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Couple of the Month

For this couple of the month, we introduce Katelyn Williams and Sebastian Bejarano, who are both juniors. They’ve been going out for four months and nine days and counting. They met when Sebastian asked Katelyn for the homework they had to do. Sebastian asked Makenna, one of his friends, to ask Katelyn for the homework.

“And Katelyn just snatched my phone number and then we just started talking…” says Bejarano.

From there, Katelyn got hungry and Sebastian gave her half of his sandwich and then they just started talking about Homecoming. Then after a few weeks they just started going out. When
Sebastian met Katelyn’s parents for the first time he was very nervous.

“I met them after practice and I was so nervous that I started shaking…” says Bejarano.

“When he came to meet my parents I turned really red,” says Williams.

The one and only thing the Sebastian like about Katelyn is her laugh. But then he admitted that she’s really weird just like him, and because of that he can talk to her about anything and it wouldn’t be boring. Also that he treats her the way she’s supposed to be treated. One thing that made Katelyn think he was the one is that he met her parents without her knowing, her parents liked the way he was, also Katelyn says that “he’s nice to me, that’s he’s considerate,” so she knew it was meant to be. Sebastian just said it straight and simple…. She’s great. What else can you say?

An annoying thing that he also likes about Katelyn is that there is this game that they play where they just basically ask each other if they’re lying. Ifthey’re lying they have to be really honest. In the future they still see each other together, they don’t plan to anticipate things.

“I just don’t want to be in a relationship just to have fun and like screw around…
”says Williams, “Like I’m here to be serious,” says Williams.

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“I think the secret to keeping a healthy relationship is… communication… I mean our relationship is fun,” said junior Natalie Servin and senior Peter Carrasco.


In high school a lot of relationships don’t last long, but Natalie Servin and Peter Carrasco have been going out for three years and six months. You’d think they meet how people meet in romantic movies, but they really started talking on Facebook. Peter said in the beginning that they would talk for a week and stop talking for a month and so on. When we went to the same middle school, said Natalie, he said hi to me but at the moment I didn’t know who that was. So after my friends told me that was him, I felt embarrassed.

“On the day that he asked me out, we were going with some friends to the mall and then the movies. We were walking towards the movies and it started raining.”

“I took her aside and just asked her, I was really nervous, I thought she was going to say no.”


When it was time to introduce him to my family, says Servin,I was really nervous. I introduced him as my friend at first, but later on my parents started to suspect that he was obviously more than a friend. When Servin finally told them up front they didn’t like him, they thought he was way older than her. Servin told them that Carrasco was just a year older, from there on her family accepted him with open arms. I was so happy when they accepted him because I just wanted for my family to like him, said Servin. He met all my family at my nieces birthday party, says Servin, and from there his relationship with everyone has grown. Servin met all of Carrasco’s family, I mean all of his family in one party. In one swoop she met all of his uncles, aunts, cousin’s, and sisters and parents. Carrasco was nervous to introduce her because out of all his relationships she was the only one that he ever introduced. I felts so welcomed with his family, added Servin.  My sisters love her, says Carrasco. When I walk in they just are soo happy when they see me, and over time I started calling them my sisters and they also call me their sister.

“What I like about him is that he’s well-driven, and doesn’t get into bad habits, and that he focuses on his education…and that he’s athletic…when we started dating we told each other that we thought that we would just last for a month or so,” says Servin.

“What I like about her is that she’s very supportive with anything that I want to do,” noted Carrasco

One thing that Carrasco did that made Servin think he was the one was that he could put up with her attitude. I love that he can put up with me even at my worst, says Servin. Also another thing is when he started gaining my trust, I think that was a major key, says Servin. For Carrasco it was when Servin didn’t wear makeup. Once we started gaining trust, like she said, that’s how I knew she started getting comfortable with me,says Carrasco.

“We were just talking about this the other day and I was like wow like three years ago I told my self that I would always wear my makeup in front of you, like I’m just not going to take off my makeup in front of you. Now I’m just Face Timing you with makeup and just chillen, eating…” says Servin.


One annoying habit that I hate about him but I love at the same time is that he listens to me but at the same time he doesn’t, says Servin. For Corrasco is that she’s never ready when he arrives at her house or when she asks for his opinion for an outfit and he tells her but ends up going with the opposite of his opinion.

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Since Carrasco is a grade older than Servin they think about what’s going to happen after.

“Right now we’re like how we are we’re just like you know what we’re just going to live our moments day by day, we’re not going to worry about the future, like whatever happens happens… We have different career paths but we’re trying to see how we are going to work that out… Right now all that matters is that we’re together” says Servin.

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