in a white dress stained from the blood. Now it is to be said that she wanders the country crying out for her murdered children. If she sees any children out at night while she is wandering she will take them with her thinking she has found her own.

The Hook Man began in the late 1950’s. The story begins when a teenage boy and his date go to Lover’s Lane and park under a tree. While they are making out they hear a noise coming from the outside of the car. The boy insists on checking where the noise is coming from and tells her to stay in the car. As the girl waits for him to get back she begins to hear scraping sounds on the roof of the car. In some versions of the legend the girl stays in the car, however, in others she exits the car to go check what the noise is. In the American version of this urban legend the girl witnesses her boyfriend dead, murdered, hung upside down from the tree hovering the car. In the European version the girl witnesses the murderer holding her boyfriend’s decapitated head while tapping on the roof of the car either with his fist or a bloody axe. The earliest documented Hook Man urban legend was in 1964 from the University of Kansas.

Now some may choose to believe in these legends and others may not, however, people have claimed to have seen them with their very own eyes.

By now, the weather starts to get colder and everyone seems to be getting sick. But as soon as everyone gets their flu shots done, it is time for winter to begin. November will be over soon and next thing you know, December is right there, promising winter break. Everyone is doing something different, whether it’s going to Big Bear, going out of state to go see family member, or staying here in little Corona. Most likely, everyone is going to see family they have not seen for a while or visit someone they love, especially since Christmas and New Years are the center of the attention. Of course, since we are only in high school, we can only do so much without our parents’ supervision.

One thing senior Jesus Benitez looks forward to during the winter break is “not having to deal with all of the work that he teachers give to us students. I feel this way because as a senior, it is quite exhausting to have all this work piled up on us, especially when we have to deal with all the other things that prepare us for the life ahead of us.” Any senior would agree with Benitez. Most of the student would also agree that it is finally time for a break from school work.

Freshman Zaimab Jeffery definitely would agree, as she states that one thing she looks forward to it “hanging out with friends, since I never really to see them at school that much.” This time of year gives us plenty of time to see those who we haven’t seen in a while, whether it’s friends or family.

Besides Christmas, the one thing everyone cannot wait for is New Years. Everyone gathers beside their television and watches the ball drop at Time Square in Ney York, making a toast for the beginning of a new year. It’s quite scary to think that 2014 is only a couple of days away. But everyone gets a do-over, a chance to become a better and new person by making a New Year’s Resolution. However, rarely many people stay to their resolution. We all have though, whether it’s to lose weight, work out more, or to be a better student and do all their work.

Senior Priyanka Bist confessed, “it is kind of gross but I used to bite my nails and a made a resolution to not bite my nails. I made it about three or four years ago.”

“One resolution I have followed though” Benitez reveals “, is to go to church at least once a month and I still follow through my resolution, even though I’m an atheist.” Both of their resolutions are different and personal to them, and they are still following through their resolution.

One thing students and staff wonder is where they will be spending the holidays. It would be exciting to go somewhere and get to have an adventure in a new area. But on the other hand, it would be nice to be able to stay at home and finally relax. But it should not matter where some spends their winter break, as long as they get to see their loved ones.

While away on break, it will give everyone an opportunity to relax from the stressful school year, as well as think about what they would like to change or improve for the year of 2014. So whether someone is going out of the city, out of state, even out of the country, or staying just at home, make sure wish the fellow students and staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.