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The popup shown on the Guest network

As a student at Corona High School, you’ve probably experienced a little popup whenever you’ve connected onto the Guest network whenever you try to connect to a website like Google. Tapping on “Cancel” refuses to load the website, but clicking on “Continue” gives the district the opportunity to take a peak at your messages, emails, and social media accounts.

Corona[H][S] is HTTPS secured
Most websites use something called HTTPS. Basically, it’s a form of encryption for websites that ensures that your information is kept confidential between you and the website. This confidential information may include usernames, passwords, and other personal information. You can tell that a website has HTTPS by looking at the address bar.

There’s an example of this on the right. The problem is centered around the Corona-Norco Unified School District firewall and the district’s need to block certain websites. The district firewall takes this HTTPS connection and put’s itself between you and the website. This is to ensure that no blocked websites such as YouTube are accessed, however, an arrangement like this is also regarded as a form of malicious attack. By putting a third-party between users and websites, personal information can be easily accessed, read, and saved. Because of this, regardless of who is performing this intrusive act, your information is at risk.

While the district has a comprehensive usage policy for teachers, students, and administrators using their equipment, they do not have a written privacy policy for handling the personal digital information which they can see on a day-to-day basis. As a result, the safety of your your information and how it is handled is completely unknown. This information could be your email addresses, your usernames, passwords, social security number, drivers license, bank account information, etc. In contrast, Google, a company usually associated with immense privacy invasion in the name of better targeted ads, has a quite comprehensive privacy policy. It contains information about the information they collect, how they collect it, why they collect it, and your options as a consumer for disclosing that information. The same is true for Corona[H][S], the website you’re currently reading, which also maintains a privacy policy for the benefit of our staff and readers.

When pressed for comment, Brian Trudy, director of Network & Infrastructure for the CNUSD, stated that:

Due to the highly confidential nature of this information, we cannot provide comment on this information. Our information technology department strives to provide the highest level of security to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all students.

It’s a bit ironic that the district’s policies and procedures are protected under a veil of confidentiality, but personal information, which is meant to be confidential, isn’t?

So what can you do? Use your own devices. Create your own wifi hotspots and share with friends. Refuse to use any internet connected district equipment – this includes the laptops, the tablets, the desktops, etc. It’s a tough compromise, but it’s necessary if you want to protect your information.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
– Benjamin Franklin.

Featured Image Credit: Sarah Klockars-Clauser 2010; Licensed under CC-BY-SA

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Memes have been around for quite some time even before any of us were born, let’s start out with the memes from middle school you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. The rage faces, that was the first ever meme for me I don’t know about you guys but that’s how my preteen years went by, creating bottom text memes with rage faces trying so hard to be funny those were real good times even the comic strips were pretty funny even to this day they’re pretty funny.
Moving on, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the word boss when talking about something “cool”, that word went on for a while it was pretty annoying but hey that’s how us kiddos were, always following the trends, we would always use that word either in making the meme or commenting about it and now our “intelligent vocabulary” expands from there to even more interesting words.
Next, we have the adorable “doge” memes honestly I don’t know how to explain that meme it was pretty funny and the word doge should be self-explanatory for all meme lovers I thought it was a corgi but turns out it’s a shuba inu which is a breed from japan, super adorable and very lovable.
Next, do you guys remember that alien guy, on every single picture of that alien guy it would say “ayyy lmao” I didn’t think it was that funny but it sure is fun to say to friends, family, teachers, or your dogs. I would count that as a meme since it was pretty popular for quite a while.
Everyone who has social media knows about “pepe” he was everywhere! literally his face changed to every single mood that is possible it was always easily relatable, he was pretty much an ugly version of Kermit but sadly RIP to pepe the meme died down kind of fast and we then moved on from there to greater memes.
Now we have come to the present, filled with many offensive and “triggering”, basically what started this whole “edgy” phase of memes was “harambe” I despised him greatly he was only funny for a week but then everyone on social media took it too far and I was completely tired of it, so sad. From then on there are a huge variety of offensive memes that many of us find humorous but sometimes people take it way too far, well keep on enjoying the memes and keep bringing laughter to the world.

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As any American sports fan knows, the Super Bowl is one of the largest events in sports yearly, with millions of people tuning in to watch the big game and countless parties being thrown. It is very common for people to place bets on the yearly game, with some people even just watch it for the hilarious commercials. This year was the 51st annual Super Bowl, and the stakes were high as ever due to the extreme competitive nature of the sport. As always it was played by the best two teams in the league, one from the AFC and one team from the NFC conference. This year the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Green bay Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys were all contenders in the playoffs but all fell short of playing on the biggest stage of their careers. At game time fans eagerly await for the first kickoff and normally talk trash to one another throughout the game.


Hopefully your favorite team made it all the way this year, but maybe not. Probably not. In the NFL you can never predict what teams are going to make it to the final game, as anything can happen. Teams that typically do really well sometimes have a bad season, and vice versa with teams that typically do not. It is so hard to predict who will make it in fact, many people go to Las Vegas to place bets, and your odds can sometimes win you up to 20 times your wager! This year the game was played between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, with the Patriots coming out victorious in overtime with a score of 34 points to the Falcons score of 28. The game was a very good one to watch as the Falcons started off strong with a very large lead going into halftime, most expected them to continue and win the game, but giving five time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady time to make a comeback was their biggest downfall.
Going into the playoffs some of the fan favorites to win the championship consisted between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland raiders whom respectively were able to achieve a record of 13 wins and 3 losses for Dallas and a record of 12 wins and  4 losses for the Oakland Raiders. However, anything can happen in the NFL and it has been shown year after year to have different outcomes, and this was one of those years.

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There is a fifth dimension beyond that of which is known to the average viewer, it is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity, it is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. It lies between the pit of man’s fear, and the sanity of writers. This is the dimension of hellish imagination- it is the Netflix original series some call, Black Mirror. 

The science fiction program by Charlie Brooker offers a darker, more modern take on a much loved classic, The Twilight Zone. With 3 seasons and counting, Black Mirror has left audiences of all ages speechless; wanting more, more, and more of this unique viewing experience that can only be described as bizarre. However, like most shows, the first season is the most important in order to really get a sense and feel for the overall layout. Each episode stands alone and are not related by plot nor character, the only similarity is the common way in which each problem stems from the innermost realms of the human psyche. Season one tantalizes viewers with scandalous and risqué themes in multiple alternate universes where every person has their memories stored from birth, where a population of adults must live monotonous lives for a chance at false fame, and where a world leader must follow through with degrading terrorist demands. Each episode dances on the edge of reality, just close enough to home so that a real fear lingers- could all of this really happen? Black Mirror encompasses thrills for all; if one dares to watch.

Hell breaks loose when the Prime Minister of England is forced to make a life changing decision. The princess is held hostage, and the only demand made by the anonymous kidnapper is that the Prime Minister must perform an illegal sexual act… on live television. As the clock begins to tick down faster and faster and the suspect nowhere to be found, he must choose: the princess or his reputation? Watch as motives and public opinion shape the fate of a politician. Will he save the princess? Is it really his responsibility. Watch episode one of Black Mirror to find out.

Utopia isn’t always what we dream it will be, especially for this odd man and woman in a very dystopian future. Workers (Citizens? Slaves? People?) spend their days in a facility running on treadmills to earn enough points to survive. Entertainment is provided via television, and the girl is finally given the chance, and enough points, to try out for her favorite game show. However, nothing is as it seems in Black Mirror, and her audition turns into the opportunity to either go back to the monotonous mindless drudge she’s been living in her whole life, or become a pornstar. Forget what you thought you knew about the future and delve into this all too possible reality in episode two of Black Mirror.

The human brain can be compared to a supercomputer, what with its ability to store and present information when needed. But like all aspects of a human, it is flawed; memories fade or become twisted and unreliable. Follow a man as he revisits past moments with help from a microchip placed in the brain at birth. The technology is so commonplace in this alternate universe and appears useful in some ways. But with great power, comes great responsibility. And with great technology, comes life-changing mistakes. Some memories are meant to stay hidden and buried forever, what would you do if you could never forget? Is this technology a blessing or a sick and twisted curse? Decide for yourself as you watch episode 3 of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is rated M for mature. This rating comes from sexual themes, some language, and a creepy vibe overall. The questions and implications that arise from viewing may make some feel uncomfortable, but if one is intrigued by the occasional spine chilling scene, by all means this show is for them. 10/10 recommend this show and all future seasons. Happy Watching!

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            The 2017-2018 school year will bring new freshman, new sports teams, and the beginnings of a system that will shape the classroom and make it continuously harder for poor students to keep up with the curriculum. Bring your own device (or BYOD) is the new program coming to Corona High School next year which will make every student responsible for bringing a computer or a tablet to school. While this contradicts the school’s anti-phone and anti-distraction position it has maintained for the past few years, the administration is confident that having technology and the ease that comes with it available to students will outweigh the risks involved in bringing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of machinery to a high school.

Having every student within access of internet and programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is not without its merit. The practicality of BYOD means that families would be responsible for the technology gap in public schooling, making for classes that are more efficient and engaging. And the concept leads to the possibilities of whole new avenues of learning that would not be possible before. Technology makes tasks more engaging however mundane they are, and if staff can translate that to learning then school will become the institution that it thrives to be.

However, the sad reality is that the program is doomed to fail or at the very least hurt a lot of students learning to succeed. The immediate issue that most people are familiar with is the thefts and damages that these devices insure. It won’t be very surprising when students’ laptops are stolen or broken on campus. The office has said that they will not be taking any legal or personal responsibility for these losses. Assistant Principal Jeyan Danesh states that, “We won’t take responsibility for these devices but we encourage students to report stolen property and keep the serial code on the back of the machine so we can identify lost or stolen devices.”

But the most serious issue that will arise is the aspect of the monetary strain it will put on the families of Corona High School, especially the ones will multiple students here. To expect every family to pay hundreds of dollars for a device is unrealistic and creates a gap between those who can and can’t afford high end devices leaving poorer students forced to use the increasingly substandard laptops provided by the school. This also brings up the question of bringing the aspect of paying for better learning. Although this is a common thing in society with the existence of private and charter schools it has primarily stayed vacant from public schooling.

The BYOD program opens up a pathway for wealthier students to spend more money on fancier software and machines and increase the wealth gap in schooling.  The purpose of public schooling is to create an equal learning environment for all children. But if only wealthy families have access to better technology than that creates an unfair advantage and directly goes against the point of public schooling.  “…this is a common issue with no real solution but is outweighed by the benefits of the program,” said Mr. Danesh. With no concrete answers to these pressing issues we have to ask if the school is prepared to handle a shift to technology of this scale. 

Finally, the Assistant Principal goes on to say, “…We and District are still in the planning phase of the program, and that there is a lot of careful planning going into it.” Most information is not set in stone but it will most likely start with just 9th grade and then expand to more grades. So prepare for the new program as well as the benefits and challenges that come with it.

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Couple of the Month

For this couple of the month, we introduce Katelyn Williams and Sebastian Bejarano, who are both juniors. They’ve been going out for four months and nine days and counting. They met when Sebastian asked Katelyn for the homework they had to do. Sebastian asked Makenna, one of his friends, to ask Katelyn for the homework.

“And Katelyn just snatched my phone number and then we just started talking…” says Bejarano.

From there, Katelyn got hungry and Sebastian gave her half of his sandwich and then they just started talking about Homecoming. Then after a few weeks they just started going out. When
Sebastian met Katelyn’s parents for the first time he was very nervous.

“I met them after practice and I was so nervous that I started shaking…” says Bejarano.

“When he came to meet my parents I turned really red,” says Williams.

The one and only thing the Sebastian like about Katelyn is her laugh. But then he admitted that she’s really weird just like him, and because of that he can talk to her about anything and it wouldn’t be boring. Also that he treats her the way she’s supposed to be treated. One thing that made Katelyn think he was the one is that he met her parents without her knowing, her parents liked the way he was, also Katelyn says that “he’s nice to me, that’s he’s considerate,” so she knew it was meant to be. Sebastian just said it straight and simple…. She’s great. What else can you say?

An annoying thing that he also likes about Katelyn is that there is this game that they play where they just basically ask each other if they’re lying. Ifthey’re lying they have to be really honest. In the future they still see each other together, they don’t plan to anticipate things.

“I just don’t want to be in a relationship just to have fun and like screw around…
”says Williams, “Like I’m here to be serious,” says Williams.

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   Lee Daniels, the producer of the drama-based hit Empire, has teamed up with veteran crime television producer Tom Donaghy to create another TV show known as Star. Star is based on Daniels’ life when he was striving for fame. It is an American musical drama series about three teenage girls that go through obstacles in order to become the singer that they have always wanted to be.

Within a month and a half of airing, the show has been rated 6 out of 10. One critique has said that “Star is a throw away show and the acting is rough but the foundation is there” while another commented “Star is a dour melodrama that predominates”. No matter what others say and no matter what the  ratings are, this article is here to say Star is one of the many attractions 2017 has to offer.

It is personally believed that this show is an attraction because of the drama and the music that Star brings. As a person that loves music and television drama, people would definitely love the thought of  these two combined into one. The television series keeps you on the edge of your seat during every episode from beginning to end and keeps you wanting more all through the week. Benjamin Bratton – who happens to play Jahil Riverab in the show – described Star perfectly when he said “it is the movies Dream Girls and Precious rolled into one. It’s a TV series that some people can relate to when it comes to the family drama and the ambition all of the characters have.

Despite the rating now after only 4 showings Star will definitely become a hit that most people are already dying to see according to the 6.71 million views Star is receiving already.

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Throughout American History there has been one sport that is a juggernaut in the sporting industry metaphorically and physically. That behemoth of a sport is Football. It has been apart of American culture for some time now and our school has been honoring that tradition with our own team. Our Corona High Panthers have been scoring touchdowns and making plays for the school since  1923, and this year they are ready to go at it again for another season.

I talked to receiver Wyatt Boyer about why he liked football. Most of it was how he liked the aggressive nature and that it is all about team play. Boyer liked the good attitude the players. There was one thing he said that stood out was when I asked what was the hardest thing about your position.

“Making sure you can breath.”

It was just good to see the fun side of the players when they are not on the field. A good question to ask is, “what should we look forward to this year?” Most replied with the same answer, which is what you expect from a team as a whole.

“I want to put Corona back on the map,” stated Tayson Rhodes, “and a good way to do that is to win the championship.”

Coach Hill has been working extra hard this year to make this possible. There has been many of challenges in the way, yet Hill seem to be optimistic in his efforts to lead the team to victory. After interviewing some of the team they all have the same buoyancy as their coach. This year our Panthers have the ability to make it far, and all we have to do is to cheer them on and to help push them to victory.

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Christmas decorations are being put up, the air is getting colder and the stress of trying to raise your semester grades is getting to you… it must be time for finals. Don’t fret, here are some ideas to help you study. *Rememdownloadber these are just ideas, so do whatever helps you.

  • Start! Just start . Don’t wait until you feel like starting or after just one more YouTube video.
  • Predict questions. Look over past test and reviews to get an idea of what the test will be on the test.
  • Make it Memorable. Create rhymes or acronyms, maybe even make up new lyrics to a song. Something catchy that will help you remember.
  • Study the right way. Remember listening to Hamilton isn’t studying for History and reading articles on Buzzfeed isn’t studying for Language Arts. Instead of just staring at notes try practice
  • Study in Intervals. Don’t go over an hour without giving yourself a break. Maybe reward yourself with five to ten minutes of T.V. or social media.
  • Study with friends. This may or may not help you. If you can have friends around without being distracted, then a friend or study group could help you get more done.
  • Don’t stay up too late. I know we all feel like we need to cram in as much studying as we can, but sleep is also important. If you feel like you need a little more time, study in the morning before school.
  • Switch it up. Switch up the subject your studying to not feel overwhelmed or bored.


imagesOf course there is a lot more you can do but these are just some simple images-1guidelines to follow.In the end, just try different techniques and pick what helps you. Don’t stress over it too much, it isn’t the end of the world. Just by trying your best, the work will pay off in the end.