On February 4, 2018, Super Bowl LII was played in US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the teams who were playing was the NFC champions Philadelphia Eagles, and the AFC  champions New England Patriots. The Eagles were hoping to get their first Super Bowl title, while the Patriots planning to get their sixth title. QBs for the game was Nick Foles for the Eagles, and Tom Brady for the Patriots. During the first quarter of the game, the Eagles were up 9-3. Both Eagles and Patriots scored field goals in the first half, then later Alshon Jeffery scored the touchdown for the Philadelphia, but then missing the extra point. When the second half began, again the Eagles scored a touchdown by LeGarrette Blount, but on the 7th minute, the Patriots took a 45 yard punt that made the game 15-6. Almost hitting the 2 minute warning, the Patriots had a bit of confidence and James White score their first touchdown of the quarter. By missing the extra point, the score was at 15-12 . But with the game neck and neck before halftime, Eagles QB Nick Foles scored the last touchdown of the quarter making it 22-12. During halftime, Justin Timberlake sang 11 of his famous and hit songs at the Super Bowl LII Pepsi Halftime show. During the halftime show when Timberlake was singing, started a viral meme of a kid taking a selfie with Timberlake. 3 minutes after the start of the third quarter, Patriots Tight end Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown making the game 22-19. Then nearing the end of the 3rd quarter, both the Patriots and the Eagles scored a touchdown. At the end of the third quarter the Patriots still trail by 3. The score was 29-26. During the beginning of the last quarter, Philly scored a field goal making the game 32-26. On the 9th minute Gronkowski scored his second touchdown of the game, making it 32-33 which the Patriots lead by 1. Almost reaching the end of the game Eagles wanted to take the score back, scoring a touchdown (missing the 2 point conversion) and a field goal. At the last remaining minutes of the game, Brady had the ball to throw then got it fumbled making the Eagles have the ball back. About 6 seconds left Tom Brady did a Hail Mary but missed the opportunity, making the Philadelphia Eagles win their very first Super Bowl. Final score was Eagles 41-33 Patriots. The MVP of the game was QB Nick Foles, and the attendance if the game was about 67,600 people. Until next year when Super Bowl LIII is in Atlanta, Georgia.

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As any American sports fan knows, the Super Bowl is one of the largest events in sports yearly, with millions of people tuning in to watch the big game and countless parties being thrown. It is very common for people to place bets on the yearly game, with some people even just watch it for the hilarious commercials. This year was the 51st annual Super Bowl, and the stakes were high as ever due to the extreme competitive nature of the sport. As always it was played by the best two teams in the league, one from the AFC and one team from the NFC conference. This year the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Green bay Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys were all contenders in the playoffs but all fell short of playing on the biggest stage of their careers. At game time fans eagerly await for the first kickoff and normally talk trash to one another throughout the game.


Hopefully your favorite team made it all the way this year, but maybe not. Probably not. In the NFL you can never predict what teams are going to make it to the final game, as anything can happen. Teams that typically do really well sometimes have a bad season, and vice versa with teams that typically do not. It is so hard to predict who will make it in fact, many people go to Las Vegas to place bets, and your odds can sometimes win you up to 20 times your wager! This year the game was played between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, with the Patriots coming out victorious in overtime with a score of 34 points to the Falcons score of 28. The game was a very good one to watch as the Falcons started off strong with a very large lead going into halftime, most expected them to continue and win the game, but giving five time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady time to make a comeback was their biggest downfall.
Going into the playoffs some of the fan favorites to win the championship consisted between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland raiders whom respectively were able to achieve a record of 13 wins and 3 losses for Dallas and a record of 12 wins and  4 losses for the Oakland Raiders. However, anything can happen in the NFL and it has been shown year after year to have different outcomes, and this was one of those years.

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Throughout American History there has been one sport that is a juggernaut in the sporting industry metaphorically and physically. That behemoth of a sport is Football. It has been apart of American culture for some time now and our school has been honoring that tradition with our own team. Our Corona High Panthers have been scoring touchdowns and making plays for the school since  1923, and this year they are ready to go at it again for another season.

I talked to receiver Wyatt Boyer about why he liked football. Most of it was how he liked the aggressive nature and that it is all about team play. Boyer liked the good attitude the players. There was one thing he said that stood out was when I asked what was the hardest thing about your position.

“Making sure you can breath.”

It was just good to see the fun side of the players when they are not on the field. A good question to ask is, “what should we look forward to this year?” Most replied with the same answer, which is what you expect from a team as a whole.

“I want to put Corona back on the map,” stated Tayson Rhodes, “and a good way to do that is to win the championship.”

Coach Hill has been working extra hard this year to make this possible. There has been many of challenges in the way, yet Hill seem to be optimistic in his efforts to lead the team to victory. After interviewing some of the team they all have the same buoyancy as their coach. This year our Panthers have the ability to make it far, and all we have to do is to cheer them on and to help push them to victory.

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“Honor, courage, and commitment.” -NJROTC

NJROTC - Roll Call

The Corona High NJROTC Program follows this motto with vigor and motivation throughout the school year.  The Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps holds many sports, academic, and honorable events each semester.  Among the program, cadets make up a majority of the class while the staff, which are usually juniors or seniors, help the instructors organize each cadet.

One of the most important events of every year of NJROTC is Mini-Bootcamp which prepares new cadets for their future in the program.  This allows for students to experience a taste of actual training of our nation’s naval military branch.


NJROTC - Karen Pancanins“The Mini-Bootcamp was a great first time experience for me, freshman year.  The second time around, it was fun to see the incoming cadets’ beginning,” says Karen Pacanins, Senior (left).

Some staff members such as Sara Johnson, Senior (right), is “going as a pusher for all the cadets.”

When  it comes to cadets, many of the Seniors part of staff speak their opinion about the motivated newcomers.  For many people entering NJROTC, it can be a life-changing experience or a dreadful drag throughout high school.

“The cadets are waiting to shine and grow, it’s refreshing to meet them from time to time.  They can only improve from here; it’s like the beginning of a new person,” Melissa Zavala (left), Senior.

“It’s the one event I always want to go to every year; I never want to miss one.” Angelica Brena, Junior.


One event has risen up in prominence in the past few years known as the Neptune Olympics is held by NJROTC at the Coronado Navy Base every year.  Several of the events include as follows: a surfboard race against other school’s JROTC programs, a Zodiac raft boat race, and a sandcastle tournament.

Throughout the year, NJROTC is populated with sports days where cadets can practice physical training and drill meets to rehearse their marches.  However, one event remains the aspiration for all JROTC.

The Annual Military Inspection is the most sought after and prestigious event that happens every year.  This allows the NJROTC program to be inspected for their efforts and performance of the year.

“AMI was one of my first staff meetings; the entire program is evaluated and the best of us are rewarded.” Kanwar Latif (right), Senior.

One of the final events of the school year for NJROTC is the Military Ball.  This formal event allows for each cadet and staff to enjoy the company of a guest speaker while awaiting the promotion of a new Commanding Officer.

For honor, courage, and commitment, the students of our school shine as the cadets of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps through the many events happening this year.img_2094

February 4, 2015 was the National Signig Day. This particular day is a day where athletes all across the country sign to a college for a sport they have been given scholarships too. At Corona High School three students signed to different colleges. The following students that signed on the National Signing Day are….

Tristan Beck

Tristan Beck

Baseball team captain who signed with Stanford and chose this school since his mom and older sister attended there, which means he looks up to women in his life. He made his final decision in November of 2013 after the football game against Centennial. This is a very athletic, bright student who has played multiple sports and while excelling at baseball as a pitcher. He made his final decision because it will fund his education. Beck was considering multiple schools such as UCLA, Cal State Fullerton and Nebraska. This young handsome student athlete will be majoring in engineering. He began playing this sport at age 5, which he calls “The good ol’ T-ball days” and put in 20 hours a week to become great. He has taken AP classes and he states, “AP classes helped me become college prepared.” Tristan Beck is a great athlete and a very successful student. You will soon be hearing about him on TV and reading about him in the newspapers. Tristan Beck, who can pitch over 90 mph, will become a Corona representative and a successful young man.

Megan Bowley

FullSizeRender (1)

Megan Bowley has chosen to bring her softball talents to Chico State. Bowley says that the area the school is located in and what they offered her influenced her final decision. She made this decision in October of 2014. Bowley was offered a full ride scholarship, which was also a big reason why she decided to go to Chico State. When Bowley attends Chico in the fall, she will be majoring in psychology. Bowley was considering other schools, including Charleston Southern and Monterey Bay. Softball has been in her life since 3rd grade, which is when Bowley started playing softball. Training for softball has been a lot of work; Bowley says she trained 20 hours a week. She has taken AP classes during her high school career and she says that they did in fact help. Megan Bowley is a great athlete and successfully excels in the class room, who has a bright future ahead of her, and will also be a Corona High School representative.

Desarae Felix

Desirae Felix

Desarae Felix will be attending Cal Baptist University on a full ride soccer scholarship. Felix says she chose CBU because when she visited the campus it was everything she wanted, she felt very comfortable there and she loved the area. Felix decided on Cal Baptist in December of 2013, her junior year of high school. She will be studying History while at CBU. Not only did she get an offer from Cal Baptist, she was also considering UCR. She first started playing soccer when she was in the 5th grade. Felix says she works and trains about 10 hours a week. When asked about AP classes, she says that she did in fact take them during high school and they did help her in the long run. Desarae Felix is a god given talent athlete who is very bright, and is known as one of, if not the, fastest girl at Corona High School, and you will soon hear about her on a national team. 

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The colorgaurd team posing for a picture during practice before the local corona high football game. Included in this picture their is Seniors: Vanessa Lyle,  kimmy Zambrano, Netanya Rodriguez, Shannon Wilcox, junior Meagan Magimel and freshmen's Hiloni Kadakia, and Alondra Perez.
The color guard team posing for a picture during practice before the local corona high football game. Included in this picture are seniors: Vanessa Lyle, Kimmy Zambrano, Netanya Rodriguez, Shannon Wilcox, junior Meagan Magimel and freshmen Hiloni Kadakia, and Alondra Perez.

You are at a football game, the score board is counting down to the end But wait; the clock  stops, and it is half-time. Along comes the band with their musical tools. Behind them comes the one the only color Guard team. The field is flooded with colors of red, yellow, and black. The color guard team makes their way to the field spinning, throwing and waving their flags to help create the picture to the magical creation, not just through an art, performance but a sport.

Color Guard has been a school sport ever since Corona was built. Wait, you may be asking yourself, is color guard is a sport? Yes just like any other sport, you have to train, prepare, and especially get your game face on. The Color Guard team has their weekly practices just like any other sport to help them be the best, and make the crowd cheerful at the football games and, more recently, fall pride assembly, pep rallies, and competitions.

Band instructor Chris Peterson emphasizes “color guard is a unique activity quite unlike anything else. Color guard combines dance, performance, with equipment such as: flags, sabers, swords, and anything else.”

While Chris Peterson is the band instructor, all the preparations before the performance’s, are really up to the color guard instructor, Brittany Kaplanek.

Kaplanek details,  “Color Guard is both a sport and an art. It mixes dance with different pieces of equipment and props. The color guard performs with the band on the football field for the first half of the year, and then transitions into ‘Winter Guard’, where the guard performs on their own in gymnasiums to canned music. I am willing to teach anyone that shows up with a great attitude and the right mind set.” Kaplanek also complies, “Color guard is truly unlike any other activity. You will form strong friendships with your teammates that only you will understand. You get to perform at competitions, football games, pep rallies, Disneyland parades, as well as other exciting events. You have the opportunity to make the most out of your high school career and all while earning both P.E. and fine arts credits.”

With all the exciting preparations and use of equipment , there also are procedures that must be followed, especially when it comes to preforming.  The Color Guard team practices their created routine everyday as a family, working together. They often will have Wednesday practices from 3pm-6pm and group performances on Thursdays.

Freshman Alondra Perez explains, “The procedures for the football games are quite simple. The color guard girls put on their uniforms and their makeup, practice beforehand a few times and touch up any mistakes before the performance.”

Whether you want to  play a sport, perform a dance, or create art, the color guard will always have a fun-filled, open position for you. Perez agrees by stating: “it is more fun than you think; it is a great experience, and you kept to meet new people. Who knows, you might even meet your best friend here!”