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“I think the secret to keeping a healthy relationship is… communication… I mean our relationship is fun,” said junior Natalie Servin and senior Peter Carrasco.


In high school a lot of relationships don’t last long, but Natalie Servin and Peter Carrasco have been going out for three years and six months. You’d think they meet how people meet in romantic movies, but they really started talking on Facebook. Peter said in the beginning that they would talk for a week and stop talking for a month and so on. When we went to the same middle school, said Natalie, he said hi to me but at the moment I didn’t know who that was. So after my friends told me that was him, I felt embarrassed.

“On the day that he asked me out, we were going with some friends to the mall and then the movies. We were walking towards the movies and it started raining.”

“I took her aside and just asked her, I was really nervous, I thought she was going to say no.”


When it was time to introduce him to my family, says Servin,I was really nervous. I introduced him as my friend at first, but later on my parents started to suspect that he was obviously more than a friend. When Servin finally told them up front they didn’t like him, they thought he was way older than her. Servin told them that Carrasco was just a year older, from there on her family accepted him with open arms. I was so happy when they accepted him because I just wanted for my family to like him, said Servin. He met all my family at my nieces birthday party, says Servin, and from there his relationship with everyone has grown. Servin met all of Carrasco’s family, I mean all of his family in one party. In one swoop she met all of his uncles, aunts, cousin’s, and sisters and parents. Carrasco was nervous to introduce her because out of all his relationships she was the only one that he ever introduced. I felts so welcomed with his family, added Servin.  My sisters love her, says Carrasco. When I walk in they just are soo happy when they see me, and over time I started calling them my sisters and they also call me their sister.

“What I like about him is that he’s well-driven, and doesn’t get into bad habits, and that he focuses on his education…and that he’s athletic…when we started dating we told each other that we thought that we would just last for a month or so,” says Servin.

“What I like about her is that she’s very supportive with anything that I want to do,” noted Carrasco

One thing that Carrasco did that made Servin think he was the one was that he could put up with her attitude. I love that he can put up with me even at my worst, says Servin. Also another thing is when he started gaining my trust, I think that was a major key, says Servin. For Carrasco it was when Servin didn’t wear makeup. Once we started gaining trust, like she said, that’s how I knew she started getting comfortable with me,says Carrasco.

“We were just talking about this the other day and I was like wow like three years ago I told my self that I would always wear my makeup in front of you, like I’m just not going to take off my makeup in front of you. Now I’m just Face Timing you with makeup and just chillen, eating…” says Servin.


One annoying habit that I hate about him but I love at the same time is that he listens to me but at the same time he doesn’t, says Servin. For Corrasco is that she’s never ready when he arrives at her house or when she asks for his opinion for an outfit and he tells her but ends up going with the opposite of his opinion.

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Since Carrasco is a grade older than Servin they think about what’s going to happen after.

“Right now we’re like how we are we’re just like you know what we’re just going to live our moments day by day, we’re not going to worry about the future, like whatever happens happens… We have different career paths but we’re trying to see how we are going to work that out… Right now all that matters is that we’re together” says Servin.

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The cast of Into the Woods (from left to right):
The cast of Into the Woods (from left to right): Joel Martinez, Sara Sanchez, Katie Southard, Styles Kim, Angelica Virrueta, Karissa Man, Kelsie Berger, Sara Trujillo, Mackenzie Frankl, Allyson Stokes, Gio Solano, Kyle Wilson, Hannah Van Patten, Krista Hanson, Rafael Torres, Rachel Comeau-Andres, Jose Alanis, Jocelyne Zaragoza, Kellina Doerr, Emma Stokes, Frank Carlin, Hector Mejia, Alex Tuong, and Eva Galdamez

Last year, Corona High was treated to the experience of The 25th Annual Putnam Count Spelling Bee, a musical directed by Ms. Brockie of the theatre department and Ms. Eden of the choir department, and performed by the talented students who had worked for months to make it a successful performance. This year, they did it once again with the famous Sondheim musical, Into the Woods.

Into the Woods tells the familiar stories of different fairy tale characters, as well as a new story about a baker and his wife who are cursed by a witch so they may never have a child.  The original 1988 Broadway production was called “strikingly original”by the New York Times and won two Tony Awards for Best Original Score and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical. It has been largely praised for the way it handles a multitude of topics, such as growing up, parenting, and right versus wrong.

“There’s a lot of funny stuff, but there is also a lot of serious stuff,” states Senior Gio Solano, who played the part of the Baker. “I think  some kids are going to be able to relate because they see their parents having these kind of arguments, and then they have these kind of arguments with themselves.”

Giovanni Serano and Kellina Doerr as the Baker and his Wife
Gio Solano and Kellina Doerr as the Baker and his Wife

The musical mainly focuses around a Baker and his Wife (played by  Senior Kellina Doerr), who has been cursed by the Witch who lives next door (played by  Senior Mackenzie Frankl) to be unable to have children. She then tells them that if they collect a series of items (“a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold”) in three days before midnight. Their quest into the woods to find these items and therefore grant their wish of having a child brings them into the lives of several other fairy tale characters, such as Little Red Riding Hood ( Freshman Eva Galdamez), Jack in the Beanstalk (Freshman Joel Martinez), Rapunzel(Senior Katie Southard), and Cinderella(Junior Hannah Van Patten), each with a wish and a dream of their own.

Mackenzie Frankl  as the Witch, performing the final number, "Children Will Listen"
Mackenzie Frankl as the Witch, performing the final number, “Children Will Listen”

Overall, the musical was a pleasure to watch, with memorable songs such as “Into the Woods” (part of the Prologue and Finale) and “No One Is Alone”. The characters are memorable and engaging; the Baker struggles to learn from his own father’s mistakes in order to raise any future children he might have as best he can, along with the help of his Wife, who is the real strong character in the musical; Little Red Riding Hood describes in her song “I Know Things Now” about how her encounter with the Wolf (Senior Kyle Wilson) has changed her, whether for the better or for worse; Cinderella struggles to remain herself while traveling through her fairytale, not sure where she belongs, being the kitchen maid or the princess (“On The Steps of the Palace”); and the Witch, who at first seems like the unsympathetic antagonist, reveals herself to be the only character capable of always telling the truth (“The Last Midnight”).

When asked what his favorite number was, Joel Martinez, who played Jack, replied, “Giants in the Sky. Also, The Last Midnight, the Witch’s song. But they’re all good, I love all of  the songs.”

 The musical ran from April 17-19 and 24-26, with a special Children’s Matinee and Character Meet & Greet on the 19th.


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Every girl has their special technique that they use to make their makeup look incredible; they want to look flawless. Girls use several different makeup products to change their looks. One of continuously stay on your eyes and never come off. Waterproof mascara is used to make one’s eye lashes “pop” and “plump”. This product is meant to never run down your cheeks.  Although, waterproof mascara sounds like a good product, it sticks itself on your eyelashes and is practically impossible to get off. Why is such a product designed to make us look like a million dollars, but yet causes so much hassle? Waterproof mascara is not just a hassle it is a problem. This type of mascara removes some of your eyelashes by rubbing your eyes just to get it off. In certain cases, is waterproof marcara worth wearing, knowing it may remove some of your eyelashes and even make them brittle?
Most websites claim and give information about waterproof mascara about how they can cause harm. Do potential buyers read this? Do they even wonder about the potential harm that mascara does? Do they even care?
In an article, by beautybets.com they pronounce how waterproof mascara is potentially running your look, while so creating so much depth in the process.
Not just the websites, but some students also state how waterproof mascara is not really worth what it claims to be.
Sophomore kaitlynn Hartson believes, “not on a daily basis should one wear waterproof mascara, but for certain events yes.”
Senior Ashley Anderson also states, “No I would not wear it, unless one plans on getting wet, or watching a sad movie; I say stick to normal mascara”.
Many girls are so infatuated with makeup they do not care about the pain or even potential risks and even hard work that comes along just to look stunning.
Anderson also utters, “society has made people to think that they need makeup to stay beautiful and because it stays on linger it makes the mission easier”.
Waterproof mascara is great for a night on the town, but on the other hand the pros outweigh the con’s that are not even worth it. Next time you are going to use waterproof mascara really think about if it is worth the hassle and your eyelashes being removed. If you are one who decides to continue this extraneous process of waterproof mascara do not be surprised if you wake up one morning having no eyelashes.

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Mess night, or dinning out, is one of the very events that are not a drill meet or the Annual Military Inspection that has every cadet in a stir. Males rush home to shine their shoes, put together their dress blues, and assemble their combo covers while females rush home to put on the night’s gown and do all the activities that they would do as if getting ready for homecoming. All cadets attending prepare to face what is coming on the night’s events: the parade of staff, the presentation of the colors, the charging of the grog bowl, dinner coupled with charges, toasts, a change of command, a speech by a guest speaker, and finally for the most anticipated part of the night, dancing.

This event took place at the Eagle Glen Golf Course where cadets attending were expected to arrive before the dinner bells rang at six o’clock. Before the start of the event, cadets were to greet fellow cadets and all guests of the mess, or face the later consequences. Once the dinner bells ring, everyone is to find their seats and remain standing for the Parade of staff, where staff members, instructors, school officials and their escorts line up to strut under a line of swords.The president of the mess, or the Commanding Officer of the NJROTC unit, orders Madam Vice, or the Executive Officer of the unit, to March on the Colors. Then, with a tap of the President’s mallet, all members of the mess may take their seats.

Cadets (from left to right) Jimi Franz, Anthony Bates, and Alan Arevalo arrive at Eagle Glen before the dinner bells.
Cadets (from left to right) Jimi Franz, Anthony Bates, and Alan Arevalo arrive at Eagle Glen before the dinner bells.

The First order of business: Parade the colors and charge the grog bowl. During the week prior to mess night, every platoon and the staff create a mixture of drinks to be poured into a large bowl centered on the dance floor. The mixture of drinks from every platoon creates the Grog. Usually the look and taste is revolting and this year was no different. The purpose of the grog is to become one of the consequences for breaking the rules of the mess. Usually even a small sip is dreadful!

Next is the parade of the beef, where cadets get to enjoy a small comedic moment, dinner, and fining. During the dinner, cadets get to “tell” on each other when they break the rules of the mess. Some rules include, but are not limited to: cursing, inappropriate conduct, uniform mess-ups, and every little thing that has happened through out the year. The penalty for being fined may result in a drink from the grog or a simple apology. This is one of the high lights of the night as it provides a great sum of entertainment and comedy. Freshman Tyler Fregeau states,

“My favorite part of mess night was the charging of other people. It was really funny to see people have to drink the gross grog and to see their faces after they drank it.”

Not just Fregeau feels this way. Sophomore Gloria Benitez thought, “I thought the charging was funny because when they had to drink the grog they would make a funny face. The grog tasted gross like vomit.”

Once the floor is closed for charging, the president opens the floor for toasts where cadets can give a toast. Like usual there were toasts to the different branches of the military, the instructors, the parents, the guests of the mess, and to the ladies and men of the mess.

Then comes the part where a few cadets were waiting for, the change of command and listening to the guest speaker. During this time the current Commanding Officer is relieved of her position and passes on the responsibility to the incoming Commanding Officer, usually the Executive officer. Just as practiced, Cadet Commander Jessica Quintero passed on her command to Cadet Lieutenant Commander Erin Brandt. Upon the reading of orders, Cadet Brandt was to assume position of Commanding officer that following Monday while Cadet Quintero assumed the position of Instructor’s Assistant/ Company Adviser. This year the night was honored by Marine and Devil Pups Instructor, Sergeant Salzlein. Her speech reached out to the cadets and encouraged them to keep going and work hard.

Finally, with the thankful words from the new president of the mess and the last prayer of the night, it was time for the cadets to get down with their bad selves! Here the cadets finish off the night by dancing the night away.

It's approximately nine o'clock and it's time for the cadets to gather on the dance floor to get down with their bad selves!
It’s approximately nine o’clock and it’s time for the cadets to gather on the dance floor to get down with their bad selves!

The popular opinion of the night was a good night. Sophomore Saiid Sanchez states, “It’s a fun event where someone could go and hang out with [their] friends or date, charge them for the funniest or stupidest reasons, and get to dance like crazy in front of them.” Senior Alan Arevalo says,

“Overall I have to say I’m proud of all the cadets who participated. This was one of the best mess nights in my for years in ROTC.”

By the end of the night, all the cadets had a great time, laughed together, teased each other, and danced together. Overall, Mess Night was a huge success.

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Everyone's favorite, Olaf; a hilarious snowman who just want to see what summer is like.
Everyone’s favorite, Olaf; a hilarious snowman who just want to see what summer is like.

On November 27th, 2013, Disney released a new movie that people keep talking about. This movie goes by the name of Frozen. Frozen has been seen by children, teenagers, and adults all over. It is definitely a movie that nobody will forget. IMDb says this movie is about how, “Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest- like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s  sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.” Freshman Leslie Escobedo says,”The reason I saw this movie is because the trailer got me wondering what will will happen next.” When people saw the trailer, they really started wondering and becoming anxious to see this movie.  This movie is perfect for anyone who is interested in movies that provides comedy, action, and more. Frozen is one of kind, it is even the first Disney princess movie where the Queen (Elsa), played by Idina Menzel, is not evil. Escobedo states, “I would recommend that if you haven’t seen this movie, you should go watch it because it is a really shocking movie.” Frozen has been nominated for two academy awards. It was nominated for best animated feature film and original song, which is Let It Go, by Idina Menzel. In fact, Idina Menzel will be performing Let It Go at the Oscars which will be broadcast live on March 2nd 7 o’clock pm Eastern time and 4 o’clock pm Pacific time. Escobedo says, “On a scale from one to ten, at ten being the best, I would give this movie a ten because it gives inspiration to people that you should not care what people think about you.” Frozen really is an inspiring movie to others, and it is definitely a movie that you should see if you have not seen it yet. After all the nice comments and good reviews it has been given, it definitely deserves a two thumbs up.

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CaptureIt is a scary thought to imagine someone sticking a needle in your arm and taking your blood out of you. However, it is worth it if it means you can save three lives?

The American Red Cross visited Corona High once again to allow teenagers sixteen and older to donate their blood, with the help of our A.S.B. (Associated Student Body) to keep things running. The day started slow and steady, but as the day went on, more and more students and teachers donated blood. A majority of people who entered donated a pint of regular whole blood and another group participated in the ALYX, which safely removes twice the amount of red blood cells, the rest of the components are returned to the donor, and the donor is provided with a small amount of sterile saline to make up for the loss of body fluids.

“This time it hurt a little more, but that is because the needle was too far in and hit the muscle,” states sophomore ~Dylan Graham

A majority of the student body has donated blood before. Senior Kristen Stencil, also a member of ASB, donated blood for a second time. Junior Destiny Oliden donated regular whole blood before but donated for the ALYX donation for the first time, reporting that “it is still the same, it just requires more equipment. 

“I feel like this time it was worse, I did not have enough pressure so she had to put it in again,” ~Stencil

Everyone has heard about things gone wrong, students having bruises on their arms, a missed vein, or someone fainting. There are going to be moments when something goes unexpected, but there is nothing to worry about. Every procedure the staff goes through is to ensure the safety of the donor.

To donate, one first has to sign in, where they are given a packet of basic information about requirements and eligibility, and are given a number. They then are taken to small, confined area where they are interviewed about basic information, such as height, weight, and age, as well as provide a small blood sample. If they meet requirements, they are then taken to a cot and are ready to donate. The whole process, from signing up to the actual donation, can take up to forty-five minutes. Once they are done, they can rest, grab some refreshments and are given a t-shirt for their contribution. They are also advised to not participate in physical activity for 24 hours. 

“I like helping and this is an opportunity to help people without putting too much effort in it,” ~Graham

step_1Despite the dizziness and feeling light-headed, the fact that saving three lives with just a pint of blood. Donors are treated respectfully, the staff were really polite, and there was always someone to make sure donors where feeling alright. Music was played the whole time to keep everyone calm and donors were able to be on their phone to keep them occupied. Not everyone has to donate blood at their high school, there are also clinics that allow people to donate blood, as long as they are healthy and meet requirements. Whether it is because someone they love needs a blood transfusion or they feel good about being able to save three lives, donating blood is a selfless cause that is used to cure patients. According to the Blood Center of the Pacific, more than 4.5 million patients need a blood transfusion annually in the U.S. and Canada, about 1 in 7 people that enter a hospital need blood, and someone is in need of blood every two seconds.  Save three lives today and go to the nearest location to donate blood and contribute to this astounding cause.

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Some may or may not know, but this is the last year that you will ever see freshman born in the 90’s

Freshman Megan Mileski states, “I think that it is kind of cool that I get to be one of the last ones to be born in the 90’s”

Other than saying goodbye to meeting new freshman born in the 90’s, you are also saying goodbye to the joy in having conversations with freshman about what you experienced. There are so many things that are leaving this high school. Next year when you introduce yourself to a new freshman, you will not be able to have a conversation with them about getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Do you remember writing mash notes or making cootie catchers? Remember when you watched Rugrats, Power Rangers, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Do you remember owning a portable tape player or when everything was “da bomb”? A true 90’s baby would collect Beanie Babies. Real 90’s babies would remember The Magic School Bus or Wishbone.

Mileski expresses, “I don’t think that is such a big deal that everyone born in the 90’s are leaving, but it will be kind of weird  talking to someone about something from the 90s if they have no idea what you are talking about.”

Some who were born earlier in the 90’s, may have a different attitude because of what they grew up with. They may not be as selfish due to not having things that kids nowadays have.

Mileski states, “Those born in the early 2000’s may have the same attitude, but those born within the last few years, probably will act differently.”

Now some might say that some of the students here are not real 90s kids just because they were born in the last few years of the 90s. However, they were still born in the 90s whereas the freshmen next year were not.

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From the Wendigo to the Woman in White to the Hook Man, urban legends have been around for ages and still go around.

The Wendigo stories begin in Northern Minnesota and the North Central Regions of Canada. Native Americans claim that Wendigos had once been human but they began to resort to cannibalism and use black magic. According to the legend, over time they became incredibly thin and stand over fifteen feet tall. They developed yellow skin, glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and very long tongues. Native Americans say, “They are hundreds of years old. Each one was once a man. Sometimes an Indian, other times a frontiersman or mines or hunter”. Wendigos also go by the names; Witigo. Wokio, wee-tee-go, which mean “the evil spirit that devours mankind.”  This decribes exactly what they have become, have become perfect hunters, knowing every last bit of inch in its territory, searching for their food.

The Woman in White takes place long ago when a beautiful Indian Princess, Don Luisa de Loveros fell in love with a Nobleman named Don Nuna de Montesclaros. The princess loved the nobleman deeply and had two children with him. However Montesclaros refused to marry her. One day he finally just completely left her and married another woman. When The princess came to find out she turned mad with rage and stabbed both of her children. The authorities found her wandering the streets in a white dress stained from the blood. Now it is to be said that she wanders the country crying out for her murdered children. If she sees any children out at night while she is wandering she will take them with her thinking she has found her own.

The Hook Man began in the late 1950’s. The story begins when a teenage boy and his date go to Lover’s Lane and park under a tree. While they are making out they hear a noise coming from the outside of the car. The boy insists on checking where the noise is coming from and tells her to stay in the car. As the girl waits for him to get back she begins to hear scraping sounds on the roof of the car. In some versions of the legend the girl stays in the car, however, in others she exits the car to go check what the noise is. In the American version of this urban legend the girl witnesses her boyfriend dead, murdered, hung upside down from the tree hovering the car. In the European version the girl witnesses the murderer holding her boyfriend’s decapitated head while tapping on the roof of the car either with his fist or a bloody axe. The earliest documented Hook Man urban legend was in 1964 from the University of Kansas.

Now some may choose to believe in these legends and others may not, however, people have claimed to have seen them with their very own eyes.

By now, the weather starts to get colder and everyone seems to be getting sick. But as soon as everyone gets their flu shots done, it is time for winter to begin. November will be over soon and next thing you know, December is right there, promising winter break. Everyone is doing something different, whether it’s going to Big Bear, going out of state to go see family member, or staying here in little Corona. Most likely, everyone is going to see family they have not seen for a while or visit someone they love, especially since Christmas and New Years are the center of the attention. Of course, since we are only in high school, we can only do so much without our parents’ supervision.

One thing senior Jesus Benitez looks forward to during the winter break is “not having to deal with all of the work that he teachers give to us students. I feel this way because as a senior, it is quite exhausting to have all this work piled up on us, especially when we have to deal with all the other things that prepare us for the life ahead of us.” Any senior would agree with Benitez. Most of the student would also agree that it is finally time for a break from school work.

Freshman Zaimab Jeffery definitely would agree, as she states that one thing she looks forward to it “hanging out with friends, since I never really to see them at school that much.” This time of year gives us plenty of time to see those who we haven’t seen in a while, whether it’s friends or family.

Besides Christmas, the one thing everyone cannot wait for is New Years. Everyone gathers beside their television and watches the ball drop at Time Square in Ney York, making a toast for the beginning of a new year. It’s quite scary to think that 2014 is only a couple of days away. But everyone gets a do-over, a chance to become a better and new person by making a New Year’s Resolution. However, rarely many people stay to their resolution. We all have though, whether it’s to lose weight, work out more, or to be a better student and do all their work.

Senior Priyanka Bist confessed, “it is kind of gross but I used to bite my nails and a made a resolution to not bite my nails. I made it about three or four years ago.”

“One resolution I have followed though” Benitez reveals “, is to go to church at least once a month and I still follow through my resolution, even though I’m an atheist.” Both of their resolutions are different and personal to them, and they are still following through their resolution.

One thing students and staff wonder is where they will be spending the holidays. It would be exciting to go somewhere and get to have an adventure in a new area. But on the other hand, it would be nice to be able to stay at home and finally relax. But it should not matter where some spends their winter break, as long as they get to see their loved ones.

While away on break, it will give everyone an opportunity to relax from the stressful school year, as well as think about what they would like to change or improve for the year of 2014. So whether someone is going out of the city, out of state, even out of the country, or staying just at home, make sure wish the fellow students and staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

A one-of-a-kind drink, coffee has been with every type of business, every type of family, and usually affects almost everyone in the world.  However, the time has finally come to ask: is coffee really beneficial for you and your health?  Coffee has had rumors and studies circle around it for decades, some stating that certain types of coffee are healthy and others state that all types of coffee are bad.  So what is the real truth behind coffee and its effects?

According to Mayo Clinic Preventive Medicine Specialist, Donald Hensrud states, “coffee has more health benefits than risks.”

Contrary to its rumor, coffee will not increase the risk of heart or lung cancer but in fact protects against several fatal effects.  Coffee will prevent Parkinson’s Disease from occurring, oppose Type 2 diabetes, and halt Lung Cancer from happening.  The reason being is the high amount of antioxidants that support most parts of the body.

However, the antioxidants may be countered or stopped by what we put into the coffee.  Cream and sugar will add more weight to your body rather than the antioxidants supporting it.  Coffee can only be beneficial without being altered by adding in more unnecessary ingredients.  Other alternatives to coffee include milk and juice that provides nutrients that coffee cannot.

Coffee affects different people in different ways.  For some people, it may boost metabolism and decrease your weight.  In others, it may add additional weight.  What can mostly affect you are the interactions with the morning cup.  Adding creamer will counter the antioxidants or drinking it bare may give you the full results and possibly even more.   Despite many accusations, most studies point to the beneficial gifts from coffee rather than the false criticism.

A study from the U.S. News declares some grounds for certain people.

Writer January W. Payne says, “Coffee should be avoided, not by all people, but specific groups such as pregnant women.”  Every detail of coffee is still being understood as we speak, whether it may help some people or ruin others.  One major concept is that coffee will either be your medicine that the doctor ordered, or your poison.

Most types of coffee beans have different effects.  Black coffee beans contain fewer calories and add to the benefit of working out and exercise.  Green coffee beans are best suited for adults that are trying to lose weight by burning their metabolism to the max.  Brown coffee beans contain stronger antioxidants than the others.  Any type of coffee bean will have a little of the same benefit as the other and may carry on another valuable attribute.

At the end of the day, coffee will not tragically affect you.  It may mess up sleep patterns and cause the black rings around your eyes at most.  It’d be better than being stuck in bed sick and sad about what went wrong when you just drank your cup of caffeine for the day.