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“The movie that some dare to watch.”  The Interview was a movie that shocked us all. A movie that made fun of Kim Jon-Un, the most dangerous man at the time, and even plot the movie about having to kill him. I had my theories on the movie, but never watched it. When it made the fastest appearance on Netflix I knew I had to go see it. It starts off with James Franco as David Skylark and Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapoport.

While watching the movie it was clear that they were going for a not so subtle comedy.  In my opinion, some jokes should have never made the script. That got me thinking that the way Kim was portrayed in the movie was funny but a bit racist. The movie  calls Kim a liar, and acts like a god for his people. The movie was funny and had a nice pace. To be honest it is hard to find a lot of bad things other than how they make fun of North Korea. From a personal stance I loved it. When I ask all around it gets is good reviews and made me think that no one should fear the movie.  I don’t think we will get bombed or anything. The movie showed good points on the economy there, and I see this as a way where America can see that this is a real problem and to take it seriously, but then again it is a comedy so it will be hard.

This movie is for the people who can get a good laugh out of real things. If I could rate it, I would give it a four out of five for the good aspects but not a five because of some unnecessary content. Some is just bad. I feel like they don’t even try at some points. For example, paying Eminem to say a line that would cost millions. Some of the jokes and content were just blankly thrown out there. It really makes you wonder if they really tried some times. Having a knowledge in acting, they where good when it came to the acting. Casting was perfect. The team of James Franco and Seth Rogen, having a past of creating amazing movies together, did come out to pull out a good movie. I think they can top this, but we may never know..

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Horror films have arisen again.  The new movie As Above, So Below is the most recent horror movie out there.  It takes place in Paris, and has its style set as a found footage film.  Compared to other found footage films, it does not suffer, however, it does lack some of the major qualities such as not relying too much on jump scares and add in there own horrific effect that others such as Paranormal Activity and Chronicle have.  The grandparent of all found footage films, The Blair Witch Project has managed to rival the new film in terms of fright.


   As Above, So Below is based on an archaeologist set out on finishing up her father’s work.  The storyline is explained thoroughly enough to get the point across, although some details might be overlooked and could mess up the plot for anyone, really, one missed detail and you could be lost the entire movie.  This movie does pack a punch as a horror movie, and adds more to it being a found footage film.  The scares take their time to get to you and it all depends on whether or not you are willing to sit through the first forty-five minutes waiting for a jump scare.  This new fright movie justifies the horror of being enclosed in tight spaces and even scares audiences more that the fact that there is no easy way out.  That being said, there are no easy ways out to see this movie thoughtfully.


The Blair Witch Project is considered an underdog in the horror movie genre.  The budget for the movie was incredibly small, yet it fascinated audiences of its time.  The movie came out roughly a decade and a half ago and still manages to terrify audiences that come across it, especially with its incredibly convincing scene with actress Heather Donahue, making us think again, is this move real?  The movie takes place in Maryland where several college students investigate the disturbances of folklore.  During their time, they enter a forest in search of the ghost entity known as the Blair Witch.  Although this classic set the standard for most found footage films, this movie still took a while for any actual scares to take place.  Unlike As Above, So Below, the story invests in overall creepiness and the insanity that consumes the human mind.


In the most recent film, archaeologist Scarlett investigates one of her father’s cases which revolved around Paris, France.  His case involved discovering a treasure that can create unlimited riches and an everlasting life.  This treasure was located somewhere beneath the grounds of Paris in the catacombs.  Brilliant setup, except for the fact that the main character cannot wear anything other than an off-shoulder top and fail to tell the others she’s bringing into this trip that there’s a possibility of DEATH.  However, it’s all in the name of uncovering your dead father’s truth about his last case and archaeology at the risk of your friend’s lives!